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First Time For Everything

Guest Pierced Musie

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Story Title: First Time For Everything

Genre: Humour, Angst, Alternate Universe

Type of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Eve Jacobson, Noah Lawson

BTTB Rating: G (SC) (L)

Spoilers: No

Proof Read: No

Summary: Sneak-a-peek into the childhood friendship of Eve Jacobson & Noah Lawson.

This is an definitely an AU fic. Sane!Eve's life pre-insanity. Features an unexpected character...


First Time For Everything

First Impression...

"Ouch," she said, her bottom lip coming out to play. She gritted her teeth and willed the tears away as she stood up, her hands rubbing her butt. She glanced around to see if anyone had seen her slip over and let out a sigh of relief when she saw no one around. Her reputation was saved.

She picked up her small bag and went back to her task of walking home. That was when she heard the quiet sniggering. She looked around and found no one in the street to be sniggering. A frown appeared on her childish features and she put her hands on her hips, tilting her head. She listened to the muffled sniggering again, trying to locate the noise. It didn't take her long.

"Shut up," she said loudly, looking up at the nearest tree. She glared at the figure that was sat on the lowest branch of the tree, her face screwed up. The boy just grinned back at her, his face glowing with childish glee.

"The slides are that way," he said, pointing backwards. She stayed silent, still glaring at the strange and mean boy. Instead of insulting her more he just held out his hand to her. She looked at it as if it was the strangest thing she had ever seen, making him laugh again. Never being one to shy away from something she moved to the tree and took hold of his hand, climbing up to sit down by him.

"I haven't seen you before," she said quietly, letting go of his hand and wiping her own on her blue jeans in disgust.

"I just moved here," he replied, doing the exact same as the girl. They stayed in silence for what seemed like forever to them, watching a bunch of kids in the distance. They kept stealing quick glances at each other, the boy taking in the wild curly hair and the girl taking in the goofy grin that was fixed onto his lips. It was the girl who made the first move, holding out her hand to the boy.

"I'm Eve Jacobsen," she said, a proud smile on her face. He took hold of her hand and shook it gently, giving her an equally proud smile.

"Noah Lawson," he told her.

First Fall Out...

"Ouch," he said as he pulled his hand away, sucking on his thumb. He frowned at her and the thorn that she was holding up in pride, his eyes narrowed at the weapon. The look made her giggle.

"Don't be a baby," she said, chucking the thorn to the pavement. She watched her friend suck his thumb harder, her wide eyes sparkling in the summer sun. He stared right back, the frown slowly fading off his features. Within seconds he was grinning while sucking. It made the girl giggle again, her small shoulders shuddering and her long curly hair, tied in messy ponytails, bobbing up and down.

"'Or 'icked!" he said loudly, accusation in his voice. It wasn't the best thing to say to a girl was barely eight years old. She stopped laughing, her bottom lip slowly making its way out.

"I'm not!" she shouted, giving him a full blown pout.

"Are to!" he shouted back. She didn't answer him with words; she just moved forward and kicked him in the knee before running off in tears. He didn't follow her though.

The next day, after a boring day at school, they walked home together like usual. The only difference was that she wouldn't talk to him. He had pleaded and begged for forgiveness. He had tried giving her the puppy look, along with his lunch, but not even chocolate worked. The simplest thing to do was the one way he hadn't actually tried. Until now.

"You're not wicked, Eve. I'm sorry for calling you wicked," he said, his voice even more childish than usual. She stopped dead in her tracks and threw her arms round her best friend. He just laughed as she giggled.

First Kiss...

"Ouch!" she said, trying to stop the smile from appearing on her face. The corner of her lips were twitching and before long she just had to smile at him.

"It's not funny. I'm not the loser," he said, trying to be angry. Just staring at the bright, and beautiful, look on her face was enough to stop the anger. He knew he should be angry at being called a loser by the most popular girl in high school but he couldn't be while the most beautiful girl in high school was sat on his bed.

"She's a whore anyway. Why would you want to date a 14 year old those been with most of the boys anyway?" she asked, trying to make him feel better.

"True," was all he could say to that.

