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Pain Revisited

Guest -Tess-

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here is a list of everyone's ages:

Kim: 37

Charlotte: 15 (Turning 16)

Pippa: 16

VJ: 16

Ella 15 (Turnign 16)

Ryan: 23

Mattie, Luke, Cassie, Henry & Belle: 31

Ric & Drew: 32

Sally, Leah & Brad: 50

Alf: 79

Colleen & Morag: 78

Amanda: 49

Robbie: 40

Tasha: 39

Tony: 51

Beth: 51

Jack: 42

Martha: 41

Dan : 51

Peter: 52

Irene: 62

Well, here's the first part:

Charpter 1

'Dad, why are you looking at that picture?', Charlotte asked.

'Becase, we're going to move here, if that's okay with ypu', Kim answered his 15 year old daughter.

"But why?'

'This is where you were born Char'.

"Really?', Charlotte asked in disbelief. 'It looks like paradise!'

'Yeah, it is', Kim replied with a smile.

"Are you sure that you're okay about moving?", Kim aked his daughter.

'Sure Dad'

'Okay then. let's start packing!'


I know it's short, but there will be more very soon!

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I like to see a 50 year old Leah I can so imagied Ada when she 50 ohh Robbie 40 haha he will be a crack up haha :lol: and the teens are now older I can't wait what in store for VJ :lol: ohh what happen to Rachel?

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