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Story Title: Protection

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack & Martha, Tasha & Robbie

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Everything goes wrong with the two couples.

It's just basically carrying on from 'Forbidden Lust' but without the Matilda and Lucas because I don't know how to carry on that.

*Note- Now we know that the baby is called Ella, I have changed the baby's name to Ella. :P

Update: Martha was on hospital after nearly drowning, Tasha told Robbie about her and Jack...


Martha had been released from hospital a few days ago; she still lived with Jack in the bachelor pad. She refused to sleep in the same bed as him, even when he offered to sleep on the sofa to which she replied "Don't bother" Jack did not have the energy to start another argument so he let her have her way.


"Robbie" Tasha said to her husband, relieved that he was back. He just walks straight past her and picks up Ella out of her cot. "Rob, talk to me" But again he didn't reply.

"I'm taking Ella out!" He finally says and places the newborn in her pram and pushes her out of the door.


Jack heard a knock on the door. “Come in†He shouted as he was making himself some dinner. He saw Tasha come in and sighed but he came and sat down with her on the sofa anyway. “So…â€

â€Is Martha talking to you yet?†Tasha asked him.

“Well, yes if count arguing†He continued, “But I don’t think things will ever be the same againâ€

“Robbie hates me, it’s all my fault and I’m so sorry Jack†She had tears dribbling down her face; Jack couldn’t help but go over and hug her. “I’m so sorry, Jack†She repeats.


Martha was sitting alone on the beach, letting the soft golden sand run between her toes as she sat there thinking about everything. It was the part of the beach that she really loved as she went there quite often to think things through; she had never told anyone this- Not even Jack.

She noticed Robbie walk past, she called over to him but he ignored her so she ran up to him. “I’m sorry, I was going to tell but it’s not our faultâ€

He stopped and listened to her as she talked about how it was affecting everything, he agreed with her and then they started talking about Ella and how hard it was for him to pretend to be her father.


“JACK!†Tasha shouted to him as he was in the bedroom. “JACK! THE KITCHENS ON FIRE!†Jack rushed back through the door to find the kitchen in flames.

“Tash! Get out quick†But the flames were spreading too quickly and the door had been blocked.

Preview: Will Tasha and Jack be rescued in time?

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Yes they will get out alive

But then Martha and Robbie will find out that they were together!!!!!

oh no!!!!!!!!!1

But Natasha ur doing a great job keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

Update ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It didn't really end; there is a kind of update before first part of this fic. You can see the fic by going into my profile and then something like 'topics I've started'

Short part! :wink:


"There is something that I really do need to tell Jack" Martha says to Robbie as she rocks baby Ella in her arms. "Robbie?"

"Is that smoke?" Robbie asks confused, it was everywhere. "Do you think there is a fire somewhere?"

"No, it's probably just someone’s BBQ" Martha replies, reassuring him. "Anyway, do you think I should tell Jack?"

"Tell Jack what?" Robbie was clearly distracted by the smoke. "There is a fire!" Robbie exclaims as he see fire emerging from behind the trees.


"We're going to die!" Tasha clings on to Jack as the fire was closing in on them. "Jack!" Jack didn't reply, he looked just as scared as Tasha. They heard screaming coming from Kim and Rachel's room, they then saw a shadow trying to get through the door.

"Kim?" Jack asked, confused. "I thought you were at work"

"I wish I was" Kim explained. "We can't get out" Kim stared at the front door, which was blocked off by fire.

"Well done Einstein" Jack jokes as they try to lighten the mood.



"It's coming from the bachelor pad" Martha points out. "Call for help!" She hands Ella back to Robbie and rushes towards the fire.


Jack and Kim were unconscious; Tasha tried to make them come around with no success. She was slipping further into unconsciousness with them.

Preview: They are rescued, but someone is critically ill.

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