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Being Together

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Type of story: Short Fic

Rating: A (SC)

Main characters: Lucas and Matilda

Genre: Romance

Warning: Sexual Content

Summary: Lucas and Matilda are ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Chapter 1 - Going Away.

"So we can trust you then" Tony said staring at them both intently.

"Yes of course you can" Matilda said, and you could see the sparkle in her eye.

"We know your both 17 so your not children but if you need anything Jack is only next door." Beth said.

"Your only going for a weekend, and there are another 3 days before you go so you can get the lectures in then, but right now we have plans so can we go?" Lucas said grabbing Matilda's hand.

"Yes, Ok Mate go" Tony said laughing.

"I didnt know we had plans" Maddie said as she followed Luc down to the beach.

"We dont" Luc said sitting down on the sand. "I just wanted to know what you thought about them going away for the weekend."

"Its great that they trust us isnt it?" Maddie said smiling at him.

"What I meant was, um do you think we are ready to, well you know, we have been together for two years and it seems like the perfect oppurtunity." Lucas stared constantly at the sand, god why is this so hard he thought.

"Oh you mean, you want to" Matilda said stunned. Of course she had thought about it but she hadnt thought about him thinking about it.

"Only if you do" he said looking up for the first time since he had mentioned it.

She didnt know how to reply so she kissed him hoping he would take it that she did.

He returned her kiss hoping it meant what he thought it meant. Part of him was terrified now he had brought it up, he needed some advice. What he didnt realise was that Maddie was thinking the same thing.

Lucas went home, Matilda had gone to see Cassie and he knew they would be talking about him and he really didnt want to know what they said.

He sat in his room, he had text jack and was waiting for him to come over. He was embarrased having to talk to his brother about sex but he needed advice.

"hey little brother" Jack said walking into his room "What did you need me for so urgently."

"Well you know Dad and Beth are going away this weekend." Luc said as Jack sat down on his bed.

"Of course I do" Jack said impatiently.

"Well Matilda and I were talking, and we thought, well I asked her if she wanted to you know, for the first time" Luc said quickly his face getting redder.

"Oh right" Jack said stunned "I presumed you already had"

Lucas shook his head embarrsed "We wanted to wait i guess"

"Wow well Im glad you cam to me" Jack said "But what do you want me to help with?"

"Everything" Luc said grinning at his brother he was starting to relax.

"Well lets start at the beginning you know what to do right." Jack asked.

"Im not an idiot Jack, of course I do. But how do I start" Luc said.

"Well you have done things right I mean your not completely innocent." Jack said but from the look on his brothers face he realised he was innocent. "Ok so you want to know how to set the mood, and make sure you dont rush anything or ruin anything." Jack said trying to figure out what to say for the best.

Lucas nodded and listened intently to everything his brother had to say, hoping he would be able to remember the advice his brother was giving him.

20 minutes later Jack left Lucs room.

"Hi son I didnt realise you were here" Tony said noticing Jack.

"Luc asked if I could come over, a bit of brother bonding" jack said smiling at his dad.

"Anything I should know, he isnt in any kind of trouble is he?" Tony asked.

"no dad he isnt, he was just confused about something and now he is not." Jack replied.

"What arent you telling me mate, he is not planning on having a wild party when we are away is he." Tony said getting paranoid.

"No dad and like I would let him. Lets just say Lucas is planning a private party for him and Maddie" Jack laughed.

"Oh I see" Tony said "well then why did he need advice, I thought they already had, considering how long they have been together.

"That what I thought too, but apparently they waited and this will be the first time for both of them." Jack said.

"Is he ok? Should I have a chat with him, man to man" Tony asked his eldest son.

"No it will just embarrass him, he is ready dad. you cant do anything to stop tehm they are both 17 after all." Jack said sternly.

"I know I wouldnt stop them, they are both responsible. I trust them. They love each other thats obvious. Just make sure he is ok Jack" Tony said walking off.

Jack smiled and walked to his own house, for some reason he was proud of the way his brother and dad were handling this situation.

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Thanks for the nice reviews guys.

Chapter 2 - Staying together.

