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Harry Potter - love or hate it?

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Im going through a Harry Potter phase at the moment aswell,reading the half blood prince book,so decided to make The Weasleys and their home,i think i will also add Harry and Hermione to it aswell.

And does it take anyone else ages to make sims in CAS?

I love Harry Potter :D can’t wait for the last book to come out next July, not looking forward to see if and who dies! As long as the 3 main ones do die I will be fine. :(

I wish we didn’t have to wait so long for the next film coz it was my favourite book to read so far.

Part of me cant wait for the next book,but the other part of me never wants it to come,beacuse then its the end.

Part of me cant wait for the next book,but the other part of me never wants it to come,beacuse then its the end.

I know what you mean :( , but she could write some more, if she gets bored of spending her millions. Like Harry is a teacher at Hogwarts. That be good coz I think he will grow up to be a very hot man, but not as hot as Jack (of course) :wub:

I think J.K. will probably kill Harry off, and in a way, I would prefer it if she did. That way there could be no Harry rip-offs in the future, and we can all remember Harry in all his glory - as J.K.'s creation.

Maybe we should start a new thread for all things Harry Potter related?

On the subject of Harry,i think he maybe killed off aswell..i would be sad to see Harry die but i also think it maybe a good way to end it and at the end of the day it is ending so it will be sad anyway..i think it should go out with a bang,i really really dont want Ron to be killed though.

And i think if it carried on it should be only for a year or 2,maybe Harry working as a Auror,but i think ending it when he ends school is good,beacuse Hogwarts is everything in the book and it wouldnt be the same without it and i dont see Harry there as a teacher.

someone told me to start a Harry Potter thread so I have. Hope I’ve done all this right

Now I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, but when it first came out I couldn’t stand it. For the simple fact that, everyone I knew was comparing it to The Lord Of The Rings. Which really pi**ed me off coz, they are 1 of the best films ever for me. But just before Harry 3 came out, 1 of my friends made me sit and watched it and now I love it.

I what them to leave to story open, so the fans have some hope of an eighth book.

Now that we only have to wait till July of the last book, people are saying some crazy things like they hope Harry dies, but what do you think?

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I never started reading the books when they started but i did watch the first movie when it came out,but i dont think i watched it ON the day,i wasnt really bothed with it and didnt know much about it to be apart of it all.

I have a problem with certain things that become big beacuse i believe alot of it is beacuse some teenage girls thinks a guy in a movie is hot so goes to see it along with a million other teenage girls and thats what makes it a top film..

But when i did watch Harry Potter i liked it and bought all the books out so far,i think it was just coming to the Order of the Pheonix when i bought the others and i never normally read but i found myself really liking the books and would spend ages reading them and ignoring the world around me,they are great.

Thanks to someone(Jeh)i thinkit was,the lasted avatar contest was about HP so it got me in the mood for watching the movies again last week and for some strange reason i watched them backwards..and then i was talking to a friend who got me in the mood for reading and i realized i never got around to reading the Half-Blood Prince,i started it on Sunday but have only been reading in the morning and late late evening but im up to page 500 and im going to be sad when i finish it,but i have decided straight after i will start over reading the books again from the 1st.

I cant wait to see the next film but the closer it comes the closer the end will come and it would be strange knowing that the world of Harry Potter is over,whether Harry dies or not,its all over..it has become another world which will now be over..

I am really hoping that Ron doesnt die though,i really like Ron and i think he is pretty innocent among it all and it will be very sad if he died..I dont want Harry to die either but it makes me wonder what he would do if he didnt die and whether it would end with a bang if he doesnt die.

And going back to the book of the Half-Blood Prince,does anyone else find Harry slightly mean..not really sure what i mean with that,but he has changed..i dont really remember the Order of the Phoenix book so i cant remember what he was like in it,so its abig change from Azkaban and Prince,he seems really different in this book.

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Lord of the Rings is phenomenal. It's such a captivating read.

I also really like Harry Potter for its sheer escapism, and the fact that it always keeps you guessing.

Reo, I think in the Half-Blood Prince Harry is so mean because he's going through adolescence, and is struggling to deal with what's happening to him (changes in his body and the whole Voldemort thing). If I were him, I'd be really cranky too.

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I havent had anything to do with the Lord of the Ring,so i dont have a view on it or which is better.

But i think i would of prefered HP,it has a good storyline and a range of characters that i like..I even like Snape and Malfoy at certain points and even when they are evil they are still interesting.

I dont like the fact that in the Half-Blood Harry is ignoring Hermione's advice and is so set on finding out what Malfoy is doing,i understand he believes that he is a death-eater and that if he is he could be very dangerous but there is just something that bugs me all the time when he wants to go and spy on him.

I also dont like that Hagrid has hardly been in it,along with Dumbledore,McGonagall and Quidditch.

I know McGonagall isnt in any of them that much,but i think i have on read about her 2 or 3 times in the book and the same with Hagrid,he has hardly been in it.

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Yes, it was I who hosted the HP contest - only because I've always wanted someone else to run one - kinda defeats the object now, lol. :P

There's been an update on J.K. Rowling's official site Click me to say that she's well into writing #7...I wonder when it will be published? It'll be so sad, the end of an era. Like when Friends and Sex and the City ended...:(

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