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Complications From The Heart

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Topic Title – Complications from the heart

Type of story: Short/Medium fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Kit, Kim and RAchel

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Spoilers

Is Story being proof read: Np

Summary: Briefly summarise your story: One mistake changes everything, and suddenly nothing wants to go right...

This is my first fic. It involves quite a few characters, mainly Kim and Rachel, and we'll pick up more on the way! This is after the wedding, too. Short this time, I promise they'll be longer next time!

PS. Please do not judge it quickly! Not a very good start, but I didn't know how else to put it...

Kim and Rachel drove home from their honeymoon they'd saved for on a cruise.

"Ah, that was so relaxing!" Rachel sighed happily.

"mmmm. It was. I have a wife, my health, hey, I'm married to a doctor, what do you expect, and my job. Life can't be better!" Kim replied

"Of course it can't, like you said, you're married to me!" Rachel laughed

They arrived back to their home and began unpacking. They begin mucking around, laughing and fallingin a heap on the lounge. They kiss passionately, when there's a knock at the door. they ignore it, and continue, and there's another knock, louder and harder. They still don't answer, and the person walks off to next door.


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Thanks for the replies guys!!! Here's the next chapter!

Chapter 2. Confusion from all sides

Meanwhile, next door, the Holdens/Hunters were having a late dinner after a visit to the city to see Robbie, Tasha and Ella. "Anyway, so I tell the kid to go to Brad's office, and he starts yelling at me that he didn't do anything wrong or something and-" Tony said, telling the family about his misbehaving student before he was interrupted by the same, loud, hard knock that was on Rachel and Kim's door, this time on the Hunters door. Beth goes to open the door in the process saying "Who on earth could this be?" She opens the door to reveal Kit.

"Kit? What are y-"


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Hey, me again, I am not sure how often I'll write, since I am gonna have anotha one going very soon.!!! OKay, here it is:

CHAPTER 3: Secrets revealed, (with plenty more on the way!)

Kit, standing in the Hunter's doorway, would look perfectly normal to anyone who didn't know her well. To Beth, her daughter looked fine. Until she looked below the shoulders. Like any pregnant women, Kit had the usual bump (BIG bump) on her tummy where the baby is. Now, that would usually be normal. Kit wasn't the only pregnant person she'd ever seen. But she had no idea up until now that her daughter WAS pregnant. Beth's mind automatically filled with questions, that everytime she'd tried to ask, she couldn't. Things like 'Why didn't you tell us you were pregnant?' and 'who's the father?' The fact that she WAS pregnant shocked beth enough. She knew raising kid's was hard, and doing it on her own was going to be even harder.

The other odd thing about Kit as she stodd in the doorway is that tears were slowly rolling down her cheeks, and she looked guilt-ridden and depressed. 'Surely, not post-natal depression again' thought Beth, thinking back to Tasha's pregnancy,shuddering at the thought. She prayed this would not happen to her own daughter and her Daughter's child. Kit had not said anything yet, just cried silently, as they all stared and took it all in. It was strange. They'd all had a normal day, eating normal dinner, when Kit turns up and...this.

This, of course, was not easy for Kit either, as she knew what was all going to happen. She knew who the father was, and how this was all going to turn out. She could practically feel all the rumours, although the only people who knew were her family. This wasn't fair. Why her? None of this should've happened. Just a stupid mistake, and now all this. She wasn't ready or anything. Kit sighed. "This isn't going to be easy. But I should probably tell you the whole story".

Who's the father? Why is Kit REALLY back?

There you go, please review!! Bit longer than the others, still not as good as I want it to be, but what can I do? I am going to have another one soon, I'm not sure of it's title, but it's got a lot of different characters, so please read it when it comes out!! It's under work write now...see ya!