"Dont you think this is all a bit much" Matilda said to Cassie as they walked around the shops in Yabbie Creek.

"Not at all, I thought you wanted to make sure it was special and this will definately help with that" Cass said with confidence.

"But it will be special wont it, because its with Lucas" Matilda asked nervously.

"Of course. But there is no harm in making Lucas want you even more than he already does" Cass said winking at her best friend.

"I guess I just cant believe Lucas wants to with me, we have been together for ages. I didnt think we would ever sleep together." Maddie said shyly. She felt so inexperienced and naive compared to her friends.

"Lucas is crazy about you, its obvious that he would want you. Why didnt you say anything to him if you have been ready for ages?" Cass said baffled by Maddie's attitude, anyone could see that Lucas loved her.

"I wanted him to mention it first. I didnt want to look like an idiot if he rejected me "Matilda said "I feel so stupid now, he looked so embarrased when he started talking about it."

"I guess its a hard thing to mention, but at least he did talk about it most guys wouldnt have done." Cass said.

"yea but Lucas isnt like most guys" Maddie said with a lustful look on her face.

"Oh god here we go" Cass laughed at her friend.

"Ok, right come on lets go and get me things that make me look fabulous." maddie said laughing.

Three hours later she walked into the house laden with bags.

"Wow you have been busy" Tony said smiling at her as he and Lucas set the table. "what have you bought?"

"Never you mind" she replied and walked to her room.

Lucas followed her "What have you bought?" he asked as she threw the bags under her bed.

"Just stuff for the weekend" she said timidly.

"Really" he said walking up to her and putting his arms around her tiny waist "So you definately do want to then?"

"Definately Lucas" she said wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him passionately. They carried on getting lost in each other and ended up on her bed.

"Luc" Matilda whispered pulling away from him.

"Yea" he said trying to kiss her more.

"I think we should probably stop before we get carried away" she laughed at the expression on his face.

"Do we have to" he said kissing her neck.

"well there is no harm in kissing I guess" she laughed as she gave in to her boyfriends advances.

After 5 minutes they were disturbed by Tony shouting that dinner was ready.

Matilda stood up "Come on" she said to Luc.

"tell them I will be out in a minute" Lucas said smiling at her.

"Why?" she said and then realised as Lucas looked down at himself to give her a hint. "Oh yeah of course" he heard her giggle as she left the room.

He sighed thinking about what they had just been doing, he realised now they had decided to move their relationship to the next level he was finding it impossible to stay away from her. He couldnt wait for the weekend even though he was terrified.

They got through dinner even though Matilda could have sworn Tony kept grinning at them strangely. They sat watching Tv with their parents holding hands constantly, neither one wanting to let go when it became time to go to bed. They shared along lingering kiss and then went to their own rooms.

Luc had been in bed for an hour when he was woken up by hands around his waist. He rolled over to find Maddie in his bed.

"What are you doing in here" He said as she leant on his bare chest.

"I couldnt stay away" she said falling asleep almost instantly.

He smiled at her kissed her forehead and fell asleep himself cradling her in his arms.

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Here is the next chapter of fluff :wub:

Chapter 3 - Ready

"Little brother, your being a lazy sod you were supposed to meet me an hour ago to go surfing" Jack shouted as he entered the house and made his way to Lucas's room. "Are you going to get up" he said walking in.

"Wasnt planning on it Jack" Luc said as Jack realised he wasnt alone.

"Morning Maddie" Jack said confused.

"Hey" she replied slightly embarrassed.

"I will wait in the kitchen for you" Jack said smiling.

"I dont want to get up I want to stay here with you" lucas said once Jack had left his room.

"well we dont have to get up right away Jack can wait" Maddie said as she started to kiss Lucas.

They had been kissing constantly for 10 minutes when Lucas decided it was time to move things along slowly. He put his hand on her stomach and started moving his hand slowly underneath her top.

"Do you mind" he whispered in between kisses.

"No carry on" she said wanting him to touch her.

He continued his hands finally resting on her chest, he moved them slowly familiarising himself with her body, they carried on like this for another 10 minutes. He opened his eyes to find her smiling at him and he looked deeply into her eyes.

