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Breaking Point

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Breaking Point.

"Rachel!" Kim calls out, swinging the door open. "Hey, Rach, guess what-"

He freezes, finding himself staring at an all too familiar and unwelcome face. Zoe; but at the same time it wasn't. Zoe used to have an aura of contagious excitement and joy, somehow you felt happier just by being near her. Not anymore, now there was just projected an air of pure and absolute malice. The kind that made you feel vaguely sick in the pit of your stomach and want to curl up in the corner and hide.

"What do you want?" He didn't even bother to ask how she could possibly be alive, it seemed like a rather moot point.

"I just want to talk." Zoe says simply. "Alone."

"Where's Rachel?"

"She's in good hands." When Kim shakes his head disbelievingly she elaborates further. "She's with Tracey and, trust me, she has very good hands."

Kim clenches his jaw to keep himself from saying something he might not live to regret and drops his backpack instead. "What have you done with her?" He asks slowly.

"Who? Tracey?" Zoe says, frowning in faux confusion. "You sure you want to hear about that?"

"I meant Rachel and you know it!" Kim shouts. He can't believe that this is happening, even though consciously he knew, he knows, what Zoe is capable of, he never thought she'd come after him. And now Rachel was paying for his mistake. It was like Charlie all over again.

Zoe laughs. "You're right, I did." She takes a seat and props her feet up on the table, crossing them at the ankles, looking completely at ease. "She's fine…you don't believe me, do you?"

"Any particular reason why I should?"

"Have I ever lied to you?"

Kim can't stop himself from laughing bitterly. "You're kidding me, right? You're crazy."

"Everyone's a little bit crazy." Zoe replies thoughtfully. "I'm just more in touch with my more…emotional side." She eyes Kim lazily, taking in the clenched fists and tensed shoulders. "You look tense, have a seat." She pushes a chair in his direction with her foot.

"I'm fine standing." He couldn't keep doing this. Seeing her again, really seeing her and not just catching a glimpse of her picture in the paper or watching on in horror as she held a whole shed full of people captive, it was starting to bring up a jumbled mess of thoughts and feelings that were much better off remaining buried. After Zoe had 'died', the first time, it was like the town suffered a collective case of amnesia; they forced themselves to forget that this girl was their friend, that she ate in their Diner, that she treated their wounds, that she babysat their kids. That they trusted her. That they liked her. That some of them even loved her. And Kim had gone along with it, it was better than torturing himself with the memories. It was better than going over and over every word they spoke, every kiss, every touch, every look they shared. Trying to figure out if it was real or if it was just another one of her games.

Zoe quirks an eyebrow and sighs. "Suit yourself."

"Why are you here? Why are you doing this?"

"Did you really think that I'd forgotten about you? About what you did?"

"What I did?" Kim repeats in disbelief.

"Do you really think I was just going to let you get away with it that easily?" Zoe smirks and shakes her head sending her wild curls flying. "I can't believe it took you that long to figure it out." She says, watching Kim struggle to try and make the connection.

Click. "The paternity test results."

"Mm-hmm. I mean really, didn't you think to double check the results? That was just stupid."

"Why did you do it? If you knew that baby wasn't mine…we could've-"

"We could've what?" Zoe snaps, suddenly incensed by his words she leaps up from her seat and starts pacing the room, gesturing wildly with every word. "Lived happily ever after? You cheated on me, Kim!"

Kim growls and tugs at his hair, frustrated that he had let himself be sucked into the one conversation he never wanted to have. "Why is this even an issue? You never loved me!"

Zoe stops dead in her tracks and looks at him with almost sadness in her eyes. "Is that what you really think? Or is that what everyone else has made you believe?" She asks.

"No." He shook his head, he couldn't believe he let himself be distracted by her words. It didn't matter if she loved him or not, Rachel's life was in danger, for all he knew she was already dead. That's what mattered. "I'm not talking about this. Just tell me where Rachel is." He says with an almost pleading edge to his tone.

"You really think I'm just going to tell you? Just like that?"

"Tell me." He repeats himself, his voice dropping to an almost animalistic growl, his patience with the situation wearing thin.

