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Wed 6 Sep 06 - "Too Close To Home"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Too Close To Home"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 6 Sep 06 - Episode # 4268)

The totally in shock brad picks up Emily and carries her over to the boat.

Kimmy & Rachel are talking, and Rachel is way surprises that kimmy still want to live in city. Kimmy insists that ppl won’t forget this Tara business (even though he innocent).

Cassie & Ric are talk on phone. Cassie rather sheepishly tells Ric that she loves him too before that end o the call.

Macca approaches and Cassie “suggest” that he should go away. Macca insets that Cassie shouldn’t deny her feeling for her.

Brad calls out to the as the boat approaches. Macca & Cassie are in shock at Emily’s condition.

Elsewhere, Martha joins Rachel in trying to convince kimmy to staying in the bay, as does (the just arrived) colleen and the bowls ladies. They insist that they were foolish to doubt him – and way need training for an upcoming clash with the Reefton lakes bowls club.

At hospital, brad is way stress about doctors not telling him anything. Macca tells brad that he is going to call Rachel in the hope on answers.

Sally then arrives, and brad is way pleased to see her.

Kimmy gets off the phone, and tell Rachel & co that Amanda has given him his job back. Martha suggests a celebration dinner tonight.

Kimmy & Rachel thinks it’s a great idea. Kimmy hen bails to train the bowls ladies, whilst Rachel is shocked by what she hears when she answers her phone.

Sally thanks macca & Cassie for helping brad with Emily. When Cassie asks, sally insists that she will be OK – but sally is clearly intrigued when macca offers to take Cassie home.

Rachel arrives, just as a male doctor tells bread that Emily is in a V bad way, and now only has DAYS to live.

After brad goes to Emily’s bedside, Rachel & sally talk in corridor. It's all V emotional as sally explains that she way knows how brad is feeling, as she felt similar shock/dread when doctors told her that Flynn had just hours to live. Sally suggests to Rachel who wasn’t sure what she could do for brad & Emily, that she should just be there for them.

Martha’s talking to macca when she gets a text msg form jacks, saying that he can’t make it t9onight (because of work).

Macca suggests that Martha should invite Cassie, but Martha insists that tonight is for couples (Robbie & tash, kimmy & Rachel etc).

When macca asks about Ric/.cassie, Martha “suggests” that macca should steer clear of Cassie.

Emily comes to at te hospital, and brad fills her in on what’s happened AND how long she has left. Brad also tries to lighten the heavy situation by telling Emily hat she should have just said to him that she didn’t like the picnic spot (and not gone all “dramatic” about it).

In corridor, Alf approaches sally and wonders how she is coping. Sally answers – by hugging Alf.

Rachel then approaches. She tells sally that Emily & brad want to see her, but sally just can’t deal right now. She (in a way emotional state) bails.

As robbie, tash, Martha, kimmy & co talk at the celebration dinner, cassie enters, but realises that things aren’t so casual so she offers to leave, but Martha suggest that she should stay. Cassia insists that here won’t be a problem with macca being there too.

Rachel enters sally’s house, and sally apologises for running out like that.

Rachel thanks sally for getting brad & Emily to handle things to this point. Sally (V emotional of course) tells Rachael that this is soooooo bringing up memories of Flynn.

Macca & Cassie are at kitchen sink, whilst the others are at table. Macca holds cassie;s hand, and she likes it for a bit, but then pulls away, and insists to Martha that she has to bail.

Brad tells Emily that the hospital has arranged a trundle bed for him – so he can stay there until she passes.

Sally enters the room, and Emily is pleased that brad, sally & Rachel are all there with her.

At the seaplane wharf, Cassie talks to Ric (city) on the phone. They talk all very lovingly but when call ends, macca approaches and gets way close to Cassie. He insists that she should stop denying her feelings – and they KISS !!! (end of ep)


Cassie tells Tilly bout her kiss with Macca, whilst Luke makes a discovery about Dean

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Martha's purple & gold loong sleeve shirt (with peiple top beneath)

SILVER – Sally's marroon (parly see through) crossover top

BRONZE – Cassie's white (with large "Bont" logo) long sleeve jacket

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Macca's gold & green boardshorts; Rachel's brown spaghetti strap top; Cassie's light blue tube top (with white & blue bikini top beneath)

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