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Mon 11 Sep 06 - "The Puppet Master"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "The Puppet Master"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 11 Sep 06 - Episode # 4271)

Jack can’t believe that’s peter is responsible, so he insist that that lab should test the sample again. Sonia (female uniform cop) insists that the lab has done that 4 times already – because of the Peter result.

Sonia informs jack that the DNA sample that forensics team got form the latest crime scene is an exact match for he hair that was found at scene of Robert Radcliff’s (think Josh’s death earlier this year) disappearance.

All the while, Luke & drew are really suspicious about dean. He threatens them both when they confront dean, but, form the sounds of things (text messages., phone calls) it sounds like Dean is acting unwilling because of the threats form her “brother” Ashley, eg when dean is on that phone he says “that’s not who I am anymore”

Back at police station, Sonia tells jack that the lab has informed them that peter’s hair sample was signed out by Dave Elder.

The police bring the head firie in for questioning. Jack & McGrath both quiz Dave, but when the interview is done, and jack & McGrath are talking in what was Peter’s office, McGrath is convinced that he thinks Dave is telling the truth (and that someone is setting him up).

This scene ends most intriguingly – we see a pic of Dean of the wall, although I’m unsure is it’s because he’s wanted or is “just” a missing person.

The lab dude who signed out the hair come to the police station, and is presented with a line up of ppl, one of which is Dave. Although Dave looks very worried, the lab dude tells jack & McGrath that it’s not any of the ppl in the line up.

Jack & McGrath ask the lab dude to look at some photos/indentikits of known criminals. As lab dude does so, he tells jack & McGrath there is a photo of the wall of the person who signed out that hair sample. jack initially points to Dean, but the lab dude corrects him – and says that the person on question is RICE !!!! (Note – lab dude saw pic of Rice in newspaper article on wall is of Rice accepting bravery award.)

Jack & co look for Rice at the station but ter is no sign. Jack & McGrath get in their police car, and, siren ablaze, charge over to Rice’s house.

Rice is able to get out of the house (sneakily) whilst they are in his house. Jack finds (in compartment under floorboards) a V familiar kerosene can.

Jack & McGrath get word (via radio form Sonia) that Rice's car has been spotted on the road.

Jack etc get back into the police car to pursue. There’s some great close-ups of Rice’s car as he tries to speed away for the pursuing police cars/.

Rice goes onto one of the bush tracks, but he soon finds himself having nowhere to go – with police cars (incl the one with Jack & McGrath aboard) blocking each of the possible escape routes.

At the station, rice tells jack & McGrath that ages ago, he got into financial hardship, and started gambling in a bid to get things right, he lost BIG time, and its now come back to haunt him.

Rice says that the person he borrow that money form wanted him to frame drew, but then deliberately got him to put evidence at the crime scene to get drew in the clear.

Rice continues by saying that he has no idea why he is being asked to do all of this (which reminds me of that stalker’s minion earlier this year, who peter shot at the warehouse).

At the diner, drew & Luke are a tad shocked when Dean tells them about Rice being the pyro, but after dean has bailed, Luke insists to drew that dean is still hiding something. Luke insists that he WILL find out the truth.

Back at the police station, Jack puts Rice in one of the cells, and rice tells Jack that Drew is still in more danger than they’ll EVER know !!!

To further this point, drew is walking (late at night) near the diner when he is knocked unconscious with a blow to back of the head. Whoever did this then takes several photos of the unconscious Drew !!! (end of ep)


Luke discovers something about Dean

Amanda & Drew get closer

Jack & Martha re on the rocks – as Martha feels she’s the only one contribute to their relationship.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Luke's royal blue surfing motifed T shirt

SILVER – Lab dude's maroon business shirt

BRONZE – Drew's "camo" board shorts

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Drew's black jacket (like the one Jack has); Dean's orange & white (upside down Hustler 23) t shirt; Rice's yellow (forrest motif) t shirt/brownish felt jacket combo

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