"You know, I still can't get over how long it took you to figure it out." Zoe muses, pointedly ignoring his demands. "There were times when you we're so close and you were too stupid to even realize it."

In that moment, Kim's tenuous control snaps and he rushes her, slamming Zoe's smaller body up against the wall and pining her there. And she just giggles, laughs in his face.

"What the hell is the matter with you?" Kim snaps, breathing heavily. "You think this is funny?"

"Absolutely." Zoe gleefully admits, the smug smile never leaving her face. "You really think that you can hurt me."

Overcome by a childish desire to prove her wrong, Kim releases her arms where his fingers hand dug in hard enough to leave red marks against her pale skin that were sure to turn into bruises and wrapped his hands around her throat instead, just hard enough to make his intentions clear. "Tell me where Rachel is or I swear to God, I'll-"

"Kill me?" Zoe says mockingly. "You always have to play the hero, don't you. Don't get me wrong, it's one of the things I love abou-ghak." Her words turned into a loud gurgle as Kim's hands clamp down on her throat in warning.

"Don't you dare say that!" He screams in her face, loosening his grip just enough to let her breathe. "You don't love me. You never did. Just stop lying."

"I'm not." Zoe says quietly, looking him straight in the eye. "But then again, how can you really be sure?" She smirks, returning to her playful taunting.

"Stop it. Just tell me where Rachel is and I won't tell anyone that you're alive." He promised with false sincerity in his eyes.

Zoe rolls her eyes and then bites her lip, hard enough to make it bleed, to keep herself from crying out in pain when Kim pushes her hard, back against the wall, the back of her head connecting with the bricks with a dull thud. "Do you really think I'm going to fall for that? You'll be on the phone to Jack the second I'm out of sight. Not that he's any kind of threat. The boy is an idiot." Zoe rambles, and if it weren't for the words that she was speaking Kim could've sworn she was the old Zoe. His Zoe. "Can you believe that he actually thought it was Drew lighting those fires? And now he thinks that Peter's still alive. He's not, in case you're wondering. That would just be silly."

"I don't care about that. I just want Rachel back, safe and alive."

"Now, nobody said anything about her being alive." Those are the words that finally broke him, his grip tightens again, temporarily crushing her windpipe and making it impossible for her to taunt him any longer but even when her face turned red and little black dots started to dance in front of her eyes, she didn't struggle, she didn't put up a fight. She just looks at him with passionless eyes, like she doesn't even care if she dies or maybe she just didn't believe that he had it in him.

And she was right, when the red fog of blind rage cleared and Kim realized what he was doing, his grip went slack and he stumbled back, almost tripping over the coffee table and falling on his ass. Leaving Zoe to gasp and sputter for air as she slid down against the wall, her legs to shaky to hold her up. It wasn't the best look for a criminal mastermind but that was the unfortunate side effect of almost being choked to death.

And then she laughed in this awful, mocking way that made Kim cringe. "I knew you couldn't do it. You kill me and you become a killer. Just like your father, just like your mother. Just like Jonathan would've been," Kim's head shot up at the sound of his dead brother's name. "You know that kind of thing runs in families and since you haven't inherited your parents…killer instincts, shall we say." She shrugs and struggles to her feet. "Your mother probably did the world a favour."

Zoe was thrown up against the wall for the second time that night. "You…you don't get to say that name." Kim growled roughly, getting right in her face and grabbing a fistful of blonde curls, tugging on them forcefully.

Two sets of blue eyes lock and for a brief moment that old electricity sparked between them, Zoe surges forward and presses her lips against his, the kiss lasts just long enough for the coppery tang of her blood to hit the tip of Kim's tongue. Their lips still locked, Zoe takes advantage of his stunned state and brings her knee up hard into his groin. Kim lets out a groan and releases her as he sinks to his knees.

Zoe darts past his prone form, having achieved what ever it was she had hoped to accomplish there. "I wasn't lying, you know," She pauses on the way out to admit in a quiet voice. "I did love you."

"Zoe, wait-" Kim called out as she fled, stumbling after her the best he could. He heard a car door slam and the screech of tires from outside the house and saw the red glow of taillights disappear down the street as he collapsed against the doorframe and he started to cry.



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