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Fri 1 Sep 06 - "Memories Of Shannon & Selina”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Memories Of Shannon & Selina”

(Screened in Australia on Fri 1 Sep 06 - Episode # 4265)

Note – this ep didn’t even have a recap on scenes from previous H&As

Sally sense ting things aren’t quite right with Cassie. Ric arrives home temporarily 9to garb forgotten toolbox) but when he is gone, sally remembers that she was quizzing Cassie, who makes a slip of tongue and says that its macca she wants to be with. Cassie quickly corrects herself, but sally is so unsure.

Alf enters the diner, and offers macca a job at Noah’s Alf notes that macca is distracted.

At van park house, Cassie is at sink, when the tap comes off and water sprits everywhere. As Cassie begins to try to fix, macca enters, and helps.

Macca has just finished temporary fix tap when he suggest that Cassie should tell sally to call plumber for proper fix. Cassie and macca are in a playful mood –and all but kiss, before Cassie stops herself. She insists tho macca that she is with Ric. Macca insists that Cassie MUST deal with her feelings for him.

Soon after, sally comes home and she sees that Cassie is distressed. Sally tells her not o worry about the tap, but then Cassie admits that she IS attracted to macca.

Sally is way concerned for casei – given macca’s pat, but Cassie insists that he has been to counselling and ppl should get over it.

Sally insists that Cassie needs to make a choice – twee macca & Ric – and set them both straight.

Cassie enters Noah’s – and tells macca that they need to talk.

When Cassie bluntly asks, macca admits that he rtn to bay to prove to Cassie that he change. Cassie insists that she wants to be with Ric – but she seems to doing the whole ‘the lady doth protest too much’ thing

Cassie enets the van park house, just as Ric tells Alf & sally that he is go to city for 3 weeks, for a mechanics course.

Cassie see goodbye to Ric, and seconds later, macca arrives at back patio door. Cassie tells him about ric’s course, and she looks V unsure of herself (note – the ‘little black cat’ top she wear as way appropriate).

Tash is V anguished about not have any feeling for her bub, esp. considering that Robbie seem to WAY love ELLA. Martha thinks that Tash should tell Robbie how she feels, but Tash isn’t so ken on the idea.

Tash had just told Robbie that way she feels, when she tells her that he has brought some help in the form of midwife Charity, who explains to tash that it sounds like Tash has the 1-st sings of post natal depression.

Tash is approehencious when Charity suggests that Tash should bath Ella. Charity insists she will be her all the way with Tash. When Tash seems to be getting the hang of bath Ella, charity insists that, like all new things, it will take Tash time to get into the swing of things with the new bub.

Later, Martha (date with jack), and then Robbie & Irene (meet with Morag about the court care) bail form the beach house.

Tash is worried, but charity makes her realise that she knows more about car for Ella that she thought (when Tash comments that, when Ella was still inside her, Ella always stoped kicking etc when Tash held her stomach – which is that same as the now born Ella liking the blankets to be tight around her.

Tash is gong when with Ella when charity gets a cal from the hospital. Charity insists tash she has to go to tend to another woman about to give birth. Charity insists that Tash can do this (be on own with Ella).

However, when Ella starts to cry constantly Tash tries to get Ella to calm, with no effect.

Tash then gets angry with herself for shouting ‘shut up’ at Ella. It all gets too much, and Tash runs form the room – with Ella still crying. (end of ep)


Looks like Cassie IS going to play up with macca whilst Ric is away, and Tara sets her sights on Luke.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tasha’s turquoise V-neck top

SILVER – Irene’s blue top/yellow (with purple floral motif) blouse

BRONZE – Charity’s red blouse

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Cassie’s hot pink tube top; Alf’s bright yellow button up shirt; Sally’s’ black low cut top; Martha’s sandy V neck top; Macca’s white & red Noah’s jacket; Cassie orange ‘black black cat’ singlet top; ric's dark blue button up shirt

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