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Back In The Days

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In line with the new fan fiction rules we would appreciate it if you took 5 minutes to fill out this form.

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Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: 5 lines max

Thanks, the librarians.

Hey, people.

This fic is going to be home and away related of course, except the title of it is meant to emphasise the fact that TT, Zoe and Peter are all high school students instead of adults.

Well- really- if u just read on you'll get thru the information- i dont really have much to say but enjoy cos im about to update my first part. Thanks

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First Chapter...

Zoe McCallister adjusted her short uniform dress and squinted ahead of her, trying her best to concentrate on what the science teacher was constantly blabbing on about.

Beside her, sat her closest friend, Tracey Thompson- an attractive brunette known round the entire classroom for her gorgeous hairflipping motions.

They had been the best of friends ever since kindergarten. They both went to the same schools throughout all of their years, and both began to attend Summer Bay High together to end their schooling years and to start uni.

Zoe slumped lowly into her seat and sighed impatiently. " When's this period gonna end?" she whispered quietly to Tracey.

Tracey's eyes moved up to the clock. " 2 minutes, " she replied with no enthusiasm. She leaned forward and began to doodle onto her experiment table.

" And so the sulfuric acid reacts the most to what metal, Zoe?" the teacher asked, craning his neck to get a look at Zoe.

Zoe opened her eyes and stared sleepily at the teacher. " What? " she said irritably.

The class burst into giggles. The teacher rolled his eyes. He began to open his mouth but was rudely interupted by the interval bell.

The class scattered noisily. " Zoe McCallister- here, now. " The teacher said sternly.

Zoe rolled her eyes and walked grumpily toward the front of the class.

Tracey jammed books away and threw her bag over her shoulder and unwrinkled her collar.

" Never in my class, do I want to experience such rude behaviour again, understand?"

" Yessir."

" Good. Run along, now."

Tracey linked arms with Zoe and they both exited the class and that was that.

Meanwhile at the lockers, the halls were jamming with loud students busily rustling around trying to reach their own lockers. Tracey stood up against one wall, waiting patiently for Zoe to collect her mathbook.

She smoothed her hair down and sighed. Then her head snapped toward the other end of the hall.

There he stood. The school's heart throb, Peter Baker. He had one hand on the wall and the other by his side. He was snickering and chatting away with one of his classmates. Beside him, stood a beautiful blonde girl, holding onto Peter's back.

Tracey's eyes locked on his face and she tilted her head. She'd always liked Peter. He was kind, handsome, and in a way, amazingly romantic. She admired the way he was well mannered and the humour he had tucked away within himself- though she did find him super attractive but had never yet worked up the nerve to even chat to him properly or enough to know him well enough. He'd known her name for a couple of weeks because they'd had a brief chat in the hall foyer just the other day straight after Peter's drama performance on stage in front of the entire school. She had been madly impressed with him and had congratulated him on his drama play and he had, straight after that, walked off with the familiar blonde girl that stood right next to Peter, at the very moment of now.

Tracey moved her eyes to the floor and just at this moment Zoe's face had appeared into her view.

" Yoo-hoo. We gonna get going, or what?" she asked.

The schoolyard was crowded with kids. Lunch wrappers blew wildly over the grass and loud laughter and screams filled the air. Tracey made her way toward the long thin tree that provided the best shade in the world. She sat down and opened up her bag, pulling out a bottle of water. Zoe dropped down next to her, a bag of chips in one hand. " Have you got a date for the school dance, yet? " she asked anxiously.

Tracey snapped her head up. " No," she said embarrassed.

" Its ok. Neither do I. Dont you think that Kim Hyde's a little cute?" Zoe's voice became dreamy.

Tracey rolled her eyes. " Not as cute as Peter Baker, " she sneered.

Zoe gapped. " Oh Tracey- he'll never ask you out. He's swarming with girls he'll probably be more interested in more than you anyway so why dont you just go for someone a little more...better looking, maybe?"

Tracey coughed, disturbed. " He never looks at any of those chicks the way he looks at me, " she said.

Zoe shook her head and took a long swig of her fruit juice.

" Stay here, i need to go to the bathroom. " Tracey said. Zoe nodded.

On the way to the toilets, several girls passed Tracey and said " Hey " but during any of those greetings Tracey did not reply. She had only one thing on her mind at the moment. The school dance.

As she entered the toilets, she found Peter with his hands in his pockets, standing next to the basins.

