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Corey's Revenge

Guest Home and Away Always!!!

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Hi people I decided to write a Jack and Martha story because they are my favourite characters. But I don't like them being upset so this story will mostly be happy. Bad things will happen, but don't worry, it will all turn out happy in the end. I hope you enjoy it and please leave comments as to what I should improve.

Corey’s Revenge.

Chapter One:

Jack awoke in the morning to find his arms wrapped around Martha. He smiled at his gorgeous wife, her dark hair falling over her face. As if she felt him watching her, she stirred and opened her eyes, her besotted husband being the first thing she saw. She smiled at him.

“’Morning beautiful.” He whispered, leaning forward to kiss her gently, brushing her hair away.

When they broke apart she whispered back, “’Morning to you too.” She snuggled closer to his strong chest, breathing in his Jack scent.

“I’m so glad that you’re on holidays now.” Murmured Martha.

“I am too,” said Jack, “because it means I finally get to spend some valuable time with my gorgeous wife.” He planted a kiss on top of her head.

The last few weeks had been crazy and hectic. There was their wedding with the horrible explosion, Jack’s liver transplant, the helicopter crash and Martha nearly dying, then Mumma Rose kidnapping Tasha and Martha and them having to escape. So now Jack and Martha were looking forward to just spending time together. Lara had rung up Jack last night and said the boss was giving him three weeks off, because he thought that it was well deserved. He was right about that!

“How about we go to the beach today?” Jack asked Martha.

She nodded. “Sure, that sounds good to me.”

So they got up and changed into their swimming costumes before grabbing their things and heading to the beach.

When they got there Jack ran straight into the water, but Martha stood at the edge on the sand.

“Come on babe, the water’s great.” Jack called.

But Martha just stood there with her eyebrows raised and her arms crossed. So Jack ran back to her and grabbed a hold of her, dragging her into the ocean.

“Jack Holden, don’t you dare!” she screamed, but it was no use. Jack had already dumped her in the water. He laughed, doubling over as Martha managed to get up and pushed him under the water. That became the beginning of a very big water fight between them.

As the couple happily messed around down on the beach, someone was watching them. The person watched intently as Jack held Martha and kissed her, before being caught off guard with another splash of water. The person walked back to his car from the Surf Club, catching one last look at Jack and Martha- for the moment. As Corey Henderson put the car into drive, an evil looking smile spread its way across his face. He was going to make them pay.

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Thanks for all your fabulous comments people, it makes me feel so good that you like it, especially on the day I first started it! I love writing this so I will definately continue now that I know it is being read. I have written a few chapters so far so I will post one tomorrow afternoon. Hehe, sorry you have to wait until then, though I'm sure you can. Thanks so much people. :)

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