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After The Bay

Guest -Emily-

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This is my fan-fic about what KK did after Summer Bay. It follows on after the minute they drive out of Summer Bay.

KK have just driven past the Summer Bay sign, not knowing where to go. They are driving around in no particular direction, hoping for a place far away for them to hide.

"Where are we going to go Kane? They're sure to find us someday, we have to get as far away from here as possible...even the city isn't far enough." Kirsty said with an anxious look on her face. "And what about the baby? We need to get a house somewhere, to give him the best start to life." Kane smiled at Kirsty. "We're going to be just fine Kirst, we'll find somewhere in the country. Even if its the other side of Australia." This made Kirsty feel alot better, and she sat in the car, her hand on her tummy. After driving for miles and miles, they saw a sign saying Yabbie Creek. "Surely we've got further than that Kane?" It seemed like they'd been driving for hours, but only about 6 miles so far. They knew the police would be searching for them but for some reason they were'nt worried. As long as they were together, they'd be ok.

That was the first chapter. I know it was short but I'll put the next chapter up soon. :)

What did you think?

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Finally KK were getting somewhere. They reached the city, and Kirsty had an idea.

"Kane, why don't we stay with Rhys, my dad? He could hide us away, give us a bed and provide us with food and money for the baby and us." Kane was considering this, but the city was only 2 hours away from Summer Bay, and it wouldn't be long before the cops started snooping around there. they had to keep driving, far away as possible, even if it was to an airport. They had their passports so they could fly anywhere. "Kirst, lets do it. Lets hop on a plane and go somewhere. How about America? They'd never look there. or maybe Italy?" Kane said with a glint in his eye. "Aww babe, you come up with fab ideas...Italy sounds perfect." And so it was. KK got to Sydney airport and booked in for a flight later that day. Kirsty was unsure about what would happen to her baby, being pregnant, but she had to take that risk to be with the person she loved and cherished. It wasn't long before they were aboard the plane. They had a seat near the window and waved goodbye to Australia as they took off to a new life in Italy. The plane was going to fly into Rome, so KK decided they'd look for somewhere to live there. After hours and hours and hours, they finally arrived. They took a moment to take in the Italian air, then strolled around smiling to eachother.

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Chapter 3.

"We have to find somewhere to live Kane, ooh that looks like an estate agents! Lets have a look." Kirsty smiled to herself. They look at tonnes of houses until they found a little cottage right near the Colleseum in Rome. It was perfect for them, it had three bedrooms, one for them both, one for the baby, and one spare. They decided to purchase it. It was so exciting but they know they had to be careful, the cops could be anywhere, they must have started looking already. As they walked around Rome, something startled Kirsty. She felt a sharp pain in her tummy, she knew she was going into labour, it was 3 weeks early! "Kane, we have to get to a hospital quick...my waters have broken, please." Kane replied, "Its ok Kirsty, lets go to the hospital. It'll be fine." Kirsty was in agony, so was so relieved when they reched the hospital. They got Kirsty a bed, and it was just her and Kane in the delivery room. "Surely the baby will come soon, its been hours, I can't do this for much longer babe." Kirsty said.

That was the end of chapter 3, short I know.

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Chapter 4 :)

"Its ok Kirst, it won't be long now, oh look!" Kirsty gave one big last push and there was sound of a baby crying. "Kane, its a girl! She's beautiful!" Kirsty whispered with tears in her eyes. It was such a happy moment. Kane was looking at his daughter, she was perfect. "So, any ideas on names?" Kane said. "I don't know babe. Hey do you wanna hold her?" Kane held his baby girl in his arms. They were so happy!

That was a short chapter i know, but I just wanted to get to straight to the point. :)

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A last, short chapter :)

We have to tell someone' Kirsty said. 'My mum will be so proud you know!' Kane disagrred, they were on the run! And they couldn't do hardly anything! they were stuck in Rome, but as proud parents. They rocked their baby in their arms. 'What shall we call this little beauty then kirst?' Kane smiled. 'Any ideas?' Kane looked up. 'Lets think of something really special and unique, something no one we know has as a name. Like Miley, its sounds so cute, just like her!' And so it was. Baby Miley had been welcomed into the world, she had the gift of two aprents who loved her very much, and were going to take care of her, no matter how long it takes or how hard it was. They took some time to admire their sleeping beauty, stroking her forehead and singing lullabys sweetly and whispering to her that they loved her. As soon as Kirsty was allowed to leave, they were all together as a family, happy, and toegether forever, ready to fight what ever life threw at them in the long run. Proudly watching their child, the two proud adults wandered off into the sunset, baby Miley in her push chair, hand in hand ready to face the world together.

Thats the end of After the bay. There may be another KK fic soon, so watch this space!


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