Her heart skipped a beat. Her mouth felt like dry cotton and right then and there, she wanted to sink into the floor and melt. Her face flushed with red colour and and she swallowed hard.

" Hey, " Pete said. Such a nice voice... Tracey thought.

" Hey. " Tracey kept her eyes on the spotted floor. Peter snickered.

" Got any idea who you're gonna be taking with you to the school dance?" he asked.

Tracey said nothing. Her cheeks were burning. She couldve yelled to the top of her lungs: Who the HECK is spraying my face with a flame thrower!!?

Peter coughed. Dont blow it, Trace, she thought madly. She tried to answer him but her voice remained shaky and she was too embarrassed to make an attempt to speak. A guy left one of the toilets and Peter entered it.

Tracey sighed. Good one, genius, she told herself sternly. She finished up in the other toilet room and began to make her way back to the shaded area where Zoe sat, waiting patiently.

Just as they'd collected their equipment, the bell for 3rd period sounded in their ears.

" I've got Maths- ill see you 4th period. " Zoe waved and skipped round the side of the field.

Tracey's hands went cold. Next period was Chemistry. And in this class, Peter was the one who shared a lab station with Tracey. He would be sitting right next to her through the entire class.

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Thanks, guys! Here's the next bit:

" Guys, shut up! " Rachel Armstrong wailed over the loud noise and yelling in the classroom. " Just because our teacher's late doesn't mean you need to be talking."

Tracey sat shaking nevously near the back of the room. Peter was a little late to class. She fumbled round in her backpack and pulled out a piece of paper. She began drawing little loops on it while she waited for the lesson to begin. The class was a chaotic nightmare. Balls of paper flew backwards and fowards through the room.

Sally Fletcher, the assistant principal, poked her head in the door.

" Guys, where's your teacher?" she asked.

" Who cares? " some guy called out.

" He'll be here soon, " another girl shouted over the racket. Sally would've gone to fetch a substitute but Mr. Holden squeezed past her gently. " thanks, Mrs Fletcher. I'll take it from here, " he said.

Sally nodded and and walked off.

The class immediately settled down. " Right, that's enough, class. I could hear you all the way from upstairs. You'll be spending your lunchtime in here today to make up for all the noise you've made." he said sternly.

The class groaned loudly.

" Sorry im late. I was at the office."

Tracey looked up from her paper and her heart began to beat really fast. Peter had arrived to class after all.

" Thanks. Take a seat, Peter." the teacher instructed him.

Peter walked rapidly around the room and slipped into the seat next to Tracey.

"Hey," he whispered.

She looked at him and smiled in reply. Alas, this didn't last long before her cheeks were turned red again.

" That's a pretty cool picture, " he said politely. Tracey looked down at the unicorn she had roughly doodled.

" Uh, thanks."

Then her phone vibrated in her pocket.

Zzzz! Zzz!!

Mr Holden looked up suspiciously and frowned. Other class members began looking around anxiously.

Peter sensed what the trouble was and began deliberately coughing loudly to block out the unchecked message on Tracey's phone.

When it stopped, Peter coughed one more time and patted his chest. Tracey smiled gratefully at him and sighed. " Thanks, " she said.

" Dont sweat it, " Peter replied.

" Tracey and Peter, cut the chatter and start concentrating. " Mr Holden nodded toward the dictated sentences on the board. Tracey opened up her book and began copying the words down into her book. Peter did the same. At the sametime, he asked: " Who're you talking with you to the ball?" he whispered.

" Shh! " the teacher said.

" Not sure yet...I haven't been asked, " Tracey said.

" Quiet, " Mr Holden instructed.

" Well I was wondering if-" Peter began.

" Peter, sit here. Move your things and sit next to Rachel. " He tapped the empty space.

Peter sighed unhappily and began picking his books up.

Thanks a million Mr Holden, Tracey thought sadly.

Zoe was waiting outside for Tracey after class. " Hey, Trace, " she greeted.

Tracey sighed. " Hey."

" What's up? " Zoe stepped over a branch as she walked and turned to Tracey.

" Peter was gonna ask me to the dance, " She replied sadly.

" Ohh...what do you mean, 'was'? What happened? " Zoe said.

" Got snapped for whispering. Mr Holden moved Peter to the other side of the classroom."

" Aww, gutted. Maybe next time, yeah? "


As they made their way toward 4th period, English, Tracey couldn't help but feel a twing of disappointment every now and then. Ruined by the teacher, she thought madly.

