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Isla's Big Day (Shannon Reed)

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Former Home and Away star Isla Fisher won Best Breakthrough Performance at this year's MTV Movie Awards for her hilarious turn in Wedding Crashers. She tells us about her big break and planning her own wedding to Ali G.

How nervous were you about working on a big Hollywood movie with Vince Vaughn?

It's hard to get a rapport with an actor when you're looking at his belly button. The man is seven-foot tall! It was hard in the beginning to get going, but he's such a funny guy and he gave me confidence, because i am not from a comedy background. It was kind of Vince to laugh at my jokes and let me make baby voices - he said: "You're very funny".

There's a scene where your character Gloria ties Vince to the bed and another where she gets nude and does some unsavoury business under a table. Were you worried about that?

I said: "Could we have a body double?" And they said yes. Then i asked: "Could i have a hand double?" I was thinking 'they're going to sack me now' but they said yes!

Did you choose your stand in?

I didn't get to do that and i wish i had, because she was six foot and i was thinking 'in what way is she my body double?' But people have interviewed me and they were completely unaware that it was a stand in.

Have you ever crashed a party?

I have, actually. I went to this guy's party when i was 12, even though i hadn't been invited. Me and my friend wore our best clothes and we went to the party and knocked on the door and his mum said: "You girls are not invited!"

Gloria is a bit mad - what was the best aspect about playing the character?

Gloria's complete disregard for social etiquette was fun to play. And having Christopher Walken as my dad!

Would you fall for the chat-up lines you co-stars use in the movie?

I think Vince's lines are so cheesy. But Gloria is young. I'm 29 and feel really fortunate to be in a relationship and to have been in one for so long.

You're engaged to Ali G star Sascha Baron Cohen. Have you planned your big day?

I'm not organised yet. When i was a kid, i imagined wearing fairy wings, but i've let that go. Because now there are drug associations with it - people go to raves and wear wings.

Any ideas on how you're going to prevent wedding crashers on your big day?

I told Vince and Owen they're not invited!

*Source Sky Magazine.

Sorry if there are any mistakes, i'm going to try and put the images up later.


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