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Tues 29 Aug 06 - "Get Desperate"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Get Desperate"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 29 Aug 06 - Episode # 4262)

Rachel apologises to kimmy for confronting Tara, whilst, moments later, policeman Rice enters – he issues a restraining order (form Tara) to Rachel.

Drew enters the diner, as Leah & Dan talk about the deal that Leah & Amanda struck for belle & drew,

Drew tells them of his good day – incl. the pay that Amanda gave him. Colleen is pleased with this – as she is going to be Amanda’s housekeeper.

When drew tries to start pay for food & board, Dan suggest that drew should save money for a rainy day. Drew then quickly bails for the diner (i.e. Dan’s comment has obviously trigger something).

Drew enters that shed at Amanda’s place, and sets the sprinkler timer. He is about to bail when Amanda enters that adjacent pool area – and proceeds to skinny dip !!!!

Jack stalk to Rachel& kimmy when his phone rings.

Jack goes to the wharf – the scene of the latest arson attack. Rice thinks that drew is taunting them, but isn’t so sure.

Drew think he has a chance to bail form the shed without notice when Amanda appears to be leaving the ppl area, but she doesn’t bail – so drew had to stay in the shed – and its clear that he likes what he sees (Amanda sunbaking still sans clothing).

Tony tells Alf that he is really struggling with ebvetryt9ig at the gym. Alf thinks that Tony should ask kimmy for help – indeed, Alf think that kimmy would love the distraction.

Rachel enters the room – and comments on Tony wearing Kimmy’s gym uniform.

At the crime scene, rice is adamant that drew is responsible, and the firies finding kerosene can nearby confirms his thoughts.

When Rachel returns to the bachelor pad, she stops 2 teen girls form grafting the house. When inside though. She tells kimmy that there was a pesky dog outside.

Colleen is way excited (diner) at trying out to be Amanda’s housekeeper. As she bails, jack & Rice enter. They wonder, to Dan, where drew was at approx 1.30pm when fire start.

Amanda is still sunning herself by then pool when she hears a weird noise (unbeknownst to her its Drew’s mobile). Amanda is distracted when colleen arrives. Soon after the 2 women exit the poll area, so too does Drew.

Drew then encounters bell near the wharfs. She is in heaven after Amanda treated her to a say at a health spa. Belle senses that drew is distracted, but drew talk his way out of it.

Drew enters the diner, and when asked where he was (by jack & rice) drew initially says that he was with belle (police know that she was at health spa). He then says that he’s not keen on telling them where he actually was (i.e. it’s the old Dani Sutherland syndrome, “I might go to jail, but at least I’ll still have a [in Drew’s case] girlfriend).

Rachel is trying to talk about the wedding with Kimmy - incl. the thought that a horse & cart is out, thanks to sally’s;’ horror story. Rachel realises that Kimmy isn’t being distracted, but when Tony arrives, kimmy agrees to help at the gym.

Colleen is about to bail form Amanda’s place when the police arrives with Dan & drew.

After colleen is gone, drew is forced to admit that he was in the shed by the pool at the time of the fire, and Amanda backs up his story by telling the police that she DID hear Drew’s phone ring (it was Leah call him).

Drew is now in the clear with the police, but WAY not so with Amanda.

Colleen (in gym gear) is looking fwd to her latest gym class – which Rachel is pleads to hear. Colleen’s friend Betty enters the diner, and says that the other bowls girls have taken a vote 0 and are boycott Kimmy’s class. Colleen calls Betty ^ the others narrow minded.

Colleen enters the gym and makes excuses to kimmy why the other aren’t here today, but in passing, she does mention those 2 would be graffitists.

After the police drop the charges against drew ands bail, Amanda says that she has every right to have drew charged with perving on her. This happens just as Belle enters. Drew tells Amanda that it would have been embarrassing for both in he’d emerged form that shed.

Belle & drew then talk alone, and belle says that she’ll forgive drew, if she can watch him do laps of the pool in the same level of undress as Amanda earlier.

Kimmy is still helping at gym when Amanda arrives. She is not impressed – both with kimmy AND with Tony - that he is there.

Jack & rice are at the scene of the latest arson attack when jack says that he think the pyro is right under there noses (note – a friend of mine thinks that’s Rice).

Kimmy returns home – and shocks Rachel when he says that it’s all too much and that he wants to bail form the bay. (end of ep)


Will Rachel leave the bay with Kimmy?

Is there a chance that Till/Luke will get back together?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Colleen's pink singlet top/tropical (blue & green) shirt combo

SILVER – Amanda's black silky pool robe

BRONZE – Colleen's hite (with blue & yellow leaf motifs) button up shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS -Betty's red & gold button up shirt

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