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Leave Us Alone!

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Ok well i thought i'd write a fic cause it seems alot of people are and yes so i thought i'd give it a go. i hope you all like it and if it's no good then tell me and ill stop lol but please, please reveiw. OK so yes it is another Jack and Martha fic sorry for those who are sick of them lol but yer i've already written the next few chapters so don't worry if it's good you won't be in suspense for too long. Ok here we go :)

Jack and Martha are sitting on the beach and are talking about their future together. Martha looks at her watch and sees she’s late.

"Oh, i'd better go. I told Tasha i'd meet her at Irene's an hour ago"

"Martha, don't leave me. Please, i'll miss you too much" Jack pouts

"Aww no, don't use that face, you know i can't resist that face" Martha pleads while Jack smiles

"Look, i've really gotta go but how about i make you a romantic dinner tonight and i'll make it up to you"

"Well i suppose that'll have to do" Martha laughs at her husband

"Ok well i'll see you then Mr.Holden"

She leans in and gives Jack a passionate kiss and whispers those three words that make Jack's heart beat a million times a minute

"I love you"

"I love you more gorgeous"

Martha slowly makes her way from Jack's embrace to Tasha's house where she hears two people argue.

She recognises the voices as Robbie and Tasha.

"I can't believe this, how many times are you going to hurt me? First Johnah and all the believers crap and now this.

I trusted you. I love you and i thought you loved me too"

"Rob, i do love you but please keep your voice down"

"No, i won't. I want the whole of Summer Bay to know what a sl**t of a wife you are"

"Robbie, please. I didn't do this to hurt you. It just happened"

"It just happened did it? Oh it just happened? Tell me Tash how does falling in love with your best friend's husband just happen?"

"Please understand. You and Martha were missing and Jack and I, we just got close you know. I can't explain it, i'm sorry"

"Oh your sorry are you? Well poof, just like magic the problem goes away"

"Rob please, i truly am sorry"

"Well Tasha, you know what? I'm sorry, i can't do this"

"What do you mean"

"I mean, we're done. We're finished. We're through. Now get out, i never want to see you again"

"But robbie"


Tasha, crying uncontrollably, starts to walk out but when she gets to the door she finds Martha and realises she heard everything.

"Mac, wait, i can explain"

Martha not knowing what she had just heard runs off crying hystericall

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ok here's the next bit sorry it's very short so i put the next two chapters up apologies for the shortness. Thanks for all your reveiws. Enjoy!!

Jack was walking down the beach as he usually did at this time of day when he saw a woman crying. He gradually got close enough to know that it was Martha.

"Martha, hey babe. What's the matter?"

"Just go away Jack"

"C'mon what's wrong?" He tickles her from behind

"JACK DON'T!!" Jack backs away looking shocked

"ok i'm sorry, that was jerky of me but I love you Martha, i'm not just going to walk away and pretend your not hurt when you obviously are"

"OK. When i went over to Tasha's before, i heard her and Robbie arguing and found out that she's in love with you."


"I need to know Jack do you feel the same way about her"

"What? Of course not. Martha why would you think that?"

"I don't know, she said that when Rob and i were out in the bush you two got close and feelings started to develop and i was really worried that maybe you started liking her too"

"Yer well that doesn't mean i love her. Sure we got close but it was only because we were going through the same thing and we were supporting each other"

"Are you sure"

"Yes, Martha i love you with all of my heart. I've never felt like this before and i'm not going to throw that away, well you know unless the chick is really hot because if that's the case then i'm sorry but you're outta here seriously but we're talking Jessica Alba hot here otherwise i guess i'm stuck with you." Jack laughs, Martha slaps him and laughs.

"I love you"

"I love you too"


Jack looks at Martha sleeping, he thinks to himself how lucky he is to have her and how beautiful she is.

"Hi, take a picture you perve it'll last longer" She giggles

"Well maybe i will"

"So what were you thinking about while watching me sleep? Cause you know if you need some alone time with your thoughts of how gorgeous i am then i can leave" Martha laughs, she just can't help being vain when she's around Jack, she feels she has to outdo him but then again he is the master of being vain.

"Oh well i was just thinking how lucky you are to have me. I mean there aren't that many genuine guys like me around any more" He knows he can win over Martha any day

"Argh you're so vain" Martha laughs

"Not vain, i just know who i am and what i look like and i must admit i like it" Martha playfully slaps him.