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Chapter 4: An astonishing explanation

'After all this time, I just got sick of it all. I couldn't keep lying. I had to tell you, tell him, tell her. I mean, they have a right to know if they have a child or not, don't they? And I was so lonely. I mean, what happened was a BIG mistake, something, especially now, no one is going to forget. I mean, now that I've told you guys, it helps, but...I tried to tell THEM first, I wanted to, but no one opened. Were they home?' Kit asks the rest of the Hunters, who were listening to intently to what she was saying. As no one responded, she continued anyway. She did feel better at the moment, but what happens when the time came to tell everyone else. She couldn't stay inside and hide away forever.

"I was thinking of lying. Lying to you all, about the father. I was going to say 'Oh, just some guy who only wanted me for all that stuff' but I couldn't do it. I knew I'd be hated when the truth came out, I mean, it might not have come out, but I didn't want to take that chance. I just, this is all my fault, this is stupid and, I don't know, I can't DO anything about it either! It's just so frustrating!!" Kit says her head in her hands.

"But you NEED to tell them sweet. Soon. Before word gets around, and rumours fly and they have NO idea what's going on" Beth tells her daughter, feeling sorry for her every second, as she can't imagine what she's going through."I will. But in my own time. So NO ONE in this room can say ANYTHING to ANYONE. Clear?" Kit says, walking into the room she'd be staying in.

Kit walks along the beach in misery, trying to think of what she was going to say to Kim to tell him he was the father of her baby. And Rachel! How was she supposed to feel? 'Oh no. Kim's been down this road before. Love triangle. And I've heard about them too. I can't let this happen' Kit thought, getting herself even more down. She then saw Kim and Rachel walking along the beach happily, hand in hand laughing and smiling. Incase of them seeing her, making it harder than it already was, Kit ran off in the other direction back to her temporary home.

Kit sat deep in thought all afternoon. People came to talk to her and came in and out of the house, but she was totally oblivious to it all whatsoever. All she could think about was this tangled situation she was in. What would their reaction be? How would this all turn out? Will it be too stressful on their relationship..."Oh, I can't DO this anymore!" Kit said to herself, as she walked briskly next door and prepared herself to knock on the door. She took a deep breath and-----



Please r&r, see ya!

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Chapter 5: Untruthful

As Kit knocked on the door, all her thoughts of what she had to say flew out of her mind. She couldn't imagine what she'd do to them. She heard Rachel say from the other side of the door, "Hang on, I'll just get the door!" cheerily, and when the door was opened, the house just SEEMED happy. Surely, she wasn't to ruin it all. It is always annoying, when you change your mind at the last minute, and then there's no way out. That was the exact position Kit was in

"Kit." was all Rachel could say. It was obvious Kit hadn't just recently eaten a lot and gotten fat, she was pregnant. Rachel was hurt when the news had gotten out about what happened between Kit and Kim, and all of a sudden the memories were brought back when she saw Kit. Her thoughts became worse, as she guessed who the father was. Kit could practically tell what Rachel was thinking, and could see the pain in her face. Suddenly KIm came out smiling, but his expression totally changed when he saw Kit, and the look on Rachel's face.

"Uh, hi" Kit said

"You're, you're pregnant?" Rachel stuttered, as Kit replied with a nod, and tears in her eyes. 'Just make up anything! Anything!' she thinks to herself.

"Who's the father?" Kim asks quietly

"Are you sure you want the whole story?" she asks. The other two nod 'here goes'she thinks to herself, and begins the story she's making up totally on the spot. "When I went back to the city, I felt pretty bad. About everything that had happened" Kit paused for a moment, as she looked around at their faces,their expressions were surprised. That's not what they expected to hear. "I went to a bar. I know it was stupid, becuase I'm an alcoholic, but I did it anyway. I was down, and confused, and stupid. Some guy came up, and started being a slimey and flirty with me. He offered to buy me a drink, but I said only coke...I think. But when he vbrought the drink to me, it LOOKED like coke, so I drank it, but it had a wierd tang. Of course, me being the idiot that I am, I drank the whole lot and....that's all I remember" she concluded. "except for waking up in a really wierd place. Next to him!" she cried. Tears were streaming down her face, but not for the reason THEY thought she was crying. They thought she was upset at what had 'happened' to her. They had no idea.