She seated herself neatly in one of the desks in the class. Zoe dropped next to her and began dumping books onto her desk. She flipped her curly blondish/hazel hair over her shoulder and sat up, ready to learn.

" Nerd, " Tracey snorted.

Zoe poked out her tongue. " So? What if i wanna learn, what are you gonna do about it?"

Tracey giggled.

Then Mrs Fletcher entered the room carrying folders to her chest. She dumped them onto the desk and turned to the black board.

" Class, hurry up. We're going to be studying punctuality and response to texts today, " she hollered. She picked up the chalk and began scratchily writing information on the board.

Tracey yawned and opened up her english folder. She drowsily began to copy the notes down from the board. What got her awake was the loud screechy noise that corrupted everyone's ears.

" Sorry, my nail brushed the board, " Sally apologized. Students were still groaning and clenching their teeth.

Zoe shook her head off and leaned downwards to her right. She was txting from her phone.

" Who are YOU txting? Oh nevermind that. It doesn't take a genius to figure THAT out, " Tracey pointed out quietly.

" Kim Hyde, " Zoe whispered.

" Using his full name all the time makes him sound like a celebrity it's scary. So quit it, " Tracey said.

Zoe continued to txt. She was giggling.

Tracey rolled her eyes.

The class dragged on for 40 more minutes, then the bell sounded off.

" Have a great day, students. And ill see you all tomorrow. " Mrs Fletcher said.

People began gathering up their books quickly and scattered out in twos, chatting noisily.

Zoe bumped into Peter and quickly apologized. He smiled politely at her and passed. He walked past Tracey and smiled even better. Tracey blushed and batted her eyelashes back at him.

He was blown away for a minute, but she walked past him. She flipped her hair on purpose, right in front of his eyes and turned away. He blushed badly and rushed away as quick as he could.

Tracey burst out laughing and Zoe nudged her with shock.

Tracey groaned sadly. " I gotta stay behind in Chemistry class now- it was super noisy and now the teacher wants to keep us in for lunch in exchange for time wasting."

Zoe rolled her eyes. " I've got volleyball practice anyway. Catch you later, hun."

They hugged and walked seperate ways.

When Tracey arrived, she realized the whole class hadnt turned up. They had skipped the detention in favour of a more exciting place. The only person who had turned up was Peter. Sweet, well-mannered Peter couldn't afford to miss a lunch-time detention at all- especially if Tracey was required to stay behind with him.

" Just us, huh? " Peter asked.

Tracey nodded. " Scaredy-cats."

There was a message on the white board. It clearly said:

"Dear Students.

Tick your name on the roll check as you enter for your detention. Who ever remains unticked will be staying after school to attend another session. Please behave- and i want whatever you're working on on my desk with your name at the top.

- Mr Holden.

Tracey rolled her eyes. She pulled out an uncompleted essay and began to work through it rapidly. Peter pulled out his maths worksheet.

" Do you have a calculator?" he asked sweetly. Tracey blushed and went through her bag.

Peter waited patiently as Tracey pulled it out and dusted it off. " here, " she said.

He smiled at her. " Thanks hun."

Her mouth dropped open. She uttered a small cry of shock that luckily, he didnt hear.

" Hey um, Tracey- I wanted to ask you something."

" Uh huh..."

" Would you be willing to attend the school dance with me? " he asked.

He sounded so brave...so unnervous... AWW how can he do it?! Tracey thought.

" I'd like to get to know you more- and i think the dance will be an awesome start, yeah? I wouldve taken my girlfriend, Clare, but some other guy asked her to the dance. And she agreed. So much for me- im just her sweet puppy dog she drags along." he said.

Tracey remembered the attractive blonde girl that Peter had been walking with the other day. She'd guessed they were an item but she wasn't quite sure if she was right or not.

And I'm glad she rejected him off like that- lucky call for me, Tracey thought evilly.

" Yeah it will....and, yes Pete- i'd love to go to the dance with you." Tracey said courageously.

" Sweet. See you then." He gathered up his equipment, handed Tracey's calculator back, and was off in a finger snap.

Tracey sighed happily. She was actually glad there wasnt a teacher guiding the detention- when there shouldve been. The teacher would've separated them in the same way he did during chemistry class. But on the negative side, Tracey didn't like the way the teachers' amount of trust was so high they trusted them enough to be in a classroom along where anything could have occured. There could've been a fight, maybe a fire.

She picked all her stuff up, walked to the front, deposited her essay, ticked her's and Peter's names off and skipped out, making her way to the sports gym.

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