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Wed 20 Sept 06 - "Forcing the Issue"

Guest ~Rosey~

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Note: This episode has opening credits.

It is right after Drew has been kiddnapped and Amanda is frantcially trying to get phone recepting to call Dan.

Back at the diner, Belle, Dan and Leah are all very worried about Drew. They go out looking for him and Dan recieves a phone call from Amanda and she tells him what happened. They ring the police and at that boring old police station, Martha walks in with Jacks lunch and Jack tells her he has to work over time.

Lara gets the callout about Drew and Jack goes with her. They arrive at the diner and get all the infomation they can on the car.


Drew wakes up and stands all, all dizzy. He trys to get phone receopting but he has nothing. He soon sees this black car drive into the bush. He thinks its his kidnappers so he runs futher into the bush. But its only Jack.

Jack saves him and takes him back to the police station.

Belle, Dan Leah and Amanda come running in and Jack asks him some questions.

Lucas finally tells Beth and Dean


Jack and Laura are sitting in the interview room looking at Petes old files an call it a night and decided to go down to the surf ub for a few drinks.

Martha is sitting in the diner with Alf and Sally and she thanks them for keeping her company. She decided to go and by a bottle of wine for her and Jack and when she reaches the diner, she is stunned to discover Jack is there having a beer or two. She walks off in a huff.


Dean is out bying Matilda some type of cake and he bumps in to beth and she asks if he is gay. He says no and walks back to Matties place.

When they get back they have an arguement on the gay think and Dean trys to force him self onto her. This continues for awhile and then he leaves and she follows

At the end of the episode Matilda says

"Gareth - hes not just a friend of your is he?"

Dean: I'm sorry Matilda.

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waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaycool ep guide ....... just like to add ....


Martha walks out on Jack !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Dean's sky blue t shirt/white jacket combo

SILVER – Tilly's purple wolly jacket

BRONZE – Luke's royal blue (with white motif) t shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Martha's white (with red check pattern) button up shirt


My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Forcing The Issue”

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