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Wed 13 Sep 06 - Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 13 Sep 06 - Episode # 4273)

Notes – the opening credits were a no show.

Sally (diner) approaches brad as he talk to colleen, sally comments that brad looks terrible – he says that he went home form the hospital last night to get a good night’s sleep – and them he couldn’t sleep (not turn mind off),

Sally then invites brad over for dinner.

As they bail, Leah & Dan are worry about drew. He isn’t at their house and they have no idea where he is.

Meanwhile at mansion, Amanda tells drew that he just has a schoolboy crush on her, but drew sense that Amanda feels something for him as well.

Dan arrives, and suggests that drew should have to them that he was coming over here. Dan also thinks that drew should still be resting, but drew tries to get Dan to let him stay, but Dan not let him.

Outside diner, Dan & Leah urge Drew to take all this more, but drew thank that if person who knocked him out wanted him dead then they could have easily already done so.

Luke enters hunter place, just as Tony & beth are bailing to go shopping.

Luke is keen to confront Tilly, but dean arrives seconds later.

Luke decides to study at te house, rather than elsewhere and you can tell the he is cramping tilly/dean’s style. When Tilly is out on the room, Luke conjoints dean about what he saw. Dean insists that he is NOT gay. Dean continues by say that at boarding school he befriends Gareth (who didn’t have any other friends). Dean insists that Gareth has taken this offer of friendship WAY too far.

Drew returns to the mansion and confronts Amanda. She insists that she doesn’t have feeling for her – and there’s an odd silence when belle enters the room.

Belle is way keen to start her life drawing of drew, who isn’t that keen when belle says that she wants to do in the lounge (best light in the house).

Amanda looks as though she is pleased at this though.

Drew is also worried about being totally naked, but bell insists that she has the perfect solution.

Dean bails form the hunter house, as Luke’s constant presence is annoying. Luke then confronts Tilly about dean being gay. Tilly doesn’t believe him - she thinks Luke is just say thus as he is jealous.

Drew (mansion) comes downstairs and isn’t keen to remove that towel covering the lower half of his bod. When he does, we see that his private parts are covered by a rather skimpy floral mini skirt type thing.

After drew gets in a V Adam (apple and all) like pose, he doesn’t notice that Amanda (in the kitchen is checking him out.

Dean (diner) is on the phone, and he is annoyed with Gareth. Just after the call is over, Tilly approaches and asks dean about Luke’s accusations. Dean has no chance to answer – as policewoman Sonia approaches. She wants to talk to Dean as the station.

When they get to place, Sonia shows dean is missing person poster of him. He insists that he is NOT going to contact his parents (as he is 17 as doesn’t have t9 go back). Sonia insists that she will have to call his folks as its part of the process for closing the file.

When they are done, dean tells Tilly that tis was all “nothing”

Drew (mansion) is pleased when the modelling is over. Belle’s (pencilled not painted) portrait is looking rather FINE, btw.

Drew then realises that Amanda had been perving on his whilst bell did the portrait.

At diner, bell is a tad surprised when Luke tells her that he told Tilly about dean being gay. She is surprised by fact that he was so confrontational.

Tilly * dean are talking near the beach and dean tells Tilly that Gareth is gay and V interested in him. Dean insists that he merely befriended Gareth, that’s all.

Brad enters sally’s house and over diner they talk about what’s happening. Brad way thank sally for being there for him (and Emily) though all of this.

Luke returns t the hunter place. He sees that Tilly is alone and thinks that she & dean have gone their soporate ways. When dean re-enters that room, Luke sees that he has obviously fallen for his “lies”.

Drew (mansion) confronts Amanda about her perving on him. Amanda insists that she NOT has felling for him, but she is more than a tad defensive about it all.

Sally & brad (van park house) are talking when sally answers the phone. When off the phone, she tells brad that it was Rachel, and it sounds like Emily’s is in a REALLY bad way (end of ep)


Brad & Emily’s last moments together

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's pink spaghetti strap top/red long sleeeve jacket/brown (blue floral motifs) long skirt

SILVER – Amanda's pink spaghtetti strap top

BRONZE – Colleen's red (floral motifs) blouse

HONOURABLE MENTION - Sally's black singlet top/green (with gold swirls) long skirt

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