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Thanks for all your replies. ^_^

This is set a month after the last part. It is quite a short part. :wink:


Summary: Ella was saved, after Jonah (Mystery "STOP! Person) persuaded Mumma Rose to give back Ella. Martha was discharged from hospital.

"Martha, you're thirty-nine and a half weeks pregnant" Jack points out to his heavilly pregnant wife, who was helping Kim, Robbie and Tasha clean up after there had been a break in, in Noah's bar.

"We've nearly finished now anyway" She says while clearing up the last of the broken glass. "You could have helped like everyone else"

"You could have let me help" He argues. "There was nothing left for me to do"

"There was loads for you to do!" She replies shouting. "You could have..."

"Who wants a drink?" Kim asks, trying to stop Martha and Jack's 'arguement'. Everyone nods, except Martha who feels very left out.

After about an hour Tasha and Robbie went back home after Tasha told them she felt very ill, Jack and Kim were trying to drink each other under the table and all Martha could do was watch them. She didn't have the energy to stop them getting drunk, it was too late anyway- they already were!

"Someones going to have a very bad hangover in the morning!" Martha laughs as they both down more shots. "Don't you both think you have had enough?" She aksed them, but they were not listening to her.

Another hour went by, Kim and Jack had both passed out while trying to play pool. Martha suddenly feels a sharp pain in her stomach, and her waters have broken..

Preview: Their all locked in!

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More to make up for the fact that I haven't posted in ages. :(

Another short part. :wink:


"Jack! Please wake up" Martha pleads with him and shakes him to try and wake him up again, but collapsed onto the floor again with another contraction. She was not very prepared for this moment because she had missed many of her scans and all of her antenatal appointments because either her or Jack were too busy to go.

When the pain decreased a little bit, she went over to the door. The door would not open, the lock had broken! She shouted for help but no one could hear her, she went to the bar where her mobile was- It was dead! The bar phone had been broken during the break in, she didn't know what to do at that point.

Did Jack have his phone? Martha thought to herself while breathing through all the pain, she walked over to him. He still wasn't awake so she went into his pockets, his mobile was there and the battery and signal was all okay!


Beth mob

Dad mob

Dad Home

Luc Mob...

She went through the list but as another contraction came, she just pressed the call button even though she didn't know who she was calling...


"Hello?" A voice from the other end replied. "Who is that?"


"Argh! Help me! Please help me" She screams while holding the phone in one hand and clutching her stomach with the other.


"Martha, is that you?" Tony asks from the other end. "Is it the baby?"


"Yeah! I'm locked in!" She screams again. "I cant get out"


"Martha, where are you?"


The phone line went dead; the baby was not going to wait for help. It was coming now.

Preview: Will Jack and Kim come around, or will Tony find them in time?

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I cant believe Jack got himself drunk when he knew his wife was due anytime soon. And i cant believe she is 39.5wks pregnant, now that i've never heard of :lol: Great chapters though. I hope Tony can get to her in time. Jack is such an idiot and so is Kim.

Please update soon :)

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A couple of hours later, Jack had started to come around; he had a really bad headache and was vomiting all over the floor. Martha was frantically trying to get the door to open, but all her energy had drained out of her. "Jack!" She noticed he was now awake and no longer drunk, just suffering the consequences.

"Martha! What's happened?" Jack asks while sliding off the pool table and rushing over to her.

"Well Jack, it all kind of started..." She breathes through another contraction, "...With unprotected sex"

"You're in labour?" Jack asks, even though he knew the obvious answer. Martha screams again, clutching on to Jack's hand really tightly.

"We're trapped" She shouts. "I can't get out!"

"I am never drinking again" Jack states while holding onto his head in pain. "I need your mobile"

"Argh! It’s dead, none of them are working" Jack and Martha both look worriedly at each other and then at a still passed out, Kim.

"Martha, Martha listen! I'm going to break the door to get help" Martha kept shaking her head; she didn't want Jack to leave her alone. "I will be right back with help, hold on both of you" He kisses Martha and then smashes the door down the door.


Twenty-Five minutes later Jack returns, with his Dad to find Martha leant forward on one of the bar stools in a great deal of pain. "Come on Martha, we've got to get you to the hospital" Tony tells her as they both try to help her up and into Jack's car.

"I can't" She screams in pain, "It's coming now!" Jack and Tony look at each other but then try again to get her into the car, succeeding this time.

Preview: Will the baby be born in the car?

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