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Stories from the set of Home and Away

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Stories from the set- Home and Away

Indiana's evil Housemate

Indiana says she lives with a menace. Her cat! "I have an evil Cat called Nemo. He's very cute, but very feisty- he attacks you!"

A Big change...

If Mark Furze could play any other character on the show, he'd play...Colleen! "She's hilarious! I wouldn't be able to do the character as half as well, though."

On or off?

We've had trouble keeping up with Isabel Lucas and Chris Hemsworth! They were together and then apart, then got back together, then were rumoured to split. Apparently, at the moment, they're both single. :(

Did you know?

Sharni Vinson, who plays Cassie on the show, was a State gold medalist swimming champion for four years running while she was at High School.

Mr Music...

Apparently Jason Smith is well known on the show, for entertaining the others in between scenes. He brings along his CD collection and loves introducing the actors to his fave music. Apparently his faces include Jack Johnson and Ben Harper.


Kate Ritchie, who plays Sally on the show, has just announced a shock split from league player, Chris Walker, her partner for the last five years. Aww...

Star struck...

Indiana Evans says that she's seen quite a few celebs in her time, but she gets really star struck and can't bring herself to go and say Hi. "There've been people at Premieres like Owen Wilson and Harrison Ford, but we haven't actually met because I'm too scared to actually go up to them!" She says she'd most like to meet Cate Blanchett. We hope she can pluck up the courage to go say hi!

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