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17 hours ago, Iluvlucas said:

can someone please tell me how i put a new chapter up without it being merged to my first post


When starting a new fiction, one's first chapter needs to be merged with the first post (ie the Index Form) otherwise it is classified as a Promotion Fic and will earn a warning - according to Rule 3 in the Official Fan Fiction Section Rules and Guidelines see here.


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(NEW CROSSOVER story idea)


    I am working on a story idea that would combine both the H&A current cast and some Neighbours in a crossover comedy like story. I at 1st was going to do something like BLUE HEELERS yet I though something less dark would be more fun. as the 2 main characters in the adventure will NOT be related to anyone in the 2 shows I like to hear who you think I should use the most and who be fun for the newcomers to come in contact with?



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It all depends what you have in mind and the comedy comes from you so I think it will work more natural and easier  if you choose which characters that you feel will work for the style of comedy that you want to write And not feel like you are forced into writing the charcters that other people would like to see. Go for what works for you. Hope that helps you out I will look out for your story

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