Kit left, back next door, to face the Hunters questions of'"How did it go?" Meanwhile, Kim and Rachel discuss what they have just heard. "Poor Kit" Kim says, and really means it, but Rachel isn't totally convinced, but forces herself to believe it. It wouldn't be fair. She thinks to herself. Kim and I can't have kids, but Kit manages to fall pregnant with Kim, just before he becomes infertile...No. It's not Kim's, Kit just told us, Rachel repeats to herself, trying to push the doubtful thoughts out of her mind

Will Rachel find out the truth?

Will Kim find out the truth?

Who makes a mistake that could change Kit, Kim and Rachel's future?

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alright, onto my next update! Sorry, I haven't been updating a lot, but oh well!

Chapter 6: caught out

Rachel lay on her bed, deep in thought. She couldn't help thinking there was something not right about Kit's explanation of her pregnancy. She was so deep in thought, she didn't hear Kim come in to see if she was alright. Kim was really worried about his new wife. She had barely said anything all afternoon, and had stayed in their room most of the time. What was wrong with her? "Rach?"

"Mmmhmm?" she mumbled back

"Um....are you okay?"

"Never been better!" she was sorry she'd used such sarcasm, it wasn't Kim's fault she was still hurting from what happened all those moths ago. Or maybe it was. It really wasn't his fault that she was so frustrated over Kit's pregnancy. Was she jealous she couldn't fall pregnant? Did she really believe Kit was lying? Rachel rolled over on her side. She just couldn't figure it out.

Just as Kit had walked in that afternoon, everyone pounced on her. She knew they weren't eager to know just to gossip or anything, but couldn't remember that at that very moment. Kit was in an unhappy mood. She just couldn't take the pressure of this all. "Well? Don't keep us in suspense! How'd they take it?" Matilda asked her sister, not meaning to be nosey, but that was how Kit interpreted it. "It's not anyone's business but ours! So stop sticking your big noses in!" Kit shouted angrily, running into her room for a long, hard cry, and all of her feelings came pouring out, as the tears streamed down her face.

Beth, after her daughter's outburst, she had a feeling she didn't want people talking about her in the very next room. Lucas and Matilda went to the diner to meet Ric and Belle, and Tony and Beth decided to take a walk along the beach. Not very far into their walk, Beth spotted Kim sitting by himself on the sand. "I might just go and talk to him" she told Tony, and Tony agreed to that, walking in the other direction.

"Hi" she greeted Kim, as he looked up to see who it was

"Um, hi" he replied, wondering why on earth Kit's mother was talking to him...unless it was about Kit.

"How are you taking it?" Beth asked


"Well, being the father of Kit's baby, I mean it's pretty big, hey? I mean, it would change your life forever, and just being a father, but to someone else besides rachel, it'll be-" The look on KIm's face, made Beth stop suddenly, and realised everything. What she had just done, and what Kit hadn't done.

"Oh dear. She hasn't told you, has she?"

I think that's enough of a cliffhanger, I'll leave you to imagine what will happen for yourselves... :)

Hope you liked it!! Please review!

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Chapter 7: Secrets revealed

Beth realised what she had just done, and gasped. But there was also a tiny bit of her that was ashamed of her daughter. She hadn't had the strength to tell the truth, and probably made it worse. Kim was sitting there silently still, and Beth had no idea what he was thinking or feeling. "Um, Kim?" Beth asked

"Yeah?" Kim replied distantly

"Just...what are you going to do?"

"What am I going to do?" Kim repeated "what am I going to do!!??" his voice raised "I just found out that I'm the father of my ex's baby, but infertile to my wife, and I was lied to that the baby was some other jerks, when you and Kit knew all along!" Kim was shouting angrily now, and Beth backed away slowly.

"But Kim? Please don't talk to Kit yet...okay? I need to first...please." Beth asked, walking away without waiting for a response, preparing herself to face her daughter.

