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Brief Encounter

Guest tasha7905

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Type of Story: One shot

Rating: A (sc)

Main Characters: Lucas and belle

Genre: Romance

Warnings: SC

Summary: He is everywhere she goes and she cant forget about him then a chance meeting leads to a wonderful afternoon.

Brief Encounter

I sat on the bus coming back from Yabbie creek and suddenly there he was sat in the seat opposite me, everywhere I went lately he seemed to be there to. I hadnt stopped thinking about him since I first saw him three weeks earlier when I moved to the bay.

I glanced across wanting to watch him but not wanting him to see me watching him. He was looking out the window so I quickly glanced over again, you could see his muscle definintion through his t-shirt, he didnt look like my usual type, he wanst rough and ready more clean cut, dorky even. He must have noticed me staring cause he glanced over at me.

I averted my gaze, trying to pretend I hadnt been looking at him. I could look out of the corner of my eye and see if he was still watching me. He was. I turned and smiled just a small smile so he would know I was enjoying him watching me. He blushed slightly and smirked at me.

I was debating what to do, should I say hi, or move next to him or just leave it as it was. The decision was made for me as the bus stoppped just before we got to the bay. He stood up and got off. I couldnt figure out why, I knew he lived in the bay.

I wanted to find out more so I got off after him. He noticed but carried on walking. He was so different I was used to guys that would hit on a girl if they caught her looking at them. But this guy seemed shy and that made me want him more.

I walked behind him as if I was just taking a long walk home. I was so lost in my own thoughts of him I didnt notice which way he had gone. I stopped and looked around, i couldnt see him anywhere. I decided to keep going maybe I would see him again later. I hoped I would.

I walked for about five minutes more and became aware of someone watching me. I looked around and saw him leaning against a tree. He smiled at me and I headed toward him. He looked baffled like he hadnt expected me to.

I didnt know what to say when I got to him, so I decided to be the bold, brave girl everyone thinks I am. I put my hands on his waist and leant up and kissed him just lightly brushing my lips over his. I stopped and looked into his bright blue eyes. He smiled and returned my kiss without saying anything.

The kisses became more passionate and I realised this may be leading somewhere. I grabbed his hand and led him to a more secluded area. He must have understood what I meant cause he started to speak. " I havent before, not sure if its a good idea" He uttered in between my kisses.

I didnt know what it was about him. His innocence or his looks but something about him was alluring. Something made me want him. I wasnt used to that I generally made people want me, I didnt do the chasing. I kissed him harder and he gave into my advances, we had amazing sex that afternoon. I had never felt desire like it, it overwhelmed both of us. We dressed in silence neither of us knowing what to say, we stood and started walking back to the bay.

"Bye I guess" he said as we got to his road. All the desire we had for each other had gone, we were too different, practically from different worlds and we knew it. Without having to say anything.

"Yea um thanks" I said "By the way Im Belle"

"Lucas" he replied kissing my cheek and walking away.

That was the best afternoon of my life and hopefully his as well, but we could never be anything more. There was no point in even trying. But I will never forget my brief encounter with Lucas.

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