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“Martha! Stay with me please” Jack was frantically driving Martha to the hospital, realising it was third time he had been there in the past two months. “Please, Martha!”


“Ella’s been kidnapped!” Tasha shouted as she rushed into the police station, a police officer that she had never met before took sat her down. He tried to clam her down but she was worried sick about her baby daughter, she explained to him that she definitely knew who had taken her and showed him the note. The police officer didn’t understand it so he handed the case over to someone to who was involved when all of it started out.

They visited the place where the believer’s farm used to be, Tasha thought the place was too obvious but went with them anyway while Robbie stayed at the police station.

They are all shocked when they see Mumma Rose by the river, pouring water on Ella’s head repeatedly. “Stop it, give me my daughter back!” Tasha orders as she tries to grab Ella back, but Mumma Rose was holding her to tightly and was not going to let her go again.


“Please help me!” Jack rushed into the hospital; carrying Martha is his arms as she was too dizzy to walk on her own. “Anyone?”


“Where’s Jack?” Tasha asked as everyone stood still. “I want Jack; he would do something unlike everyone here”

“Jack is off duty” One of the police officers explained to a frantic Tasha. “No one can contact him”


“Please, someone tell me what’s happening to my wife” Jack orders as yet another doctor walks past him into Martha’s hospital side room. Jack followed them in, he found Martha more awake and was quite relieved when she grinned at him. He realised she was feeling better and the baby was alive and kicking.

“Jack!” She smiled and he ran up to hug her. “The baby is fine, they said it was something to do with concussion” Jack placed his hand on Martha’s bump and smiled as he felt it kick. “Which is weird because I don’t remember banging my head when I fell?”

“Because you did” Jack pointed out. “Wow, one months to go until our baby is born”


Everyone at the scene realised that no one could make Mumma Rose give Ella back to her mother. However hard anyone tried, it was their last option and they had no they choice- armed police.

“STOP!” They heard someone shout from behind them, Tasha stares at them shocked.

Preview: Martha starts getting worried about the birth.

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