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Vulnerable - All Within My Hands

Guest -Tess-

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In line with the new rules for fanfics we'd appreciate it if you'd take 5 minutes to fill out the following form:

Story Title: Vulnerable - All Within My Hands

Story description: Sally and Peter decide to give their love a go. But will it last?

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Peter, Sally, Cassie, Ric, Pippa junior, Alf, Morag, ect.

BTTB rating: T

does story include spoilers: no

Is story being proof read: no

Any warnings: none

Thanks, the Librarians.

Sally was lying on the floor of Summer Bay caravan house, thinking about her late husband Flynn. He had told her to move on. To love again. But that didn’t feel right.

“Why did he have to leave?â€, thought Sally.

Up until an hour ago, she was doing fine. Then Peter had come in, and kissed her.

“Do I love Pete? Sure, he’s a friend. But a lover?†she said aloud.

Just then Alf walked in. Having overheard her, he asked, “Pete kissed you?â€, Causing Sally to break down in tears again. “Yeahâ€, she replied. “I love him, but I still love Flynnâ€.

“Loveâ€, Alf said. “You have to move on. It’s for the best. That’s what Flynn wantedâ€.

“What do I do, Mr. Stewart? What do I do?â€

“Sal, it’s been 4 years. You have to move on. Peter loves you. And I get the feeling that you feel the same. Am I right?â€

Sally nodded.

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Nice. Sweet. And short. :) :)

Does this center around Sally/Peter or around the whole Bay?

Mainly around Sally and Peter, but the other charaters will have small parts too, probably not in every chapter (Which will be longer),but they will be written about!

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2 hours later, Sally sat grading papers. She didn't get spare time often, so she was using the oppertunity to catch up. Cassie and Ric were at Maddie and Lucas's, Pippa was at Leah's playing with VJ and Ella, and Mr. Stewart was fishing.

Sally looked up when she heard a knock at the door.


"Sal, we need to talk".

When Sally didn't answer, Peter kept talking.

"Sal, I love you. And that kiss proved it. I know that you haven't dated since Flynn, but I really do love you, and I think that you feel the same". Peter said.

"I'm not going to deny it Pete, I do feel something, but I also feel like I'm betraying Flynn".

"Sal, it's been 4 years. He wanted you to move on and be happy, and I can make you happy. I know I can Can we please just try?".

Sally stood on her toes and kissed him yes.

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"Sal, are you sure this is what you really want? I mean, we can wait if you need time..."

"No, I don't. But before this gets out, I need to talk to the kids."

"Of course..."

Peter held Sally close.

"Do you want me to stay when you speak to the kids?", Peter asked.

"Yeah, that would probably be best", Sally answered.

"When are they going to be home?"

"Any minute now.", Sally answered.

"How do you rekon their going to feel about it?"

"Alright", Sally replied. "They told me to move on not that long ago".

"Oh really?"


Sally held Peter tighter.

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