"So... it's a Friday night. What do you want to do?" she asked, one eyebrow raised and a bright grin lighting up her face.

"I thought you were grounded?" he asked in reply. She shrugged. "I can't believe they still think you're responsible for setting your rabbit on fire."

"Foster parents. Can't live with them and can't kill them," she replied.

"I could say the same about real parents," he muttered, looking out his bedroom window. He watched his brother get into his car, slamming the door shut and speeding off. The usual routine.

"Where is your mother?" she asked, curious.

"Gone away for the weekend on a religious thing," he replied as he turned back to his best friend. When he saw the grin still on her face he responded with his own goofy grin.

"So, what are we going to do?" she asked. He didn't speak; he just raced to his bed and dived on it, his arms round his friend. She squealed as they fell back onto the soft mattress, giggling as he tickled her sides.

"Noah!" she squealed, grabbing his hands to stop him. When he came to a stop he just held her in his arms, both getting comfy on the bed.

"Why don't we just stay in tonight. Watch some movies and chill out," he murmured in her ear, his eyes closing.

"Sounds like a beautiful plan," she whispered back. Silence went over them, Eve closing her eyes and savouring the feeling of comfort she felt. She felt so tired and yet something niggled at her mind, causing havoc with her brain. One eye popped open and she stared at her friend, taking in the almost angelic look on his face. She licked her lips and gave in to the voice in her head.

When he felt the warmth on his lips he was unsure on what it was at first. It was only when he felt the warmth move against his lips that he realized. One eye came open and when his fears were confirmed he became wide awake. He pulled away slightly, his eyes going wide with shock. She gave him a nervous smile, biting her bottom lip in worry. He hated that look on her face.

One hand went up to her face and he moved closer to her, capturing her lips for a kiss. At first it was sloppy and slow, both as inexperienced as each other. As his hand tangled into her wild curly hair the kiss became more heated and within seconds both had picked up a technique. With each others help they had learnt to do what many at their school friends had been bragging about since they were 13 years old. They both enjoyed it.

First Time...

"Ouch!" he said, his hand going to his ear. She laughed as she threw the needle down on the cabinet near the bed and picked up two rings. She patted his hand away from his ear and began putting the rings into his newly pierced ear, grinning when she caught him wincing.

"You wanted it done so quit being a baby," she teased. He glared at her when she took a step back to admire her work. He held up his hand and showed her the blood that tainted his wiggling fingers. She just laughed as she handed him a tissue. He began wiping the blood from his hand and from his ear, trying to be as careful as possible. The wounds hurt but it was worth it in the long run.

"She is going to freak when she sees them," she said, a mischievous look on her face.

"You are a wicked woman," he said, shaking his head. She just gave him one of her beautiful, but very sinful, smiles, one eyebrow raised. Standing in front of him dressed all in black and with her curly hair loose and wild she looked like a temptress.

"You know you love it, Lawson," she replied. He stayed silent; opting to just pull her closer by the belt buckle on her black jeans. She crashed into him, her lips on his. Her hands were on his face as she balanced herself on the bed, straddling his lap. His hands went to her back, riding up her vest top to feel her warm skin. When he reached the clasp on her bra she pulled away, one hand on his chest.

"Do you think we are ready?" she asked, worry in her bright eyes.

"We've been dating for nearly two years but it's up to you," he said, giving her an encouraging smile. She just answered him with a kiss.

First Goodbyes...

"Ouch! Get your hands off of me. NOAH!" she said, her voice getting louder until she was shouting to get his attention. He glanced at her with sadness and guilt written on his face. He said nothing as they led him away, handcuffs firmly in place on his wrists. She watched him disappear, willing him to just look at her one more time.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked repeatedly, even as someone grabbed her arm and led her out of the room. She couldn't stop the tears from falling as she was practically dragged out to the car and told to just shut up and get in. She did as she was told by her step mother but the tears never stopped.

"I knew that boy was trouble," her mother said as she started up the car. Eve wanted to tell her to shut up and that she knew nothing but she couldn't speak. All she could do was sob her heart out, her head bowed down in shame. Her hair cloaked her face as the tears continued to fall. By the end of the day her eyes were red raw.