"that feels nice" she said "But if we dont stop soon. I dont think we will and I dont want it to be like this Luc. We only have to wait until tomorrow night.

"Its ok "he said removing his hands. " I understand" he kissed her and pulled her into a hug.

"Do you think it will change anything" she asked him.

"Not majorly, but it will make us closer I guess. We are definately ready for this arent we?" Lucas said suddnely nervous again.

"Definatley" she replied kissing him as she got out of bed, she let her hand lightly brush over the growing bulge in his pyjama bottoms. She walked out of the room grinning and he knew she had done it on purpose.

"How am I supposed to wait until tomorrow" he groaned to himself.

"So did I interupt any major developments" Jack said when Lucas finally appeared.

"Nothing major" He replied grinning at his brother.

"Well something happened, you dont usually have a girl in your bed first thing in the morning, Im guessing she was there all night" Jack said quizzing his brother.

"yes she was and she is not just any girl Jack" Luc said "And im telling you we didnt do anything well not much." he laughed.

"So something did happen" jack pushed for details

"Maybe, but im not discussing it with you. Its private" Luc said grabbing his board and walking off.

"Ok, I get it but you will tell me when you have actually done it because trust me you will want to tell someone" Jack said laughing.

Matilda heard them leave and smiled to herself, she was anticipating the next night. The feel of Luc's hands on her earlier was still fresh on her mind, he was gentle and caring. She knew there first time together was going to be perfect..

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Thanks everyone.

Chapter 4 - preparation.

"Right Lucas, do you have everything sorted" Jack asked as they carried their boards back up to the house.

"I think so. I want to make the room perfect. I want her to remember this forever, she deserves it." Luc said dreamily.

"Such a romantic at a young age." jack joked "She is lucky to have you."

Im the lucky one Jack, she makes me want to do all these things for her and I tell you the way her touch makes me feel is amazing"

"Ok she is fantatstic, I get it" Jack said laughing "but in all seriousness Lucas dont get carried away, remember to be safe, do you have protection"

"Jack Im not stupid, I have had one for ages now." Luc said getting annoyed with his brother.

"You might to want to invest in more than one Lucas" Jack said patting his brother on the shoulder.

"What, really why?" Lucas asked naively.

"All im saying is you have the house to yourself for 2 days and 2 nights." Jack smirked "Chances are once you have done it once you are going to want to do it again. Trust me little bro."

"Yea I guess I never really thought past the first time." Lucsa said going quiet.

"Hey you will be ok, believe me just relax." Jack said reassuringly.

Matilda stood looking at herself in the mirror. No one had seen her naked before and now Lucas was going to know everything about her body. The thought terrified her but excited her at the same time. She got dressed and laid on her bed thinking about the previous night.

She was glad she had climbed into Luc's bed, she thought she probably would again tonight. It felt nice being near to him, and she knew she wouldnt be able to sleep tonight, shecouldnt wait for tomorrow. She wanted to be with him, she wanted Luc to make her feel like a woman.

She carried on thinking about her boyfriend, no one had ever made her feel as special as he did. This was the right decision she was sure of it. Her thoughts were interrupted by Lucas entering her room. God he looks good she thought. He was only wearing shorts and his bronzed chest was still glistening from his surf.

"hey" he said laying next to her.

She didnt answer just ran her hands up and down his chest. Helooked at her and kissed her intently. They kept going she knew she was turning him on as her hand travlled down him and she touched him through his shorts. She heard him moan slightly with gratification, she kissed him harder not sure if she should take things a little bit further, but the decision was taken out of her hands as Cassie entered the room.

"Oh god guys Im sorry" She said going red "I will wait in the living room" Maddie burst out laughing.

"Whats so funny " Luc asked he was embarrased.

"I think Cass did us a favour, I dont know if I couldve stopped touching you" She said.

"I wish you hadnt" Luc grinned at her "But I guess I can wait until tomorrow"

"See you later" She said kissing him.

"Ok fine, leave me wanting you" he said laughing as she left the room.

Lucas walked back to his own room with an inane grin on his face.

