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Returning Emotions (by Nicom) - comments


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:( That was so sad Nicole. I felt both their pain; and it hurt :(

Great writing though. I really hope they can work things through. Jack needs her to listen to what he went through (queue Dr. Armstrong) :)

I hope in the next chapter, there's some sort of breakthrough. More soon please!

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:( Don't listen to her Jack, it can't be over! Nicole, how could you do this to us?! Poor poor Jack! Gosh Martha is stubborn! Everything he did (even though maybe he didn't handle the situation in the best way) he did for her! Grrrr! How could you leave us there Nicole! Great writing though! Can't wait to see what happens next! Update when you can! :)
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I want to hurt her. I really really do. Someone punch her in the face. Please. Martha Martha Martha; you're being an idiot. The more you be mean to him and say you hate him, the more it will hurt when something happens to him or he leaves and goes into protection without saying good bye. You will learn your lesson then, bitch.

That is all.

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I hvan't commented this in ages i think lol. Anyways all great chapters except you didn't get them together. It was all going good and then its stuffed up again for Jack and Martha :P

I like the idea, i don't remember who said it, but going to witness protection together that would be good :D

Please update soon, can't wait for more

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Right.. okay, we need to talk.

I've decided to write this here instead of telling Becky online, as she might hurt me. lol. Hopefully by the time she reads this I'll be gone. :P

Well, my exams are fast approaching, and I've done no revision. Its stupid, and ridiculous, but... I can't help it! When I have free time, I think "I'll just pop on bttb/msn..." and then it soaks it all up! Before I know it, its 3 hours later and I've done no revision. I need to revise. These exams are so important to me, and I won't get what I deserve or want if I don't start revising NOW. But I know I can't do it with this major distraction. So, I'm off.

Originally I was going to get my dad to cut off the internet to my comp, but after speaking to Krystal who reminded me of all the lovely JM stuff coming our way (damn her) I decided that I won't. Instead, I'll only allow myself half an hour each day so I can have a quick peak at whats going on, speak to the odd member and do some Librarian crap. :) Unfortunately, that leaves me very little time to write the fic, so this fic is temporarily closed. I may surprise you with the odd chapter, but... don't expect it.

I don't want to do this, believe me, but I feel I have to. You all know how damn addictive this site can be, and msn, and I really need to get working. This I what will stop me getting some of the grades I need. So I'm restricting myself to half an hour a day. If I don't do this, then I'll get my Dad to cut off Internet. I have an awful feeling it'll end in that, as I have no strength to stop myself from coming on the comp. :)

But either way, just thought I'd say bye. I will be back updating near the end of June. My last exam I believe is the 21st, and I think I'll probably be on a few days before then. But after the 21st I will definitely be wrapping this fic up, as I have no school for like 10 weeks. Yipee!

Oh, and I'll probably allow myself to have an hour or so near my birthday as a treat for myself, so you may get a chapter out of me then. 24th May people, Nicole's 16! Get in!

Goodbye all. Good luck to everybody who has exams! Wish me luck for staying offline, because I think I'll need it! :P


Nicole xx

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