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"Home and Away" has entered its 19th season in Australia, and in it's home country the series has passed 4000 episodes.

TV2 will shownew episodes from season 17 the fall of 2006.

From happiness og budding love to break-ups, illness, intrigues and tears. The cahracters in the Australian soap opera "Home and Away" have been through a lot since the first episode in 1988.

During the years since the begining, the characters and actors have come and gone, and the series about the residents of the little, fictive town of Summer Bay in Australia have experienced great success in many countries.

The show has now entered its 19th season in Australia, and episode 4241 aired July 31 2006

Since the begining

"Home and Away" was originaly centered around a family, none other than Pippa and Yom Fletcher and their foster children Frank Morgan, Carly Morris, Steven Matheson, Lynn davenport and Sally Fletcher.

As show went along, new families and new teenagers have arrived, while other have gone. In the episodes airing now on TV2, the focus is on the Fletcher-Saunders family, the Hunter family and the Patterson-Bakers family. The Alf-Stweart-character, who's been in the show since the begining, is still there.

New episodes

"Home and Away" is made by the Australian production company Seven Networks, and the show is aired, among others, in Great Britain, the Middle East, New Zealand, Estonia, Denmark, Israel, Lituania, Poland, Serbia, Sweden and France. 230 episodes are produced every year, and 50 milion viewers through out the world watch the show every week.

For world-renowned actors like Heath ledger, Naomi Watts and Melissa George, "Home and Away" was just the start of an international career.

Have a look at the official website here [link]

Some of the actors and their characters:

Tim Campbell- Dan Baker (2004-)

Lyn Collingwood- Colleen Smart (1999-)

Indiana Evans- Matilda Hunter (2004-)

Mark Furze - Ric Dalby (2004-)

Chris Hemsworth- Kim Hyde (2004-)

Clarissa House- Beth Hunter (2003-)

Isabel Lucas- Tasha Hunter (2003-2006)

Lynne McGranger – Irene Roberts (1992-)

Ray Meagher- Alf Stewart (1988-)

Bob Morley- Drew Curtis (2006-)

Ada Nicodemou- Leah Patterson Baker (2000-)

Kate Ritchie- Sally Fletcher (1988-)

Jason Smith- Robbie Hunter (2003-)

Watch "Home and Away" on TV2 Monday-Friday at 3:40pm, and Monay-Friday at 1:55pm (re-run)

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Find it a bit odd that they write an article full of spoilers for the Norwegian who it's intended for. Dan has yet to appear on screen, so the Patterson-Bakers family is a major spoiler! :P

People will probably think that Leah will marry Peter :P

I think it's kinda weird that Tv2 would write an article about it. They always seem to think that the show isn't popular..

I know. I was kind of surprised myself.

Thanks for posting Mar :)

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