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In Dad's footsteps

Guest Andy

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In Dad's footsteps

MX (Australia)

30 August 2006

He tells crap jokes and loves to embarrass you, but as ROXANNE MILLAR knows, Dad also sticks up for you and keeps your feet firmly on the ground.

Chris Hemsworth, Home and Away, Sydney

Dad: Craig Hemsworth, Phillip Island

Q: How often do you see your dad?

A: Luckily it's not too bad. I manage to get down about once a month. My aunty works for Virgin Blue and put me on her staff travel so I get cheap fares.

Q: Best thing about him?

A: He has always been suppor tive and an inspiration.When we first body boarded when we were really young he didn't surf, but would always swim out with us to make sure we were alright.

Q: What have you inherited from him?

A: He's a strong person with strong opinions and honest and reliable. I hope that rubbed off on me.

Q: His favourite dad joke?

A: I don't know if it is one single joke, it is more of a style of humour he has that makes us all cringe.

Q: How has he embarrassed you?

A: He would drop me off at primary school and this one morning I didn't want him to drop me off at the front. I got him to drop me at a roundabout. When I got out and he just star ted to go around and around the roundabout beeping the horn about six times.

Q: His best piece of advice?

A: Probably just to enjoy whatever I am doing. And also to have fun in whatever I am doing. He would tell us not to take things too seriously.

Q: Most memorable Father's Day?

A: We always go to his parents' place so he could spend it with his dad and my cousins would be there. It was always a good family event.

Q: Is he a socks or jocks man?

A: Who knows? I don't think I've ever bought him either. He would prefer a block of wax (for his surfboard).

Q: How do you bond?

A: Surfing definitely. Me and my two brothers with him. That takes up a huge amount of the time we spend together and all our holidays are based around where we are going to surf.

Q: Why is he lucky to have you?

A: Since I've had a job that is well paid I've been able to buy him a couple of surfboards and a couple of wetsuits. His Christmas and birthday presents have definitely got bigger than they used to be.

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