"Hi son" Tony said walking passed him. Lucas didnt even notice him. "That is definately a hormonal teenager in love" Tony said to himself.

"Im so sorry Maddie" Cass said as they walked along the beach. "I didnt mean to ruin any moment"

"We werent going to do it you know we were just getting in the right mood" Matilda said.

"Well from where your hand was, I would say you were making yourself known to Luc's anatomy" Cassie said laughing.

"I had to know what I was getting mydelf into" Matilda laughed, feeling more confident about everything.

"Its getting late, we should go home" Cassie said. She could tell by the faraway look in her friends eye that she didnt want to be there, she wanted to be with Lucas.

Half an hour later Matilda was laying in her bed, deciding if she should go to Lucs room or not, she didnt have to consider for long, cause Lucas suddenly appeared at her door.

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Thanks for the reviews.

Chapter 5 - Anticipation

"Morning" Luc said smiling at her.

"Morning" Maddie replied "I like waking up like this"

"Tomorrow should, be different. Better though" Lucas said kissing her as she got out of bed.

"Definately better" She replied, looking around for clothes to wear. She turned and looked at Lucas nervously.

"What" he asked.

She sat back down on the bed next to him. "Are you nevous" she said "I mean about me seeing you naked."

"Of course, but it will be ok. I mean we are both in the same situation right? and I trust you and you trust me. Anyway what made you ask?" He said slightly worried about her.

"I was just about to change in front of you. I didnt really think about it, it seemed natural. Then I realised you hadnt seen me like that." Matilda said feeling stupid.

"Well its up to you I will leave the room if you want me to, but in about eight hours time we are going to be intimate with each other." Luc said "I promise I will control myself if you change in front of me"

"Ok" she said kissing him and standing back up, she started grabbing stuff out of draws, he watched with a dorky grin on his face as she removed her pyjama top. He let out a small sigh as he looked at the top half of her body.

"Come here" he said grabbing her pulling her towards him.

"Luc I thought you were going to control yourself" she said laughing.

"Well I cant help it if your too beautiful to stay away from" He said kissing her. They carried on kissing, she was enjoying the feel of his hands again, but she decided she was enjoying it too much. She pulled away from him.

"Lucas get out" she said smiling " wait for tonight please"

"Ok, Im sorry" he said kissing her. "But you drive mad" he smiled at her and left the room.

He went back to his room and lay on his bed she was all he could think about. His phone beeped next to him "I will be back at 6.30 see you then xxx" the text from her read.

An hour later his dad came in "Right son, we are heading off now remember that Jack is only next door if you need anything."

"Yes dad I know and your trusting us, so you dont want us to let you down." Luc said mimicking his dad's voice. "have a good weekend Dad."

"You too son, and dont panic it will all go fine trust me we have all been there." Tony said winking at his youngest son.

"Jack" Luc said going red with embarrasment "Im going to kill him"

"I would save your energy for other things" Tony said laughing as he left the house.

This is it Lucas thought to himslf later on as he finished setting everything up perfectly. This will be a day I will remember forever. Suddenly panic washed over him. he started pacing unsure of how things would play out, unsure of what to do when she arrived home. He didnt have much longer to think about it as she appeared in the doorway.

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Thanks guys.

Chapter 6 - Love

"Wow" was all he could muster as she stood in front of him.

"Thats the reaction I was looking for" She said. She was wearing afigure hugging black dress that showed off every curve and line of her body.

He couldnt say anything just smiled as she walked towards him. She kissed him slowly. He returned the kiss for a minute and then stopped.

"What" she said looking scared.

"Come here" he said leading her to the kitchen.

"Oh Luc this is so sweet." She said. He had laid out dinner for them complete with candles and roses.

"I want us to have the perfect date before we you know" Lucas said still petrified.

"your amazing" she said sitting down. They ate, neither one of them mentioning what was going to happen after, neither one knowing how to begin.

Lucsa was trying to remeber what Jack had told him but his mind had gone blank. All he could think of was this fantastically beautiful girl in front of him, who wanted him. he didnt know what he had done to deserve her but he knew he would never let her go.

