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Downloading from this site!

Guest freakybuffy

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Hi tried that, it downloaded for few seconds then told me to save. When tried opening file The page cannot be displayed popped up.

Don't choose open. Choose save. I'm assuming you're talking about downloading videos from backtothebay.com, the website. Not the episodes that have been uploaded to yousendit, megaupload, etc.

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That’s what I’ve been trying! :(

I’m trying to download jack and Martha the early years.

What software are you using? Someone said I might not have the right software on my computer!

What is this megaupload do you need to register to download? :huh:

You should have software on your PC, I am not sure about which to recommend, I use VLC, which I heard about here. Maybe sommeone else could recommend any software you may need, as I an not sure. Other than that, I am not sure why the megauploads don't work for you.

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