As Beth walked into her house, she saw Kit sitting on the lounge,emotionless. "Kit? I have to tell you something. I've made a mistake. But so have you."

"Don't just stand there, then. Whats up?" Kit asked and Beth drew a deep breath, before telling her daughter the whole story.

"So, what your telling me is, that you told Kim he's the father? How could you do that!!" Kit exclaimed

"I thought you'd told him!! You said you'd tell him, it was the RIGHT thing to DO!! So I thought you had. And to tell you the truth, I'm ashamed of you that you didn't!" Beth yelled back

"Oh, right. You know what? You're not the one with NO ONE to turn to. You're not the one who'll be raising a child on her own. You're not the one who has to face Kim and Rachel, YOU are NOT that person!! That's me, and nothing ever, EVER goes right, does it? So yell at me all you like, accuse me of whatever, because my life can not get worse!!" Kit shouted at her mother, now crying as she fell back on to the lounge, distraught.

Beth calmly left the room, with her eyes closed, counting to ten, so she would not blow up. She was sorry her daughter was taking it tough, but this was not the way she wanted Kit to be handling it. What happened to the tough Kit who never cried? The tough Kit, who, no matter how hard things got, she stayed strong. Becuase, Beth loved that Kit, and she missed the old one. She prayed it would return, soon, very soon.

Kim was reeling after his conversation with Beth, and now HE was the one who had to tell Rachel. He knew it was hard for Kit too, but, God, couldn't she just have left him alone to not have his life stuffed up. He supposed he could just NOT tell Rach, but he knew Rachel hated lying, in experience for when his night with Kit WAS revealed. But how on Earth was he supposed to tell his wife that he was father to another womans baby?

Rachel sat in her room that night, wondering how she and Kim were supposed to get through this all. Kim had told her that afternoon, that he was the father. She and Kim had talked, and Kim told her that he would do anything he wanted him to, to get through it all. She slowly got up, and walked out to where Kim was sitting. "We need to talk to Kit" she siad, and Kim nodded, getting up to go next door.

What decision will Kim and Rachel make abbout Kit's baby?

What decision does Kit make about her baby?

Which resident shocks another with a shock proposal?

Yeah, not many people have responded lately, so is it any good? Coz apart from Layne, no one has shown much interest lately...

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Thanks Quiet achiever!!!

Okay, next chapter, enjoy!! Willz, I have put a little something in there to make you happy!

Chapter 8: Doesn't have a name....

Without knocking, Kim barged through into the Hunter/Holden house, where Kit was lying on their loung lazily. She sat straight up as the pair of them came through her door. She knew this was going to happen, and she decided it was better sooner, rather than later. Although, she didn't want to be facinhg them at all. Kim was boiling over with anger, finding it hard to contain himself, and Rachel, who was normally nice and calm, looked pretty angry and hurt herself.

" You lied to us!" Kim yelled, getting straight to the point

" Kim, just let me explain-" Kit tried to begin, but kim cut her off angrily

" No! Kit, you had your chance! This time, we don't want to listen! That wasn't fair! You wanted us out of our childs life and-" Kim was roaring, but as soon as rachel heard these words, she couldn't take it, but not for the same reason. " No Kim, no. Not ours. This has nothing to do with me. Because I won't have a child, remember? it's yours and kit's, because you spent the night together, and lied to me, and all your thinking of is...I don't even know what's in your head right now! Your just thinking of what Kit did, and it's not all kit's fault you know" Rachel let her words out, not even sure if she was making sense, and stormed out of the Hunter/Holden house, with tears already streaming down her cheeks.

Kit let out a long, tired sigh, and Kim turned to look at her. " Kit, look. You saw how upset Rachel was just then, and I hatre seeing her like that" he said, trying to stay calm

" What's your point?" Kit asked

" I don't want to see her like that again. I wished I hadn't seen her like that...I wish...I wish there was NO baby! I wish you'd never come here, you had to ruin our happiness, didn't you? And, if it's going to be like that, then forget it. All of it. You didn't come here because of me being the father, okay? You tell everyone the same story you lied to me and rachel on, okay? None of this ever happened, because I do NOT WANT TO BE THE FATHER!!" Kim had gone from saying, to roaring, and he was about to leave, when Kit spoke.

