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A Stuggle To Cope

Guest .Amy.

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This is my first proper fanfic apart from the one i wrote for the competition so i am only going to write a bit of what i have in mind and then you can tell me ifs its worth continuing:


Tasha carefully wrapped up baby Ella in a soft wooly green blanket and placed her in the white cradle near by.

Tasha looked at her baby girl and whispered,

"How can i love you".

She began to raise her voice,

"when its your fault Robbie left me!".

She began to cry softly. Suddenly when Ella started to cry, Tasha raised her hand. Could she hit Ella?

Can Tasha overcome post-natal depression, win Robbie back and look after her new born child, when only a child herself?

Find out in chapter 1 of A struggle to cope.

Please tell if i should continue or not.

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