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Odd request

Guest I Love Mark Furze

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This will sound very odd i know, but i was wondering if anyone could rig me up a couples picture, in any way shape or form, banner maybe, anything? It's for a folder/lever arch file. I would be very grateful, i struggle to be creative. I would like the following couples:

Jack and Martha

Ric and Matilda (i know they're not a couple, but i do think they'd be good together and they have a nice friendship)

Lucas and Belle (because i didn't really like Belle with Ric and they seem to have a good friendship)

Ric and Cassie

Flynn and Sally

Dan and Leah

Kim and Rachel

Brad and Emily

Robbie and Tasha

Tony and Beth

I'd much appreciate anything, like i say it's for a (purple) folder and the pics will be covered by sticky plastic and i'm doing it all via microsoft word, just copying and pasting some pictures in, i just need to decide what colour of paper to print it in now, :lol:, any suggestions welcome.

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