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More Than Friends?

Guest ~Angel~

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I've started writing a new fanfic, I'm still writing Love and Hate, but i'm a bit busy at the moment with school and stuff, but I'll update this and Love and Hate soon...

It's totally fiction. It's a story about Martha and Jack meeting for the first time and what goes on between them. Kate, Jack's mum isn't in the story like in home and away...

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I am taking so long to update my Fanfictions, and I apologize for that. Here's the first chapter anyway:

Chapter 1

Martha saw Robbie talking to him, they guy from the police station. She’d seen him a couple of times before but not this close. She hadn’t talked to him either. He was good-looking, Dark hair and brown eyes.

“Mac, let’s go join Robbie,” Tasha said.

“No way,” Martha said glancing towards the two boys.

“Come on Mac!” Tasha grabbed her arm and brought her over to the bar.

“Hi,” said Tasha.

“Hey,” said Robbie. “Tasha, Martha this is Constable Jack Holden and Jack this is Tasha, my wife and Martha her best friend, unfortunately.”

Jack laughed.

“Nice to meet you,” he said.

“Nice to meet you too,” Martha said.

“I noticed you earlier on the beach, you’re a very good surfer,” Jack said to Martha.

“Thanks,” Martha said, shyly.

“She’ll do anything boyish, she’s a man-lady,” said Robbie. “Total Tom-boy!”

“Robbie!” Tasha nudged him. Tasha noticed the way Martha and Jack were looking at each-other.

“So Jack, what brought you to Summer Bay?” Tasha asked.

“Long story,” said Jack.

“Well, I’d love to hear it, but me and Robbie have a dinner date,” Tasha lied.

“We do?” Robbie said confused.

“yes, remember?” Tasha said. It wasn’t long before Robbie caught on.

“oh yeah, we better go,” Robbie said, He got up from his chair as did Tasha. “by the way, be careful, she bites,”

He looked at Martha while he said it.

“Very funny,” she said. “I forgot to laugh…”

Jack grinned. After Tasha and Robbie left there was silence. Martha looked at Jack a couple of times, wishing that they weren’t alone.

“he’s gorgeous, his eyes, his smile…” Martha thought to herself.

“So, do you work?” Jack asked.

“Yeah I work here at the bar.” Martha said, breaking away from her daydream.

“Cool, there’s a party here at Noah’s I heard,” Jack said.

“Yeah, tomorrow night,” Martha said.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come with me, If you’re free,” Jack said.

“Sure!” Martha smiled.

“Great,” Jack said. They looked at eachother.

“Martha, you’re doing the night shift, hurry up and come over here,” Alf called her.

“Okay, Grandad,” Martha sighed. “I’ve got to go, see you tomorrow, bye,”

“Bye,” Jack said.

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