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I'm back! :cool:


"Jack has now been stabilised" The doctor told Martha, who looked very relived and rushed back in to see her husband. "He's sleeping now, it's been a rough day" The doctor left Jack's room and Martha sat down and waited.

He finally began to stir, and Martha knew he was waking up so she stood beside him so he could see her. "Jack?"

"Martha, what happened?" He tried to sit up but the pain from his burns were too mush for him and he screamed.

"There was a fire..." Martha was stopped by Jack, who looked really confused.

"I thought you hated me" He said to her.

"I never hated you, Jack" She sat on his bed with him. "I was just in shock really"

"And I said I am really sorry" Jack replied.

"I know, and I am too" Martha smiled at him. "But I still love you"

"I love you too" Jack smiled back at her. "I'd hug you but I kind of can't get up" Martha giggled and looked really happy, they were together again.

"And Jack, I have something really exiting to tell you" At that moment, Martha started to feel dizzy and collapsed onto the floor. Jack shouted for help.


"Martha, the reason why you collapsed is because you are very dehydrated" The doctor told her. "It isn't helping your baby"

"But it's okay though, isn't it?" Martha looked at doctor; she was really worried about her baby. "The baby is okay though?"

"Yes, yes the baby is fine" The doctor continued. "But just be careful"

"Can I go?" But before the doctor could answer, Martha raced back into Jack's room.


"Martha, are you okay?" Jack asks as soon as she walks through the door. "Should you be in here?"

"I'm fine, Jack" She told him.

"If you say so" He says. "So what did you have to tell me before?"

"We're having a baby!"

Preview: Now Martha has forgiven Jack, will she forgive Tasha?

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"Really? That's great" Jack replies excitedly, as Martha removes her jacket to reveal a small baby bump. "Wow! How many months?" Jack places his hand on Martha's bump.

"Four and a half months" Martha smiles. "The doctor said I could find out the sex but I decided to wait until I had told you" Jack removes his hand off Martha and looks disappointedly at her.

"How long have you known?" Jack asks her angrily.

"Not long, just since I was in hospital" Martha replies. "I was trying to tell you at home but it always turned into an argument"


"I've booked us a holiday!" Robbie announces to his wife. "Okay, it's just going to the city for a week but Ella is a bit young to fly"

"That's great, Rob when are we going?" Tasha asks while rocking baby Ella to sleep.

"Tomorrow!" Robbie replies, Tasha laughs. "What's so funny?"

"Tomorrow? On your birthday?" She puts Ella in her cot as she finally goes off to sleep. "I better go and pack"


Later on Martha was sat in the diner on her own, Tasha walked in with the pram and saw Martha. She thought about rushing back out again, but that would be like ignoring Martha and she didn't want to.

"Tash, it's okay" Martha tells her. "Sit down" She stares at Ella smiling, and after a few minutes of silence she picks her up. "She's gorgeous" Tasha smiles at her awkwardly.

"Martha..." Martha pauses her, she knew what Tasha was going to say to her and didn't want to here it again. She had heard it all from Jack.

"It's okay, it's all in the past" She rocks baby Ella, grinning at her. "Want to go for a walk down the beach?"

"Yes" Tasha replies eagerly. "You're pregnant!" She notices as Martha gets up.

"No point in hiding it now" Martha laughs. You seem shocked?"

"No, that's great" Martha places Ella back in the pram and they leave the diner together.


"My suitcase will not shut!" Tasha says while jumping up and down on it.

"Well why have you packed so much?" Robbie points out. "That isn't going to work" Robbie realises and then jumps on it himself, but falls behind the suitcase in the process. "Ow" Tasha laughs and playfully kisses him on his lips.

"That isn't going to work either" She giggles, they keep laughing until they hear the sound of Ella crying. "I'll go; you can keep trying to shut my suitcase"

Preview: It's all baby names and painting nurseries for Jack and Martha, but Tasha and Robbie are too busy catching up with a past character in the City.

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