"Well you know seeing as how you're such a good guy and all you won't have any trouble taking me out to dinner tonight"

"I think that can be arranged. Come here gorgeous"

Jack grabbed Martha and put his arms around her waist and held tight.

He never wanted to let her go but he knew she had to go to work in five minutes so he let go of her and pushed her out of the bed, playfully, careful not to hurt her.

"Well just for that Mr. Holden you can buy the wine tonight, i was going to be nice and genorous but now you can buy the whole meal" Martha cheekily smiled

"Oh i don't think that's fair, i was just trying to get you out of bed"

"Whatever, talk to the hand" She sticks her hand out at him as he gets up and tickles her. They fall to the ground in fits of laughter.

ok sorry that was really short but i hope you all liked it, the next chapter (hopefully longer) will be up in the next few days please reveiw :)

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Thanks for all your great reveiws i hope you're all enjoying it, here's the next bit.

It's 3 o'clock and Martha finished work at 3.15 so Jack decided to go for a walk and pick her up. He was walking along the beach when he saw something. It made his blood boil. He hated looking at it but he decided to go up and rid himself of all the anger.


"Excuse me?"

"You heard me..How dare you tell Martha that you have feelings for me"

"Jack, i didn't mean to. I was arguing with Robbie and she was at the door listening. If anything she's the one at fault here"


"Well she could've walked away but no her big ears couldn't help themselves. Sometimes i wonder why you're with her."

"Because i love her, that's why" Tasha begins to creep forward

"You know, if you got rid of her you could have someone else, someone better"

"I don't want anyone else, nobody is better than Martha and no-one ever will be, i will never stop loving her" Tasha reaches Jack and and starts to walk her fingers up his shoulder.

It sends chills up his spine, he feels as if he is talking with the devil. Tasha creeps up toward Jacks ear and whispers..

"You can have me" Jack is horrofied and pushes her away

"Get away from me"

"C'mon Jack, you know you want it, i can feel how much you want me. I can make your fantasies come true" She lunges at Jack and gives him a sickly passionate kiss.

Jack pulls away and wipes his mouth, "Look, i love Martha and she loves me and there's nothing you can do about ok so just leave us alone!!!"

"You want me i can feel it, sooner or later you'll realise that i'm better than that low-life peice of trash you call a wife." Jack is so angry he just like hitting her, but he was taught to never hit a woman no matter how deranged they were. He opened his mouth to talk but was interupted..

"Well look what the cat dragged in" Martha looked at Tasha with disgust, she couldn't believe her best friend was such a sk**k

"Excuse me, my boyfriend and i were talking so if you could kindly leave it would be much appreciated"

"What, im not your boyfriend. You are seriously twisted if you think i will ever be with you" Jack was getting frustrated

"Oh yer that's right, you're with this cow" She looked at Martha and Martha just glared back. Martha knew Jack couldn't hurt her as he was a police officer and was trained to behave in an orderly fashion but there was nothing stopping her from slapping some sense into Tash.

"You know what Tash, you deserve everything you get"

"OOh im so scared" The next thing Tasha knew she was on the ground bleeding quite heavily. She was mumbling gibberish and then finally fell unconcious.

"C'mon Jack let's go"

"Hold on i'll call an ambulance"

"Why would you want to save scum like her"

"Because i don't want you being a murderer ok, you've already lost your best friend im not going to let you go to jail too"

"OK" They start to walk off, Jack is on the phone while Martha is lost in her own thoughts. Martha finally breaks the silence.

"I'm sorry Jack"

"For what"

"For losing my temper, i shouldn't have hit her. I should've just walked away" She starts to sob

"Hey, hey, you didn't do anything i wouldn't have done"

"You would've hit Tash?"

"Well, no because i've been trained not to but i swear if you hadn't have come and done it first in a few more minutes i would've cracked"

"I love you"

"I love you too" Martha leans towards Jack and passionately kisses him while he wraps his arms around her waist, they break apart and walk home hand in hand.

After they've gone the ambulance arrives. Tasha slowly regains conciousness in the hospital, she feels her head and can fell where the doctors had stitched up her wound. She sits up and thinks of her next move. An evil smile its her face

"If i can't have you, no-one will"

i think that made up for my short chapters earlier lol

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thanks for all your great reveiws here's the next bit, i hope you like it :)

Once again Jack was watching the love of his life sleep. She was so beautiful, her long brown hair just shined in the sunlight seeping through the window.

