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Love's Not A One Way Street

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Sequel to "A Bundle of Joy...Love"

Chapter I

Dear diary,

Everything is going great. Lucas is bonding with the twins. Mum, Tony and Kit are moving back to the bay so they can be closer to Luc and I.

I got a letter from Cassie today. She is in Europe and is going to be back next week, I cant wait to see her because she doesnt even know that i was pregnant.

The twins are turning one year old tomorrow and being september 11 and everything we are celebrating the twins birthday and we are also going to remember those who died in the september 11 attacks over in america.

Ric has a new girlfriend. I havent met her but aparently her name is Bianca and she is Belle's addoptive sister.

Belle and Drew are still together but she is convince he is seeing someone else behind her back. She said to me yesterday that if she finds out he is and she finds out who the girl is then....you can just imagine what Belle would do lol.

Rachel has a new man in her life because her and Kim split, no one knows why because she wont talk about it...OH YEAH i forgot to tell you.

COLLEEN has a finoce, yes i said it...she is getting Married.

Diesel is finally behind bars and wont be getting out any time soon so i can relax and yes i've had councelling for it but i still have my days.

Oh no i had better go i can hear Kate crying.



I walked out of the bedroom just as Lucas walked up to me with Kate in his hands. she was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen but she has Lucas's nose.

"I fink this little one is a wittle but hungwy." Lucas said as he handed Kate to me.

I loved the way he bonded with the twins and he treats them like they are the most precious thing on earth. Although they are the most precious thing on earth.

I walked out to the kitchen and sat at the table just as there was a knock on the door. Ric walked in with Belle and a girl with blonde hair.

"Sorry to interrupt!" Belle said as she came and sat at the table.

I unstrapped my maternity bra and moved Kate close to my breast as she touched my breast with her tiny fingers and started sucking the milk from me.

"No thats fine. What can i do for you?" i said as Ric couldnt help but to stare.

I started giggling as Belle and the girl with blonde hair saw what he was looking at. Belle hit Ric in the stomach and he snapped out of it and sat down on a chair next to Belle with the blonde sitting on his lap.

"S-sorry Mattie...I-i just...'

"Ric!" i said as he looked up at me, he started to blush in the cheeks and looked away from me.

"Ric!" I said again as Ric looked at me. He looked puzzled at what i wanted.

"Do you want to introduce me?" I asked as I pointed at the blode girl and then went back to feeding Kate.

"Oh, oh, oh yeah sorry" Ric said as he went red in the face again. "Ummm, Bianca this is Matilda, Matilda this is Bianca, my girlfriend."

I laughed, anyone would think that Ric had never seen a woman breast feeding a baby before.

I looked at Belle and instantly she knew what i was thinking. She shrugged her shoulders and started laughing herself just as Lucas walked out with little Robbie.

"Oh hey guys, i thought i heard your voices" Lucas said as he sat down on the couch with Robbie and started playing peek-a-boo with him.

My knee's go week when i see him with his children. Usually most men wouldnt know what to do but Lucas, Its...its like it comes naturally to him and thats what i love about him.

I didnt realise that Kate had finished and when i looked down i noticed she was playing with my hair so i did my bra back up, pulled my left part of my top up and took Kate over to be with her dad and brother.

I walked over to the sink and put the kettle on.

"Do you guys want a coffee, tea or milo?" I asked as i looked at Belle, Bianca and Ric.

I laughed as all three of them said "milo" at exactly the same time.

I remember when i was pregnant i couldnt drink coffee. I couldnt stand the smell of it and i also remember that i had a strong craving for chips, gravy, sour cream and sweet chili sauce all at once.

I know "grose" right. At the time it was really nice but now i cant stand it either.

Once i had made the drinks and given them to my friends and sat back down myself i looked up and saw a worried look on Belle and Ric's face.

"What's going on?" i asked as Belle took a gulp of her drink and then looked at me.

"Its about Cassie." I heard her reply.

I looked at Belle, then at Ric and back at Belle.

"Well!" I finally said as Lucas looked up at the name.

"She's back with Macca!"

Hope you like the first chapter guys :ph34r:

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This is really good, I liked the first one, so I'm glad for a sequel and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Well to tell you all the truth i didnt know what i was writing...i just wrote whatever came into my head

Chapter 6 part 3 of Jack and Martha is now up. hope you all like it

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Chapter 2

Rics P.O.V

I saw the look on Mattie's face when Belle told her that Cassie and Macca were back together and it was the same face she had when her and Lucas were fighting when Matilda was dating Dean. She was not happy and i could understand her perfectly. I didnt know but I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach every time i was around Mattie. A feeling i couldnt shake, I feeling i new very well because i had it when i fell for Matilda. Surely i wasnt in love with her again. I had Bianca and loved her with all my heart but it was nothing to what i had for Mattie.

I looked over at Lucas who was watching Matilda's face and as soon as he saw that look on her face he grabbed the twins and took them into the play room.

"This is rediculous, Why would she be so stupid? she went back to him twice because she thought he had changed but he just went back to his old ways. I dont get her. Why would she go back a third time?" Matilda screamed as she jumped from her seat and tipped her drink down the sink and then slammed her cup on the sink so hard i watched as a crack slowly creaped down the side of it.

"Thats it!" Matilda said as she wrote a note and slammed it on the table.

"I'm going to give that womanising, filthy, dirty, unthinkable abusing piece of **** a piece of my mind!" Matilda screamed as Belle, Bianca and I watched as she stormed out the door. Belle got to her feet and took off after Mattie and Bianca and I soon followed.

'This is not going to be good' I thought to myself as i grabbed Bianca's hand and we ran out the door.

Sorry it is so short guys but the next chapter will be longer :wink:

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