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Two Sides To Every Story

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I thought that it would be good to write something a bit different to all the J/M fics around (not that I don't love them to)so here is something I started about Charlie. It's my first fic so some feedback would be nice :)


Sometimes, when the loneliness got too much to bear, Charlie would talk to himself, just to give him that tiny bit of reassurance that he needed. The conversations were always short and usually very straightforward, but hearing the sound of his voice was strangely comforting. It reminded him that life went on even without anybody to share it with. It wasn't the same though; nothing was the same as having a real friend. Someone who cared about you loved you even. Charlie had read about them in books, seen them on films and occasionally actually hanging out together on the beach, but he had never had one. That was all he really wanted, a friend.

Chapter One

Charlie fumbled around in the fridge, trying to find something that he hadn't already packed in the basket. There was hardly any room left anymore, but he didn't want to make a mistake and not pack something that they would need, so he continued to cram food inside.

"Nearly there" he told himself "soon I'm going to have a best friend like everybody else".

Then finally, after hours of careful preparation, his surprise picnic was complete. He had planned everything down to the last detail, desperately trying to make sure that the day was going to run as smoothly as possible and without any trip-ups. Now all that was left to do was find his soon to be best friend, or so Charlie was telling himself. The fact that he had spent less than an hour with his unsuspecting "friend" didn't seem to register, all he could think about was spending time with someone other than his own shadow. When it came to social situations Charlie rarely thought straight, the combined feelings of excitement and anticipation burnt through him turning the usually calm country boy into an excitable, obsessive child.

"Wow he's so lucky to have a friend like me around" Charlie spoke softly to himself as a proud grin crept onto his face.

Who is Charlie's unsuspecting victim?

How is the day going to turn out for the residents of Summer Bay?

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Heres the next chapter, sorry it took so long.

The hot afternoon sun was positioned high in the glorious blue sky, heating up the soft sand on the beach. Children ran along with ice creams and buckets, excited by the busy atmosphere, whilst their parents sunbathed down by the crystal blue ocean.

Charlie walked slowly along the waters edge, stopping every once in a while to throw a stone or just take in the view. His heart was pounding inside his chest and his mind was racing with thoughts of life with a true friend by his side. The picnic basket swung down by his legs, although he was careful not to shake it about too much. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice the tall figure of Kim Hyde coming towards him. At one point in time Kim had been the focus of his attentions but soon he made it clear Charlie wasn't his friend, just an irritating kid for whom he felt sorry.

This had made Charlie angry; he hated being treated like a charity case and the thought that that was all he ever was to Kim upset him a lot. He hung his head low and attempted to walk straight past him.

"Hey Charlie, look mate I know I didn't make the last few weeks easy for you but I just want to talk, to try and help you". He spoke with such genuine concern that Charlie was tempted to stop and listen to what he had to say. But then he remembered the feeling of rejection that he had felt after he found out that Kim wasn't as much of a friend as he had first thought.

"I don't need help, I'm just on my way to have a something to eat with my friends actually" He smiled as he spoke the last part of the sentence.

Kim gazed down at the picnic basket.

"Don't do anything stupid now will you? I know how lonely you are but there are people who can help you with that…"

"LEAVE ME ALONE. My friends give me all the help I could ever need" At that point he pushed his way past Kim and ran towards the Surf Club. He stopped at the back wall and waited for a second to catch his breath. Then he began to make his way towards the pretty white house that he had set out to visit in the first place. He hesitated at the front door, but only to do up the top button on his shirt and put a few stray hairs back in place. Then he wrapped his knuckles on the door and waited for it to open.

After a minute or so the door swung open and Charlie beamed as he saw that his new friend was the one who had come to greet him. He bent down to pick up the picnic basket that he had placed on the patio floor and then stepped inside the house. The door closed behind him and he was followed into the sitting room by a very bemused looking Robbie.

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