Matilda sat watching Lucas, he looked terrified. She was nervous but in a good way. She knew him though and knew he would be wondering how to start things. he was the type that would think it was the guys resposibility to initiate everything. She finished eating and stood up grabbing his hand she led him to his room.

Lucas had everything laid out the way she had wanted it. He walked around lighting candles. When he had finished he stood in front of her looking deep in to her eyes.

She kissed him softly but their kisses suddenly got harder as lust over took them. Neither of them spoke as the slowly undressed each other. They laid down on his bed still touching each other learning about each other and getting used to the unfamiliar situation they were in.

Luc stopped and looked at her "You still sure?" he said moving on top of her.

"Yes Luc" she replied.

He moved slowly not wanting to hurt her and they made love for the first time. Afterwards they lay in each others arms. Neither of them had said anything they were each in their own thoughts.

Matilda leant on his chest trying to keep her body as close to his as possible, She had never really thought about how good it would feel, she had been more worried about the pain, but there wasnt any only amazing sensations as Luc had made sure she enjoyed him.

Lucas felt her push her body closer to his, he couldnt believe how happy he was. He never imagined it would feel so good, even stupid things like her moaning his name had made it more exciting more pleasurable. It was like nothing he had ever felt.

"Maddie I love you" He said kissing her neck.

"Lucas" she said smiling "Are you ready for more."

He laughed and kissed her passionately.

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Thanks all here is the next chapter.

Chapter 7 - Brothers who needs them.

Jack was stood outside his house the next morning waiting for Kim to come out and go surfing. He looked towards his Dad's house to see if there was any sign of Lucas. There was no movement which he hoped was a good sign. He looked over again and saw Robbie making his way to the house.

"Rob no" he said running over to him.

"Whats up Jack" Robbie said looking confused.

"You cant go in there" Jack said.

"And why not" Robbie asked simply.

Jack explained the situation. Lucas is going to kill me he thought as he saw the grin appear on Robbie's face.

"Look mate. We dont even know what room they are in. we could walk in on stuff we really dont want to see." jack said hoping to persuade Robbie not to go in.

"Good point. Lets just go in slowly, I really need my laptop Jack" Rob said opening the front door.

They walk into the lounge slowly glancing around, they were pleased to see that Lucas and Matilda were no where to be seen.

"Luc's bedroom door is closed Im guessing they are in" Jack said quietly. Robbie grabbed his laptop and they were making there way out of the house when Jack stopped.

"What" Robbie said laughing at Jacks face.

"Listen." Jack said laughing.

Noises were coming from Luc's bedroom.

"Oh christ" Robbie said as they heard Matilda moan Luc's name. "Thats my little sister I do not need to hear that, its the morning for crying out loud." They both ran out of the house. "I cant believe them." Robbie continued moaning.

"I dont know thats probably what there third or fourth time and Luc is making her moan like that Im actually quite proud of my little brother he must have the Holden charm too" Jack said teasingly.

"Ive got an idea" robbie said suddenly "Are you in?"

"As long as it doesnt humiliate them or end up with me seeing them at it, Then im in?" Jack said

"Good, good" robbie smirked.

Three hours later. Matilda and Lucas were asleep in each others arms, it was the first time they had slept so they were dead to the world. The bedroom door opened slowly and Jack poked his head round. Thank god they are covered up he thought to himself. He looked around and found what he was looking for. Sneaking back out of the room he laughed.

"My brother is a stud" He said to Robbie as they walked into Jacks house. "6 wrappers located and thats in what 12 hours or so."

"Steady dude that is still my little sister. harmless teasing is ok but I dont need to know many details" Robbie said. "Anyway our parents are due back in about what 36 hours?"

Jack nodded and then laughed as he realised what Rob meant. that was still a lot more hours alone for the young love birds.

Lucas woke up and looked at his watch it was nearly midday. Maddie was asleep her face pressed against his chest, he looked down at her, moving her hair gently off her face. "I love you so much he whispered rolling her away from him and climbing out of bed. He put his boxers on and walked out of his room and through the lounge to the kitchen. He got two drinks out of the fridge and walked back to his room. Thats when he noticed the bag by his bedroom door he must have stepped over it on his way to the kitchen, he picked it up and went and sat on his bed.

