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Wed 27 Sep 06 - Moving On, Moving Out"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Moving On, Moving Out"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 27 Sep 06 - Episode # 4283)

Cassie (van park house) tries to explain to Ric that she never meant for him to find out this way (the whole bus ticket thing), but Ric is way angry, and he charges at macca. They start fighting, but Alf & sally arrive and break tings up.

Sally &Alf are initially mad at Ric – but the look o cassia’s face indicated that SHE is the guilty one.

Jack & Martha (beach house) are enjoying each bother’s company – as the christening part winds down.

Cassie tries to explain all this to sally &* co. macca had bailed btw. Ric can’t believe that cassie/macca have been together for so long.

At Noah’s Tilly & Luke hang out with Dean/Gareth. Dean tells them that Gareth has scored a job I the city – and that they are about to bail.

When Luke is getting some drinks, dean insists to Tilly that she should get back together with Luke.

Soon after, Tilly gets at txt message – for her & Luke to go to the wharf.

When they arrive, Luke * Tilly see that dean/garath has arranged a romantic picnic, which Tilly & Luke enjoy.

Tilly tells Luke about what dean suggested – and, after getting emotionally closer, Tilly & Luke kiss, but both say afterwards the kiss felt different.

It made them realise that they are no longer madly in love – but both insists that will be best friends forever.

Sally enters the van park house, and tells Cassie that she is totally ashamed of her – as family is all about respect & trust etc.

Soon after, Martha arrives, and she is way annoyed when she hears about cassie/macca.

Alf is worry about Ric – who bailed soon after he found out the news (btw, Cassie is also elsewhere at tis point).

Ric enters, but he’s not in the mood for talking, and goes straight to te shower, whilst Martha bails to find macca.

Martha arrives at Amanda’s mansion – where Macca is – and way tears strips off him, but she doesn’t backhand him (annoyingly) before she bails.

Near the beach, Cassie insists to macca that there is no way that she is back out of this despite the controversy, as she totally loves macca.

Sally approaches, and macca bails. Cassie tells sally that although she rejected macca before, she realises no that she can’t live without him.

Whilst sally seems to have accepted that situation, when she & Cassie rtn t the van park house, Alf gives Cassie a piece of his mind.

When Ric enters the room, he ignores Cassie for a while, but then he insists that he can’t live in same house as Cassie.

When Cassie says that she will move out, sally insists that family doesn’t just walk out on pp like that, they talk things over etc – but Cassie insists that she will (if Irene lets her) crash at the beach house for a while.

Ric so doesn’t care – he’s all in a “good riddance to bad rubbish” mood.

At Noah’s jack/.Martha are having a good time, but when Martha mentions cassie/macca, she sees that jack looks weird. When he admits to knowing about the, she way goes off at him.

They take the argument outside, and Martha insists that marrieds should tell each other everything.

Martha then storms off – she thinks jack is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hopeless.

Tilly (Noah’s) farewell dean/greath for the last time before they head to city. Luke bails too – and then Alf tells Tilly about cassie/macca. Tilly is waaaaaaaay shocked.

As Cassie is about to bail form the van park house (off screen Irene must have agreed to beach house request), Cassie tries to talk to Ric.

He insists that he feels psychically sick being in the same room as Cassie.

After Ric bails form the room, Cassie slums to the ground WAAAAAAAAY in tears (end of ep)


Will Drew tell belle about Drew/Amanda ??

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s light blue intricate patterned V neck dress

SILVER – Sally’s burgundy (partly see though) crossover top

BRONZE – Jack’s link pink button up shirt/purple tie combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Luke’s light blue (with red vertical stripes) button up shirt

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