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Mon 18 Sep 06 - "Layer Upon Layer Upon Layer”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Layer Upon Layer Upon Layer”

(Screened in Australia on Mon 18 Sep 06 - Episode # 4276)

Macca (beach) tells Alf to way mind his own business about what macca & Cassie were taking about. Alf insist that it IS his business if Ric is involved.

Rachel (bachelor pad) and kimmy are V pleased when brad says that he IS going to stay in the bay – Emily’s letter convinced him not to run away form his problems.

Alf (van park house) talk to sally about his suspicions (cassie/macca). Sally admits to Alf that Cassie was in a quandary when macca returned, but now Cassie is sorted now.

Amongst the small boats near the wharfs, Cassie is way worried that that are getting out of hand – and she is annoyed when macca tries to kiss her as she bails.

Drew/Belle (mansion) are kissing when Amanda enters. Belle suggest that they should bails, and as she goes upstairs, drew joins Amanda in the kitchen.

Amanda tells drew that she doesn’t want to deal with his right now – as drew takes the think and bails.

Macca enters – and tells Amanda his further problems with Cassie (i.e. Alf now way suspecting). Amanda then gets a look on her face to suggest that she has a plan.

Cassie returns home and is jumpy when sally 1-st speaks to her. Macca & Amanda rives – and Alf wonders why. Macca says that the mystery girlfriend that he has is AMANDA.

Macca & Amanda explains that they keep their relationship secret as it’s just a bit of fun for both of them (i.e. not8hng serious). Macca says that Alf heard Cassie & macca talk about macca/Amanda recently.

Btw, Cassie is clearly concerned when she listens into the news about macca/Amanda.

After brad bails form the bachelor pad, Rachel tells kimmy her dreams of having their wedding, finding and having kids – all within a short amount of time.

Kimmy is concerned at this – he tells Rachel that his experiences with Charlie & Noah have taught him that he won’t be ready for kids under he is 30 (10 years form now).

Rachel thinks that kimmy is acting on a whim whilst she is dealing with medical facts (that it is harder for woman to have successful pregnancies as they get older).

Kimmy bails to think about this, but when he returns, neither kimmy nor Rachel are willing to back down/ (or find common ground).

Btw, Rachel says that she would like 3 0r 4 kids.

Cassie enters the mansion, and wonders what is going in tween macca & Amanda, who say that their “relationship” is just a rise to keep the likes of Alf of their back.

Amanda says that she & macca will break up soon after Ric/Cassie have.

Cassie & macca are most pleased when Amanda says that they can hang out together at the mansion (for some time alone without the bother of ppl seeing them). Amanda says that only condition is that they can’t be here together if belle is.

At diner, Alf is talking to Irene about Macca/Amanda – and Irene admi6ts that she thought thee was something going on tween them weeks ago (think the time after Amanda had her arm stuck in her pool filter).

Drew/bell are shocked to hear that news (partic belle) – and when Amanda enters, belle confronts her – but Amanda doesn’t get a chance to answer as colleen enters.

She is way pleased when her 2-nd place (trophy and all) in a bowls tournament, but Alf has a go at her for leading him up the garden path about macca/cassie.

Colleen’s argument as to why she thought that macca & Amanda were talking about cassie/macca is starting to make a lot of sense, and drew sense this, so he tells Alf, colleen & co that he knew about the secret relationship of macca/Amanda.

Bell is unimpressed that drew didn’t tell her about this.

Brad (van park house) tells sally that he’s not been back to the diner flat since Emily passed away.

Sally then insists that brad should join her for dinner.

Drew is walking at the side of the road when Amanda (in her Audi TT) pulls up beside him. Amanda thanks drew for helping her (and macca) with the cassie situation, but when drew once more tells Amanda how strongly he feels for her, Amanda gets back in her car and drives off.

Belle (diner) tells Irene that she is V worry bout her relationship with drew –as she feels that his mind is elsewhere when they are together.

At the headland, Amanda is sitting alone when drew arrives. He insists that he knows that Amanda feels something for him as well. Drew then kisses Amanda – and she kiss him back. (end of ep)


Will Rachel call off the wedding?

How far will Drew/Amanda go?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda's white, filly wide collar top/green halter top combo

SILVER – Macca's green & gold boardshorts

BRONZE – Belle's blue (with white motif) t shirt

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