He just sat there staring at her, he was so mezmorized that he didn't realise she had awoken.

"Dude, seriously, here's my camera take a picture cause you're starting to freak me out" she giggled

"Oh sorry, i was just mezmorized at my beauty"


"There's a mirror behind you, ha you thought i was looking at you, you wish lady. But i will take you up on that camera, i mean you can never have too many pictures of yourself can you?"

"Yes you can" she laughed at her dorky husband

"I'll just go make you some breakfast"

"Hey just cause i can't cook"

"Oh Martha, don't put yourself down like that, you can cook just not as good as the Jackmister" He started to walk off laughing, Martha came up behind him and tickled him until he cried, well figuretively speaking

"OK ok i give. You can cook better than me"

"That's right, the Marthamister always wins in the end but you know what i'm really tired from last night so you can cook" she walked off laughing

"Oh thats cheap" Jack chuckles at his wife

Martha wasn't joking, the night before had been a big one. Once they left Tasha they went out for dinner as Jack had promised. They didn't want anything too fancy ater the afternoon they had had,

so they just went to the diner, but Robbie was there. Being the nice people they are they sat next to Robbie. They talked to him for hours, they had only realised how late it was when Irene kicked them out as she was closing up. Although it was hard for all of them to talk about it, it was good to get it out in the open and realise that it was just Tash's fault and nobody else's. Up unitl then both Robbie and Jack thought it was their fault for Tash turning out the way she did. Martha finally emerges out of the bathroom.

"Well finally"

"Sorry, i was washing my hair"

"Let me ask you a question, how do women spend so much time in the bathroom i mean is there some body part that we guys don't know about that you must take care of" He chuckled at his lame joke

"Well let me ask you the same question Mr. Holden"

"What do you mean"

"A few nights ago when we were going out for lunch i got ready in what? Half and hour and you took over an hour. What were you doing?" she laughs

"Well it's not my fault i had a bad hair day" he pouts

"Oh i'm sorry baby, your hair's gorgeous" she steps on her tippytoes and kisses his head. He pulls her head down to meet his lips and they passionately kiss.

"Shall we take this into the bedroom?"

"Why yes Mrs. Holden, i believe we shall" and with that he picked her up and walked off to their room.

"JACK" Martha laughed.

What they didn't realise was that Tasha had gotten out of hospital, well not actually she "discharged" herself and she was watching Jack and Martha through the window in their room.

"Oh Jack, i can please you so much more than her" she continues to watch and smiles.

"Hah, that's it" she walks away with a giant smile on her face.

The next chapter should be on tomorrow, please please please reveiw

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Here's the next bit hope it's not too short, enjoy

The next morning once again Jack was watching his wife sleep. He fiddled with her hair as she started to stir,

"SShh, baby you're OK" He stroked her face as she awoke.

"I know, i know, take a picture" Jack laughed

"Jack, i think i'm going to be sick" she ran out of the room and rushed to the bathroom

"My joke wasn't that bad, was it?" He ran after her and held her hair back. He comforted her and even thought Martha was practically throwing up her body weight, she loved that he cared so much.

About an hour later Martha came out of the shower, she had a bit more color in her face but still looked pretty pale.

"Hey babe. You want some breakfast? It may make you feel better"

"No" She covered her mouth with her hand "No i'm fine"

"You're not fine Martha, i think we should go to the doctors"

"No, no i think i know what's wrong. I'll just duck down to the chemist, i'll be back in a tick. I'd kiss you but i have really bad breath." she frowned

"I don't care, you smell gorgeous to me" He walked up to her and gave her a passionate kiss, she pulled back.

"I'll see you soon" He smiled at her

"Love you gorgeous" And within a few seconds she was gone. There was a knock at the door a few minutes later.

"That was fast babe" Jack opened the door and to his surprise it wasn't Martha but Tasha

"Tash i thought i told you to leave us alone"

"Oh you did, but i'm not taking no for an answer" she crept inside and pushed past Jack

"Tash get out of here, i can arrest you for tresspassing" Tasha turned around to face Jack and whispered in his ear

"But you won't, you need me" she started kissing him on the cheek. Jack had had enough, he pushed her aside.

"Why would i need you, i don't need you and i never will so just get outta here" he could feel the anger build up inside of him

"OK, OK i'll leave but you know this is your last chance and if you push me away this time i won't come back"

"Oh wouldn't that be a shame?" He looked at her in disgust "Get outta here Tasha and don't come back" Tasha started to walk away but turned back around.

