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Fri 22 Sept 06 - "Parental Issues"

Guest ~Rosey~

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Note: There was last night recaps but no opening credits (or was there??)

Alf and Sally where talking to Martha about the thing with Jack. She had gone to stay at there place for the night or a few. They finished talking and Martha went with sally to make up the space bed. Jack came knocking on the door and asked to see Martha but Alf wouldn’t let him.

The sun arose and Rachel was in the house making breakfast. Kim came out, all dressed out for Emily’s memorial. He was also going to the doctors for his check up. He left and jack came out and told Rachel he had sent Martha some flowers and was going round there later to make up with her. Rachel listened but she was UN sure this whole thing would work out.

Back at sallies house, sally and Alf where getting ready to leave for Emily’s memorial. They got down to some sort of place near the beach and waiting for the others

- AD –

Martha received the flowers and starting making something to eat when jack walked in and had another fight

(I can’t go in to this right now because I’m running out of time)

Brad, Irene, lean, Rachel and Kim were gathered down the little area and brad said a few nice words and put Emily’s ashes into the sea. Rachel at this point was crying.

They went back to the surf club for a wake. Brad heard sally and Leah talking about the fact that sally liked him when he first came. Brad over heard this, went crazy and walked out.

Sally found him down on the beach and explained it all to him.

- Ad –

Martha and jack had another argument and Martha said she’s wants to separate.

- Ad –

Kim fins out he cant have children;

- End –


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sally-anne, i'm not exactly sure what the deal is ...... but if somoeone posts an ep guide before me, i know it would feel waaaaaaaaaaaay wrong to me to post mine as well.

i would like to add a few things though, incl. a pretty MAJOR scene just before kimmy finds out (form a male doctor) that the mumps means that he can't father children ......

At diner, Leah is quite surprised when Rachel says that she would have left kimmy if they hadn’t resolved the kids issue recently.

also, a few other things .....

My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Parental Issues”

(Screened in Australia on Fri 22 Sep 06 - Episode # 4280)


Ric finds out about Macca/Cassie

Will Drew tell Belle about himself & Amanda?

Will Jack/Martha and Luke/Tilly get back together?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah’s woolly pink long sleeve jacket

SILVER – Sally’s white WAY formal long-sleeved jacket/white & purple (triangle patterned) dress

BRONZE – Rachel’s red sleeveless top/blue (with yellow floral motifs) long skirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Sally’s white (with gold floral motifs) singlet top;

Colleen’s black, with purple velvety (partly floral collar) blouse;

Brad’s gold tie – and Alf’s maroon example

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