He opened it slowly and pulled out a note. "6 times already, not bad going. We thought you might need more supplies, to keep your energy going. Keep the noise down. Your loving brothers . J & R."

"Im going to kill them" he said to himself. He looked into the bag and pulled out breakfast things, energy drinks and 16 condoms. He was mad but couldnt help laughing. "Matilda wake up baby" he said kissing her softly are you hungry?"

"hi" she smiled at him.

"Morning beautiful" he said climbing back next to her he put his arms around her and she cuddled into him tightly.

"are you ok?" he asked worriedly she seemed really quiet.

"Oh Im perfect" she said "I was just thinking" she ran her hand up and down his thigh, knowing exactly what she was doing to him.

"Thinking about what" he said grinning as she used her nails to tickle his inner thigh.

"its a shame we used all the protection earlier" she said seductively. " I kind of want you now,"

"What you want you get" Lucas said moving his hand over her body, she shivered as he touched her, she didnt question him just trusted that he must have protection and they got carried away in each other again.

An hour later they were eating breakfast in bed as she suddenly remembered. "Lucas not that im complaining but where did you get all this stuff from?"

He grinned and gave her the note. She read it and laughed. "Well usually I would want to kill them, but at this precise moment I feel like thanking them" she said.

"Well lets do it then" Lucas said grabbing his mobile.

Jack and Robbies were sat in Jacks house amused at themselves thinking they had embarrased there siblings slightly.

"It is sweet in a way I guess, you know young love and all that" jack said sarcastically. His phone beeped and he got it out of his pocket and laughed as he read the text.

"Thanks guys we really didnt fancy getting out of bed. By the way the 7th time was fantastic I bet you didnt want to know that, but hey at least Im getting it I bet you guys have no idea where Mac and Tash are. Have a nice day together, Im sure Maddie and I will. Love Lucas.

"Do you know where the girls are today?" Rob said

"No" Jack said "maybe we should go and find out. Cant have Lucas having all the fun."

Next door Lucas and Matilda laughed as they saw Jack and Robbie leave the house quickly.

"At least we know they will leave us alone now" Luc said as they cuddle up to each other.

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Sorry its been a while.

Chapter 8 - Each other.

"Maddie do you feel different" Lucas asked it was the middle of the night and their parents would be back in the morning.

"I guess" she said "But not bad different, actually if anything Im more in love with you then I was before and I didnt think that was possible" She kissed his arm softly, it was wrapped around her neck and it was the only part of him she could reach without moving and she was to comfy and tired to move.

He smiled to himself he didnt know if he felt different, but he guessed he felt closer to Matilda. "So you definately think we made the right decision then. you have enjoyed everything?" Lucas asked.

"Luc why are you getting so paranoid, you didnt ask all this after the first time" she said sighing and sitting up to stare at him.

"If I rememebr rightly thats because you didnt give me the chance before you jumped me again and anyway Im not paranod, I just want to make sure you are happy" he felt so stupid now.

"Lucas Holden I am blissfully happy. Ive enjoyed every minute with you this weekend and evrything we have done has been been perfect" she kissed him trying to make sure he knew she was telling the truth.

"I dont want Dad and Beth to come home, I dont like reality I like this world where I get to hold you all day, well and the naked parts pretty good too." lucas said feeling more confidant again.

"Mmmm me too" She said as he placed kisses down her neck and shoulders. "Come on lets get some sleep before they get back otherwise we could find ourselves like this when they come home and that will be embarrassing." Maddie said.

"I dont want to sleep" he said moving his kisses down her body. She sighed partly because she was tired and partly because his kisses were exciting her again. Before she knew it sensations were going through that were bacoming all to familiar, she moaned his name as moved on top of her.

They made love for the rest of the night, neither of them realising what the time was or how many times they had slept together. They were completely lost in each other, like the rest of the world didnt exist. The connection they had built between them in the past two years had made everything between them perfect and they both knew they would never be with anyone else.

