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Returning Emotions (by Nicom) - comments


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:o OH NO! Hes going to tell her Henry's alive isnt he! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Aww, I loved that chapter. Even though it had no Jack in it :( But I loved the interaction between Eamon and Martha, theres a really great friendship bond there.

And suddenly Eamon just go so much more fun. I mean, I did like him before, but now, hes awesome! :D

Great chapter.

Update soon

PS. Please dont make Peter tell Martha! Its only going to look bad on Jacky :( *cries* And Martha will be angry at him and Jack was so happy before, id hate for that to be ruined *cries in a heap on the floor*

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Uh oh; it looks as thought the s**t is about to hit the fan.

Ewww ^^^^ lol nice.

OMGosh i hope Peter doesn't have bad news but then with Nicole writing it it can't be Fantastic frolic in the daisy news can it. hmmmm.

although there was no Jacky it was still an exelent chap. keep it up xxx

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Yay Nicole you updated :D

Great chapter, my bet is that Martha either bumps into Jack and yells at him or Henry and...is kidnapped! Either way I don't think it's going to be good :( I hope it's Henry, then Jack will come and save her, that would be great. J&M in the next chapter...I'd like to say that's going to be good, but I think I'm wrong.

Please update soon, I hope the next chapters happy...but yet again I think not. :(

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:o :o :o

If anything happens to Jack or Martha

I will personally kill you!!!

“Witness protection papers.” Peter stated simply. “I strongly advise you to sign them and let us relocate you into a much safer environment for the time being, until Henry’s found. Then you can return.”

Martha and Jack can go together

Next chapter: Who does Martha bump into?

Jackyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

Upddate soon Nic

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Awwww Nicole! I just caught up and how have things gone so wrong! :( One chapter Martha and Jack were happy together and she was about to tell him everything about the Eamon/Richard situation so they could try and be with each other and now........ Hope Henry doesnt hurt either of them! Cant wait for the next chapter to see what happens! Update when you can! :)

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When you said you were going to update soon I didnt think it was tonight! But YAY!

Also, when you said it was Peter and Martha centric I was a little dis-heartened I have to say ( :P ) but that was brill Nicole! I loved it :)

Looking forward to the next one (when Martha bumps into Jacky :D )

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