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Thought it was about time I shared some vids that are in my favourites!

A video thats been around for quite a long time and been seen by millions, David Armand interprets Natalie Imbruglia's song into a mime act.

'Torn' Mime Act with Nat

Then last month this new version was performed at the Secret Policemans Ball, which is pretty amazing! Natalie actually joins in towards the end!

You won't know these guys to look at them, but once they're all in the same car together you will recognise all of their voices from Hollywood movie trailers!

Family Guy Voiceovers

See the faces behind the Family Guy voices in the recording studio

Seth McFarlane (Family Guy Creator) gives speech at Harvard as:


Proper Ballad

Bill Bailey's version of a proper love ballad

I think those will do for the time being, enjoy! :D

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Becuase this is SOMETHING to do with youtube, would anyone mind answering this question?

WHY won't my video LOAD???

It's been driving me crazy. I made an account, then made a vid on Windows moviemaker, and then it was loading and then it said it had failed...

Would anyone know QWHY that would be?>

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but not appropriate for young eyes!! You have been warned!

It won't let me watch it!

Does anyone know how to download the videos from youtube? I know it can be done, damn it!!

Unfortunatly you can't, you can only watch 'em.

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