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Nicholas Bishop interview

Guest Lilone

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Peter's supposed to be tracking down Zoe but it turns out she knows his every move! Nicholas Bishop reaveals all!

So Zoe isn't dead then?

No. Somehow she escaped the warehouse Blaze. Peter's secret mission was to track her down but she's tracking him instead!

Is Zoe just after him?

Unfortunately not. She's set to continue where she left off, destroying everyone and everything in Summer Bay. But Peters one of her main targets and she is going to continue playing terrible mind games with him.

Why does he want to keep zoe's return a secret from the residents?

Zoe caused utter panic during her previous reign of terror. He'd been hoping he could track her down and lock her up before it became necessary to spread the fear again.


What makes him think he can catch her this time after she's done such a good job of evading the authorities in the past?

Failure isn't an option. He'll do whatever it takes to see her face justice.

Does he want to be the hero of the Bay?

I guess that might be quite fun. But that's not the reason he's so determind. H's frustrated that Zoe's made the police and everyone in the bay look stupid. That's what's firing him up.

Talking of firing, Peter shoots someone at the warehouse... is it Zoe?

He and Jack find a message from Zoe at the warehouse that says "Getting closer Peter" then see a black figure running away. They think it's Zoe but it turns out to be a guy she hired to act as red herring. They find out that Zoe's using the ame 'Maxine Trood' and Peter knows it's somekind of clue but can't figure it out.

Zoe ups the ante by letting residents know she is back. What does she do?

She sends a video to Jack and Martha's engagment party. It shows an image of Peter wth a noose around his neck with the sound of a ticking clock.

And everyone sees it?

Oh yes- and they panic!

Peter tries to assure them they're not in any harm but then zoe blows up a car in the car park.

And things only get worse, right?

Right. Peter finds out she's bugged his offuce and knows his every move. Then he realises what her name means.... it's an anagram fot 'I am next door'... she's been living next door to him all this time.

So does he catch her there?

No she's gone by then. She's winding him up by sitting back and laughing at him- and he knows it. This is a very personal investigation for Peter. It's affecting him psychologically. He's very jumpy, which means his head isn't as clear as he needs it to be to nail her.

But he still thinks he has a chance?

Yes. He recieves a message inviting him to meeet her at the abattoir. It's just like old times- him and her alone. He's buzzing with adrenaline but he's also scared... and so he should be!!!


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I just read the interview and am probably a bit late but Peter would have found out where Zoe was if he just rearranged the letters of her fake name "Maxine Trood".

It took me a minute to see that but i guess you guys in Oz would know that anyway as you are well ahead of us here in the UK. :)

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