She cried for five days straight after the sentencing of her boyfriend, not understanding how he could have been taken away for just hacking into a computer. She acted like she didn't hear her parents snide remarks about the boy that she gave her heart to. But she heard it all. As the week went on she counted up all the remarks, each word like a dagger in the heart. With each insult that passed the thirst for revenge grew. It was in the early morning of the sixth day that it was time to pay up. She sat in the tree that was so familiar to her and watched in silence as the flames spread through the house. When she heard the shouts from the neighbours and the commotion her actions were making she just smiled.

"I'll see you again soon, Noah," she whispered. By the time he heard about the unfortunate accident that had happened she was gone.

First Reunion...

She watched them from a distance, her eyes narrowed at the little group that had formed. She knew why they were there and it angered her. No one had bothered to ask for her opinion on there little meeting and it killed her inside. Sarah was her patient and yet that meant nothing. She was about to walk over and give them a piece of her mind when she saw a couple walk out of the room. The girl was unfamiliar but she knew the man. She knew him as soon as she saw his face and the rings in his ear, the metal glistening in the summer sun.

"Noah," she whispered to herself. The anger she had felt before was washed away, replaced with remembrance of her childhood. He had been the only light in dark life and he had made her feel so complete and normal. The day he had been taken away had been the day that she had died inside. She had moved on but she had never felt as alive without him. She had prayed and pleaded with God to bring him back to her so she could live again. He never listened.

"It's going to be okay," she heard him say. She watched him with the young blonde woman, his arms wrapped round her. The girl gave him a loving kiss on the lips before responding to the hug, obviously relieved to be away from Sarah.

"I love you," she heard the woman say.

"I love you too," he said back, the familiar goofy grin on his face. The words didn't register in her mind at first but when they did the feelings that had been brought back moments before were gone. She felt numb and she felt sick.

She moved over to where they were sat, taking a seat on one of the benches in a hidden spot. She listened to the Detective talking to the group, the words registering straight away. They were only there to make sure Sarah stayed there. Stayed in the one place that she didn't belong in. It was his words that made her feel cold inside.

"She's a psycho. This is the best place for her," he said, his words icy. He had changed. But then, so had she.

Last Revelation...

He gave the scrapbook to the woman and gave her a sympathetic look. She stared at Peter in confusion, unsure on why she was there. He had called her in with no explanation.

"We found that in Zoë's apartment. I thought you should see it for yourself," he said as a way of explaining the A4 sized book. Hayley was still clueless. So she just opened the book, expecting to see pages of psychotic ramblings. What she wasn't expecting were pages of neatly written out words and photos of the stalkers cherished childhood moments. Many pictures of herself with another child. A young boy. She turned page after page, the two people in the pictures getting bigger, growing up to teenagers. Hayley gave Peter a look, frustrated and still not understanding.

"Keep going," he told her. She kept going until she came to the last few pages. The pictures stopped her dead, her face growing pale. She stared at one of the pictures, taking in the familiar goofy grin on the boys face and the familiar happy grin on the girls face. They looked so happy together but Hayley didn't want to believe it. She turned to the last two pages and found newspaper clippings, reading each one. She read about a boy hacking into the school computers and deleting everything. She read about him being unfairly sentenced to twelve months in a detention centre but it didn't click.

The articles that did make it click were the ones she knew all to well. She read the article about that night, the words already imprinted on her mind. It was then that she knew why she had to see it.

"It was the final piece in the puzzle. We all thought Sarah killed herself because she had done the one thing she wanted to do. We now believe that she was told about Noah by Zoë. When she realized what she had done she turned the gun on herself," Peter explained, watching Hayley for any reaction. Her words were not what he had expected.

"It didn't know Noah at all, did I?" she said, mostly to herself. "I knew him from the time he moved here but I knew nothing about his past. I knew that he had spent time in a detention centre but I never bothered to ask any questions after I met his mother. He never told me about her. I didn't know him at all, did I?"

She was right.

The End.

Opinions needed. I'm thinking of making a bigger version of this that will spiral into even more AU scenes but I want opinions on it.


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