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Inspired by Angelgirl's Jack and Martha months I thought it might be quite cool if we did a calendar contest over the span of a month...this way it wouldn't get in the way of other contests and people would have more time to submit their entries. The host could set a character or a scene etc from home and away and maybe it would work? I don't know, it's not amazing but I just thought angelgirl's calendars looked quite cool. What do you guys think? It's fine if you don't like it.

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Ok guys thanks for the feedback. :) Thanks to the semi-enthusiasm I have decided to start the first calendar contest!

The first Calendar page will be for October and should have Tasha on it. Set out the dates however you want but I will be checking they are right! Ok here are the guidelines:

1. Tasha must be featured on the page on her own or she can be with someone as long as it's not a huge group.

2. Must say the word October on it (duh)

3. Must have the dates for October.

4. Size is 500x350 pixels landscape.

I think thats all but keep your eyes out for updates incase I've forgotten anything! PM your entries to me by 5pm (UK time) on the 1st October and voting will be up either then or on the 2nd.

Any problems PM before the entry date. Hopefully I get some entries lol :D

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