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Young Love

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:This is mainly about Jack and Martha but some other people are in it too:

They are on a hiking/camping trip together. Just the two of them. Martha thinks it'll be great, with Jack finally off work. But Jack knows better, there's something he's hiding from Martha, something that could put her in danger. Jack hasn't told Martha because he wants to keep his marriage strong, but just what will happen?

Chapter 1:

"This is great, just the two of us for a whole week!" Martha exclaims.

"Yeah, sure, it will." Jack says with a hint of worry in his voice.

As Jack parks the car, Martha goes to the back of the car to get some of the gear. Just as she opens the boot, she sees Jack on the phone.

"He looks worried." Said Martha too herself. "Like he's hiding something."

"Who was that?" Asks Martha concerned.

"Oh, that was......Dad, just making sure we got here alright." Jack replys nervously.

"Oh, O.K." Martha replies suspiciously. "So I guess this place isn't so far from the bay, to have mobile reception. We really could of rode this 30km then!"

"How would we take the gear then babe?" Jack adds.

"O.K, O.K, I see your point." Martha says happily.

An hour passes and all the two have done is set up camp. They have a tent, some chairs, kitchen utensils and a few other things.

"It's getting dark. I'm gonna go get some firewood." Says Jack

"Yep, sure." Says Martha, knowing that she will soon bee following Jack deep into the bush.

As Martha silently follows Jack into the bush, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his mobile phone. Someone answeres.

"No I haven't." Says Jack. "I know, I will." "How do you expect me to tell my wife Corey Hendersons back?" Jack exclaims. He hangs up. Martha's stomach suddenly feels tight. Just then a hand covers her mouth. Corey is back.


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Corey Corey Corey Corey :D Ahhh I love it!!!

Corey's come back to claim the love of his life that he left behind.......Jack

He should have kidnapped Jack, I'm sure he'd confess he loves Corey too if Martha wasn't in the way :angry:

Hmm thinking of JaCorey, gives me an idea for a fic :o I'll start writing now :P

Anyways fab start can't wait for more :D

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