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My First Story

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chapter one

Nothing much has changed in Summer Bay since I left one year ago, well some of it has. I see a few new faces on the first day I came back, but there was one face I just could not take my eyes off.

I was walking out of my car door when Colleen Smart came up to me and started rambling on about stuff, I wasn't concentrating on her but I was concentrating on that girl walking down the beach.Colleen was rambling on about how good it was to have a strong man like me back in the bay (well fine I was at least listening to that bit).

That girl had looked straight towords me and smiled I smiled back then I turned away grabbed my bags and started walking straight towards her(leaving Colleen talking to her self).

Me and that girl had a small chat and then introduced ourselves "Hi i'm Macca" I said, "I'm Belle nice to meet you" and before I knew it she was walking away from me waving good-bye.

I knew from that day on I was destined to be with that girl.

next time a small mishap happens to his love of his life

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chapter one

Two days after being in the bay again but I have met Belle.I think she has tried to get me to follow her once but I was busy.

As she was leaving I saw a group of guys come up to her and they started talking to her and I thought it was some of her friends but when I looked again they were gone.

I looked around and saw nothing(it was like 2.32am people) but that is when I saw Belle lying on the ground.

I ran out and picked her up and layed her down onto my couch and tried to wake her up and I finally managed to rouse her up.

Then I had aked her what happened and she said "I got knocked down" "I want to know who would do this and did they take anything"

"I don't know and who are you"she said jolting up right "Macca" "oh right"

I checked her over and foung a few scratches on her and a bump on her head.

'KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK' someone was banging on the door but who at this hour.

find out who next episode

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Um Me (Willz) and Beth together and lol yeh I love it I wonder what you are going to give me and Beth? I wonder if it a great storyline and Me and Beth getting married and introduced more Charceter and don't worry about my obbession with Beth.

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