" So what? You're just going to abandon me and this baby?" she asked

" Yeah, when you put it like that, I guess so." Kim answered coldly. He knew he was being cruel, but he didn't care. He was angry , for so many reasons that he couldn't put into words.

" Fine. FINE!" Kit shouted to his back, as he walked out the door.

Beth sat crying on the sand, over her fight with kit, over what Kit was going through, over everything. She hugged her knees, and sobbed into them, as Tony approached her. " Beth?" He asked carefully

" Yes?" she sniffed

" Are you okay?" he asked

" Never been better!" she cried, and broke down into tears again, as he bent down putting his arms around her, and she cried into his shoulder over everything she could cry for.

Beth had to clean herself up, and get back to reality as she was working that afternoon. Tony was worried about Beth, and thought she could do with cheering up. He went back to their house, with the idea starting to grow and grow in his mind, and he began to prepare for their special evening.

Kit sat in her bedroom and thought...and thought...and thought. She could only come up with one solution. giving her baby up. She didn't want it. Sure, it was her child, and she loved it, it was the only thing she had, but it was causing mher too much grief. perhaps rachel would want it, she said she and Kim couldn't have kids, as Kim was infertile, so maybe they'd like to have a child. Kit thought it would make rachel and Kim happy, and poerhaps maker her seem less selfish...so she'd decided. She was giving the baby up.

That afternoon, Tony had managed to organise all the kids getting out of the house that night, leaving him and Beth for their romantic night. After he had finished preparing, Beth finally walked in the door, stopping at a halt to take in all the details. Their were candles everywhere, and the table was beautifully done. They were using their best cutlery and plates, and Tony had even gotten a bottle of champagne out. Beth smiled at Tony, and he smiled back, as he felt around in his pocket for the engagement ring he had bought that afternoon at the jewellery shop in Yabby Creek, that he would use for Beth to ask the question...

Please review! Hope you liked it!

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Hey all, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it... anyway, here's the next part...

Chapter 9: I've made up my mind

As they ate dinner, Beth gabbed on about her day. Tony tried his hardest to try and listen to his hopefully future wife, but his mind was wandering on what he was going to say to her. "Tony, that was lovely! I didn't know you could actually cook such a good meal!" Beth half-complimented, half-joked. Tony laughed a bit, but it came out nervously, and Beth tilted her head, studying his nervous expression. "Are you feeling okay? Maybe you should lie down..." Beth said, and actually put her hand to his forehead. "You're running a temperature!" she exclaimed. Tony sighed and laughed at the fact his nerves were making him look sick, and felt around in his pockets to grab the little velvet box the ring was in.

Meanwhile, Kit sat on the beach. She had gone to a place in Yabbie Creek for take-away, so no one would stop and notice her pregnancy. As she'd been kicked out of her own house, she couldn't go to the diner, she'd be noticed, she didn't have any friends place's to go to, she decided on the beach. She sat there, with her pregnant tummy, her food, and her thoughts and wondered how things would possibly get better.

As Tony bent down on one knee, and asked that very question, Beth stood infront of him, looking surprised, happy and excited all at the same time. She was so happy she began to cry happy tears, not quite the reaction Tony expected, but it didn't matter. "Soooo....is that a....yes?" Tony asked

"Yes!!" Beth exclaimed, and wrapped Tony in a tight hug, before he put the ring on her finger.

As it was nearing Summer, the heat was already in the Bay, and getting to everyone. Kit lay down on her back, hot, and suddenly sat up when she came up with the perfect idea, which would make everyone happy. "I have to leave the Bay" she murmured to herself, and looked at her watch, praying it was almost 9:00 so she could head back home. 8:45. Close enough. And with that, she got up and began the walk back.

