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The Big Information Thread

Guest Dan F

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If you use flashing images in any of your creations can you please not post them directly on the forum, instead can you please provide a link which clearly states that the image contains flashing.

A member was viewing peoples creations yesterday and suffered an epileptic fit after clicking on a link to a rapidly flashing avatar.

We obviously don't wish to deter members from posting their creations, but if you could do this then it will make things a bit more user friendly. I will be adding this to the forum rules at some point.

Thankyou :)

Hotlinking "is direct linking to a website's files (images, video, etc.). An example would be using an tag to display a JPEG image you found on someone else's web page so it will appear on your own site, journal, weblog, forum posting, etc.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred from a website to a user's computer. When you view a webpage, you are using that site's data transfer to display the files. Since web hosts charge based on the amount of data transferred, bandwidth is an issue. If a site is over it's monthly bandwidth, it's billed for the extra data or taken offline.

A simple analogy for bandwidth theft: Imagine a random stranger plugging into your electrical outlets, using your electricity without your consent, and you paying for it."

How to know if you're hotlinking Think about how you display an image graphic in HTML on your web page:

<*IMG src="image.jpg" height="350" width="200"*> (minus the *'s)

This tag tells the site to request the image.jpg file from the same server as the rest of the site. But if you were to hotlink an image from an outside server it might look like this:

<*IMG src="http://notmysite.com/image.jpg" height="350" width="200"*> (minus the *'s)

Every time the page is loaded, the outside server has to use it's bandwidth to display the image. To avoid this problem, don't link to files on servers that don't belong to you. To share images and files on your own web page, upload them to your own server or to one of the many free website providers.


This is what BTTB hotlinker do:

They reply to the post


Then they copy the URL of the image that they want


Then they go to their "Avatar Options"


Then they paste the URL



They right-click the image, scroll down to to "Properties".


Then they copy the image's URL



To avoid hotlinking go to http://www.photobucket.com/ or http://imageshack.us/

Graphics F.A.Q

This is just a lil Q&A thing I put together for everyone to see. Hope it helps.

What programs can I use to make graphics?

Well Photoshop is a great program. You can get a free trial download of it here. Paint Shop Pro is also good, but Photoshop is the best. If you want something free try the GIMP.

Where do I download fonts for my graphics?

Try Dafont, it has heaps of good fonts that are all free!

I want some tutorials, where are some good ones?

This link is fab. It has tonnes of tutorials.

Where do I downlaod brushes?

Try here. Lots of great brushes, all free.

How do I animate?

To animate you will need Animation Shop or Imageready.

What format should I save my graphics in?

.PNG is the best format. Its good quality. .JPG is the most common, but save is as high quality, otherwise the colour quality won't be as good. Animations should be saved in .GIF format though. I wouldn't recommend this for non-moving graphics though.

Where can I upload my graphics to?

There are three image hosting sites I know of which are: Imageshack, Photobucket and TinyPic.

What codes should I use?

On forums, use the IMG code, for websites the HTML code, and for just the link, the link to your image.

I'd just like to add I wrote all of this myself. I found the links myself, so please don't copy and paste this for your own forum. Also would a mod like to pin this?

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Please do not use other forum member's artwork on these boards, on MSN or any any other place on the internet without first asking their permission and having received permission crediting them for it.

It has probably been posted before but it is a common curtesy. People in here take time to post their artwork and creations, it's not fair for people to use it without their permission.

Also passing other people's artwork from other sites is completely unacceptable. Anybody who believes a member is doing this should send evidence, including links to the original source to a moderator.

Thank you.

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Hi guys,

About two years ago we did a minor cleanup when it came to spamming and bumping of threads in this section. Now that thread hasn't been active in a long time, and many of you weren't even members back then, so we don't expect you to have found or read that thread.

However, it has come to our attention that some people find it annoying that some threads are being repeatedly bumped. Now although there are no concrete rules applying to this section, when it comes to this, spamming rules still apply, and we are asking you to please not bump threads repeatedly.

By this, we mean that people should try not to post when it's not necessary. And example of this, is to post just two or three avatars in one batch, and then post five batches in two hours. Another example is when people post just to say "thanks" after every singe comment they receive.

We won't be running after you, banning anyone because they posted a batch of two avatars, or said thanks after one comment, but we're just asking you to be sensible about it. Like we've said in other discussions earlier, spam is not one post, it's when you post a lot of unnecessarily short and repetitive posts all the time, which in some cases seem to be happening here. So please, try to wait a few hours and then thank for five comments in one post, or save up a couple of avatars instead of posting 15 really small batches in one day, and you won't be in trouble. Just be sensible, that's all :)

The discussion thread from the last time it was brought up, with several more examples, can be found here.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or any other staff member :)

On behalf of the BttB staff,

Eli (Moderator)

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Lately we've received several reports about artwork posted in threads here at BttB, that were in fact taken from makers at other message boards/web sites, and posted by BttB members who claim to have made them. This, sometimes referred to as plagiarism, and even copyright infringement; has been an issue before, but once again it seems like we need to go over this, unfortunately.

We have noticed than when the legal side of this has been brought up, people have practically been laughing in our faces about that, saying it's ridiculous to think there would ever be a lawsuit over some icons, etc.. But that's not the point of this at all, and we find it rather disturbing that people seem to think it's not a big deal at all, just because it won't have legal consequences. Actually it's not even a part of the BttB board rules, however, we will continue to issue warnings for people who try to pass off other people's work as their own.

This is not as much a legal issue as it is a matter of respect and honesty, both of which are values we operate by here at BttB.

Passing off someone else's work as your own is in many ways very similar to stealing and lying, and although we won't try to send anyone to jail over this, we expect all our members to show these pretty basic understandings of what can only be described as common courtesy.

BttB staff still deal with these cases, whether they're illegal by law or not, as any other offence on the board, and offenders are punished with warnings, followed by things like posting restrictions and suspensions for those who keep failing to follow our rules and regulations.

We're by no means baing "bad cops" running around looking to prove that someone has stolen a piece of artwork, but if we get a report, we check it out, and sadly often it turns out the artwork reported has been posted somewhere else before. So think before you post someone else's work as your own; not about legal action, but about basic morals and values we have to make society function. They include being honest.

Any further questions or comments should be brought up with a member of staff.

Kind regards,

The BttB Staff

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All participants who wish to enter the Avatar Contest are to be aware of the following guidelines:

  1. Entries need to be original, not published or seen before in either your own artwork thread, on other forums or on anywhere on the Internet and have to be especially created for the competition. Entrants should not reveal to their friends on the forum which avatar they have entered nor ask them to vote for it.
  2. Entries are to remain anonymous until the host reveals the results.
  3. Once you have submitted your entry, please do not post your entry anywhere on the Internet, any other forums or in your artwork thread until AFTER the competition has concluded.
  4. When voting for each new competition, please look at each avatar objectively and vote for the one that you think is worthy and that deserves to win, not just for the character/s that appear in it. All aspects need to be taken into consideration: lighting, cropping, textures, effects, colouring, text, shades of light and dark, composition, use of borders/brushes etc.
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