It was Lucas who realised it was daylight, he blinked as he opened his eyes, his mind still fuzzy from the last wave of sensations he had experienced. "Christ Maddie. What time is it?" he said panicked.

"11" she said "Where did the time go?"

"Im not sure butshouldnt we get dressed we will have parents again soon" He said looking at her.

"I guess" She standing up. She grinned as she felt his gaze on her "I'll come back in here tonight" she said We can be together again."

"I know but its not the same, I prefer us living together with no one else" he moaned.

"One day baby, one day" She said blowing him a kiss and leaving the room. Ten minutes later he heard their parents arrive home.

"thats was close " he said to himself with a laugh.

That was a bit of a nothing chapter Just had to write a bit of fluff :) , there is only one more left now.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry for the delay in posting this last chapter. Its quite a nothing chapter but I have to end the happy fluff fic in some way. :D

Chapter 9 - Talk and Trysts

"hey dad how was the trip" Jack said walking into the house just moments after Tony and Beth had arrived home.

"Great mate, just what I needed. How did everything go here?" Tony replied glancing towards Lucas's bedroom.

"Ok I think. I was actually just about to go and find out." jack said walking towards Luc's room. he walked in and laughed at his brother who was fast asleep, the evidence of his weekend with Matilda clearly still in sight.

"Lucas mate wake up" Jack said prodding him.

"What Jack. Im exhausted go away." luc mumbled.

"I bet you are lover boy, but you need to clear up if you dont want Beth to realise what you have been up to with her youngest daughter." Jack laughed.

Lucas groaned and sat up. Looking around his room, heknew his brother was right. Candles were still everywhere as well as condom wrappers and items of both his and Matilda's clothing.

"So I guess everything went well" jack said looking at his little brother.

"You know we did it, you and Robbie made fun of that remember. What else is there you want to know?" Lucas said smiling

"Not details thats for sure" Jack said "Just checking you are alright about everything. You guys took a big step, I wouldnt be a good brother if I didnt check if you were ok. Would I?"

"Im great Jack, in fact I would even say perfect, it was, she was."Lucas thought for a moment trying to find the right words. "Amazing"

"Good" Jack said "Now get that dreamy look of your face and come and have a surf with your big brother."

"No thanks mate. I will clear up and then I need to sleep. I havent slept much these past few days" luc said grinning.

"Yea I know, remember I heard part of the show. Good work little bro" He said winking as Luc went red in the face. Jack laughed and left the room.

Lucas tidied up his room and then tried to sleep but he couldnt, so he got up and went into the lounge.

"Hey dad how are you?" He said sitting down.

"Better than you by the look of it son" Tony said "You look shattered."

"I am and I know you know why, but I would prefer it if we didnt have to talk about it" Lucas said going red again.

"Ok just answer me a few things and I will leave it" Tony said sitting next to his son.

"Sure, whatever" Luc replied.

"Firstly did you use something, were you careful. Im to young to be a grandad." Tony smiled.

"Dad Im not an idiot of course I did" Lucas said he couldnt believe his dad had even asked him that.

"Ok sorry. I just needed to ask. Right you are sure she was ready you didnt pressure Matilda or anything?" Tony asked and immediately regretted it.

"Seriously dad. You know me better than that, do you honestly think I would do anything she didnt want to. I love her dad and we waited for ages to make sure we were ready." Lucas said getting angrier.

"Lucas Im sorry I shouldnt have asked that I know you wouldnt have" Tony said honestly.

"Ok dad but can we just stop this conversation now" Luc asked.

"Sure mate but just so you know I am proud of your maturity and the way you have handled this, but Beth and I are home now so just respect that please." Tony said.

"Sure" Lucas said,

Later that night Lucas waited till his dad and Beth had gone to bed and walked to Matilda's room. He figured that if they didnt know he was in there then they didnt know he was being disrespectful. He opened Matilda's door and saw her sleeping, he smiled to himself as he kissed her softly, gently moving her over so he could climb into bed next to her. She rolled naturally into his arms.

" I love you Maddie" he whispered

Why didnt his dad seem to understand that he did realise that it wasnt just about sex that it was moments like this too just simply being together.

The End.

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