As all the Hunters (and Holdens, sorry) were all back at their house, Tony and Beth gathered everyone in their lounge room to tell them their big news. "Kids...we have some very exciting news for you..." Beth began, as Matilda, Lucas, KIt and Jack sat on the lounges listening. "We have decided to get married!" Tony exclaimed, finishing. Everyone jumped up to hug the two adults, giving their congratiulations, but even as Kit did so, she felt a bit of jealousy through her that everyone seemed happy but her.

As Kim and Rachel sat on the lounge, the Tv playing, but no one watching it, both couldn't help thinking of Kit. Kim was thinking of how unfair it was of Kit to just lie to him, but couldn't help feeling guilty about the cruel things he had said to her that afternoon. Rachel, who had heard the whole story from Kim that afternoon, was surprisingly feeling sorry for Kit, about everything she had to go through. "Kim..." Rachel tried to begin, but couldn't think of how to put it, so when Kim replied with a mumbled "Yeah?" all she said was "Never mind".

The next day, Kit woke up after sleeping in late, and realised her whole family was gone, and had the place to herself. She found a note from Beth and Tony saying they had gone to the diner to announce their engagement, and Mattie and Luc were obviously at school. Kit finished breakfast, and began throwing her things into a bag, and was halfway through, when she felt a sharp pain across her tummy, and gasped.

Is something wrong with Kit or her baby???

Will Kit, Kim and Rachel end their rivalry fight?

Will someone get to Kit in time?

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Hey, decided to do a quicker reply, so here it is: (also, please note, i have never experienced labour, and don't really know much, so I can't describe it very well)

Chapter 10: Experience

Kit bent over in pain and let out a groan. She couldn't go far enough to the phone, and no one else was home. It was happening. She was going into labour. Now, at all times. She managed to reach over and grab her mobile phone, before letting out a long groan. She dialled her mothers number, with no answer. " No, not now!" she goraned and yelled at the same time.

Kim and Rachel awoke that morning, both having the same thought in their minds. " We need to sort it out with Kit" It was kim who finally spoke up, sick of the awkardness between the two of them, and with Kit. " Rach...maybe we should talk to Kit about everything that's happening" Rachel, trying not to show it, was glad it was finally brought up and nodded, getting up to walk next door.

Kit leaned back against the wall in sharp pain, crying and groaning every now and then when she had contractions. She couldn't think of who to call, when she thought of Kim. Although she was in troublke, she knew he wanted nothing to do with the baby. She had tried Tony's, which was off, her Mum's, no answer, Matilda's had been left at home, she didn't HAVE that many numbers that she could call. She thought of an ambulance, but there was no way she'd be able to make it to the front door to let them in, or meet them, they'd think they had the wrong house.

Kim knocked on the door, with no answer...was she home? He knocked again, louder, when he swore he heard something. Rachel had heard it too, but had a better idea of what it was then Kim did. Kim knocked louder, pounding on the door, yelling for Kit.

Kit heard the loud knocks, but wished it would stop so she could yell loud enough for them to hear her. But she was blocked out my the knocking. She tried to get up but couldn't. It was getting worse and worse, but suddenly the knocking stopped and she saw it as her chance.

As Kim was pounding on the front door, Tony and Beth arrived home to see what was wrong. Luckily, they had their keys, and they all rushed into the house, to find Kit in labour. Authors note: I am not going to go into anymore details with the birth, as....you know, so I'll skip to after that next time!

Well, thats not AS long as some of mthe others, but oh well....

Will the baby and Kit be healthy?

What will the baby's gender/name, etc be?

Will kit still give it up?

Will Rachel and Kim want it at all?

Hope you liked it, thanks for all your previous comments, Willz, sorry I didn't include much of beth and tony, LOL. As I promised, I will do the wedding, but I think I'll end this after awhile and go onto a sequel.....if anyone would want a sequel? I'll have to end it SOON, as my plan was after they sorted it all out....or will they? keep reading to find out! (please) Please read and review, see ya later!

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