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Wed 30 Aug 06 - "Tilly, Emily And The “Old School” Club”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Tilly, Emily And The “Old School” Club”

(Screened in Australia on Wed 30 Aug 06 - Episode # 4263)

Kimmy is keen to go to city – as the locals won’t forgive and that he will be close to his dad. Rachel isn’t son keen, and kimmy is anguishes that Rachel isn’t supporting him.

Next day, Rachel is out rumning by the wharf when she encounters Brad. Her brother comments about Kimmy’s situation. And it sounds like Rachel is about to tell his the latest developments.

At the van park house, Emily (“old school” top) asks sally to go with his to latest med appointment. Sally thinks that brad should, but Emily says that she is not ready for brad to deal with this yet. Sally is apprehensions, but agrees to go with Emily.

Brad & Rachel talk about the kimmy situation. Rachel thinak that kimmy makes decision too quick, and that she likes being close to brad & Emily, but it sounds like brad convinces Rachel t go with kimmy. This is sealed with a hug tween the siblings.

Tony talks to Luke about talk the issues he is having at the gym, and Luke offers to help.

Tony wonders why Luke is so down, abut Luke doesn’t get chance to say – as beth & Tilly rtn at that moment. Tony tells Tilly that it looks like she’s been away at a 5 star resort, and Tilly admits that she way got used to being at the retreat. This clearly annoys Luke.

After Rachel tells kimmy that she is gong t go with him to the city, she is shocked when kimmy tells her that he is going to go to the city as soon as Morag an set up the bail conditions changes. Kimmy thinks that Rachel can join him as soon as her transfer to city hospital comes though.

Tilly is annoyed when beth offers her some food, i.e. “I know where the fridge is” etc.

Tilly tries to talk to Luke, and he confronts her about dean and THAT kiss. Tilly insists that she not mean it to happen.

Luke then eagerly bails when ton yaks for his help at the gym.

Tilly tells beth about her clash with Luke, and her feelings for dean. Beth then comments on the fact hat there shouldn’t be retreat relationship.

Tilly thinks she is a changed person now, and that dean understands the new Tilly. Beth insists hat Tilly will have to deal with the consequences with Luke though.

When Alf (at diner) wonders if kimmy is rumning away for the idiots in the bay, kimmy thinks that it will be good to be close to Hyde.

Leah & Irene tell kimmy that they will way miss him.

Morag enters, with news that the move to the city is OK with the police, and that she is waiting for ac courier to deliver her a copy of the previously sealed Tara files.

Emily & sally rtn to the van park house. It sounds like Emily’s condition is far worse that even she thought it was. Sally once more thinks to Emily should tell brad, but Emily resists. Emily then starts to cry, after her nose starts to seriously bleed.

Morag tells kimmy that she hopes to use the info in the files as a way to stop the court case before it begins (as can’t actually info file info in the current case).

Alf thinks he tar’s dad had files sealed yo protect Tara – which is proven correction when courier arrives, but he only tings in the said files was a shoplifting offence when Tara was 13.

Brad enters, as sally is cleaning up some “Cranbury juice”. Rachel (red shirt) enters the room, and brad comments hat the shirt is new. Emily jokes about giving that top to sally when Emily is gone.

Brad then tells Emily about Kimmy’s farewell, but the nearby sally makes up an excuse about an appointment she has to go and ask Emily to look after little pippa (and Emily just can’t refuse).

Tilly confronts Luke, and tells him of how close she is to dean (and how she has moved on Luke).

Sally once more insists that Emily should tell brad – as she feels that Emily is betraying brad, and that she was glad that Flynn incl, her on most of the journey whilst he had cancer. Emily is still not keen.

Kimmy says his goodbyes to the like of Irene, morag, Alf & esp. Rachel. Morag & Rachel insists that they will both be in constant contact with kimmy, who then drives off.

Brad returns to the van park house, and Emil finally embraces sally‘s comments. She tells brad that she has something to tell him. (end of ep)


Will Cassie admit to her feelings for Macca?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's gold "old school" singlet top

SILVER – Rachel's light blue riuffle collared buton up shirt

BRONZE – Beth's maroon dress/red backless crossover top (with broach) combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Emily's white, frilly V neck, long sleeve top, Luke's purple t sirt/black (with pink motif) boardshorts, Leah's green halter neck top, Irene's marron native motif button up shirt, irene's autumn-y V neck dress

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