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A New Beginning

Guest Jackieleanne

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Title: A New Beginning

Author: Jackie(Jackieleanne)

Category: Long Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy

Main Characters: Lucas/Matilda, Henry and his girlfriend Jess.

Rating: T

Summary: Matilda and Lucas, her Brother Henry and his girlfriend return to the Bay after University.

Thanks for all the feedback that I received for the aftermath it really is much appreciated and I'm glad that you all enjoyed it so much, I hope that you will like this story just as much.

Here is a brief introduction to the story.

Five years have passed since Matilda and Lucas lost the baby it is now 2011 and Matilda, Lucas and Henry are all at University in Sydney where they are in their final term, at University they met Jessica Mitchel(my original character) after a few months of the term Henry started to date her and the four of them are the best of friends. Cassie and Ric moved down to Queensland where Cassie is at University down there while Ric got a job as a mechanic down there. Beth and Tony have been happily married for four years and Jack and Martha have a little boy called Matthew while Robbie and Tasha have their little girl Ella.

The first chapter should be up tonight. I hope that you will all enjoy it. :D

Thanks Jackie x x x

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Chapter 1

“Can you believe we have finally finished our last exam” I say to Jessica as we leave our last art exam

“I know our university life is officially over” Jessica replies sighing

“Well not yet we still have graduation to go to and the formal” I tell her

“Speaking of which it’s about time we hit the shops” she says turning around to face me,

“It totally is, any excuse for a good shop” I say smiling widely at her as I take her hand and we skip off towards my car.

“You know Jess this dress will look stunning on you” I say picking out the baby pink floor length dress and holding it up against her, it would match perfectly with her golden tan and long golden blonde locks, and hug her toned and curvy body in all the right places,

“I think you’re right I absolutely love it now lets find you something so that we can go and try our dresses on because you just know Henry and Luc are going to freak if we aren’t home soon,

“Oh well we’re having fun shopping and girlie time comes first right” I tell her grinning as I search through the racks,

“You are so right” she replies “Mattie I’ve found it I just know you are going to knock Luc dead when he sees you in this” She squeals, holding up the dress for me to see, and she isn’t wrong that dress is stunning I really do got to have it, it was the perfect dress a floor length tightly fitting red dress that would fit my curves perfectly with a boned corset I absolutely loved it and I knew Lucas would too.

“You know the boys are going to freak” I say as I drive out of the mall’s car park an hour later, dresses, shoes and handbags in tow,

“Tell me about it” she says “Speaking of which” she laughs as her phone starts ringing,

“Ermm hey babe like where are you?” I hear my brother’s voice on the other end making me laugh

“Well we are just on the way home now don’t worry we wont be long” she tells him as I concentrate on the road,

“Yeah its about time me and Luc have been waiting for you” I hear his annoyed voice “Where the heck have you been all afternoon?” I hear him ask her once more,

“Well you know we just had a few simple jobs to do” she tells him I burst out into laughter as Jess looks at me her hand going to the front of my mouth indicating for me to be quiet “I got to go Hen see you in a bit” she tells him hanging up,

“Oh my god that was hilarious” I laugh “They are going to be so mad” I add as I make my way down the road turning onto our street.

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