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Returning Emotions (by Nicom) - comments


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This evening (UK) hopefully. That's if Jade can proof it. No pressure, Jadey. :P

I've wrote the next 2 chapters after this chapter.. so I'm happy. It's just this chapter that was doing my head in and stopping me from writing. Now it's much easier. :) The fic's wrapping up though, it's quite sad. :( Oh wells, in time for the exams! :D

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Aww that actually made me cry. And i dont usually cry at things like this!

That was beautifully well written!

Im so glad they finally gave in and both admitted how they truely feel.

Things couldnt be anymore perfect right now! :wub: Please dont reck it! *gets down on knees and begs* Although i have a strong feeling that begging wont do much good <_<

Please update soon :) Loving this!

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Well at least they finally kissed because I remember all the times that they almost kissed... the fishing trip (wow I have a great memory :P)

Poor Eamon - Jack how could you!

Love triangle of the year - who will Jack choose?

A)Eamon (Match made in heaven)

B)Richard (hot)

C)be a greedy bugger and have them both :P

Oops edit- Fantastic writing Nicolelee

Edited by xsianx
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Awww that was sooooo good Nicole! And the perfect thing i needed to make me happy after staring at basically a blank computer screen all night apart from my essay title frustrated because i cant be bothered to write any of it! lol It was so well written and i could feel the emotion between Martha and Jack! It was definitely worth the wait but now i just dont know whats going to happen next?! I mean yay they finally admited their true feelings too each other and what led on from that! lol But what now?! What about Henry? And Eamon? Richard? The parents? Who knows? Dont leave us in suspense too long, update when you can! :)

EDIT: Oooh and Sian im sure there was a near kiss experience in an alley shortly after Jack got back if i remember correctly! :P

Edited by Laura_loves_H&A
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Me very happy.

But i actually thought Jack would pull away. So, have ve they slept together? Because i didn't think Jack would do it. Doesn't he have scars or something on his body? I didn't think he woulD want anyone to see them; especially Martha. And for that reason i didn't think they would have sex. I thought he would pull back at the last minute.

But YES, they did. I hope. Yay.

Great update Nic.

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