"OK, good luck finding Martha without me" She smiled and walked out.

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hey guys, thanks for all your support here's the next bit, it's a bit short i know, i was gonna put the next bit up but i wanted to leave you guys with a cliffhanger lol sorry

Jack just stood there. He didn't know what to do. The thought of losing Martha terrified him so he did the only thing he could think of. RUN!!

"Hey, wait up" Tasha turned around and looked at Jack's trembling eyes

"Yes?" Jack felt the anger rise, he couldn't take it any more. He snapped, Jack grabbed Tasha's shoulders and started shaking her.

"Where is she? WHERE IS SHE!!!!!!!!!!!??"

"Don't worry, she isn't in danger" she smiled wickedly


"Yeah you're right, hah she's actually in quite a bit of danger, ooh Jack you better find her fast"

"You sick freak, what've you done to her? WHERE IS SHE!!??" Tasha shook her finger back and forth,

"Ah, ah, ah naughty naughty. Don't you raise your voice at me, i'm the only one who knows where she is so until you co-operate with me then you'll just have to suffer and more importantly, so will she"

"FINE!! What do you want me to do?"

"Hmmm let's see.."

"HURRY UP!! Her life is the balance, just tell me what you want and i'll do it, please"

"OK, there's no reason to beat around the bush, let's get straight to the point. I love you and i know you love me, i can feel it. I want you to get rid of your so called "wife" and marry me, we'll be happy"


"Actually" she looked herself up and down and smiled "yeah, yeah i am but guess what Jackyboy i'm in control so either you do what i say or basically you're screwed"

"NO, i will never do what you say, i'll find her by myself"

"OK, good luck" she walked away but then stopped and turned around "Time's running out Jack, TICK TOCK TICK TOCK" She walked away laughing.

Jack was furious, he knew he couldn't find her on his own so he decided to risk it all. He got out his gun and ran up behind Tasha and pointed it at her head.

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ok ok i think i left it long enough for you to want to torture yourselves lol here's the next bit

"Not so fast" Jack smiled as he knew he'd got her where he wanted her


"Oh no? Well i guess the plans have been changed. Where is she?" She just smiled, Jack hit her with the back of his gun, he knew he shouldn't hit a women but she wasn't a women, she was a kidnapper who had taken his wife

"I'll never tell you"

"WHERE IS SHE?" He hit her again and her face started bleeding

"Jack, don't you're making a big mistake" He hit her one more time and this one did it.

"Tell me where she is or i'll kill you myself"

"FINE!!" she looked at her hands and touched her face, they were all bloody, she looked at them in defeat "She's tied up in the shed, where the Believer's were" He just looked at her in disgust, he smiled and got out his handcuffs

"What are you doing? I told you where she is" He put one cuff around her hand and locked it then put the other around the pole of the sidewalk. He locked it and put the key in his pocket.

"You're right, you were a great help, but you deserve to rot in jail and as soon as i find Martha i'll personally walk you to your cell but until then..." He hit her once again, this one knocking her unconcious, he ran to his car and started up the engine.

As soon as he left a person emerged from the bushes, he walked over to Tasha and held her head in his hands. He bandaged her up and tried to wake her.

"Tash, c'mon we've got a job to do. Tash wake up" Her eyes started flickering and within a few minutes she was awake, she looked angry.

"Well don't just stand there, go get him"

"What about you and your.." He looked at her cuffs "..situation??"

"I'll be fine, when he ran away the key fell out, i'll get myself out and i'll catch up. You can't let her be found. SO GO!!"

"Right" He nodded and ran off, Tasha smiled and said to herself...

"AHH you gotta love plan B"

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Hey guys, thanks for all your comments here's the next bit.

Jack couldn't feel his body. He couldn't hear his thoughts. He was running so hard and fast that he didn't hear Martha scream. He kept on running and the adrenolin kept pumping, but then he stopped.

He fell to the ground and put his head in his hands. He thought he was such a failure as a cop, not even being able to find his wife.

"MARTHA!!!" He screamed in anger and frustration. He let his head fall into his hands and started crying. He stopped. He looked around. He heard it again, it was faint but Jack still heard it.

"Jack, help me" He got up and ran faster than he was going before. He kept running until he came accross an old barn. He stopped and inspected it. Then suddenly he heard it again.

"Jack, please, help me" He ran to the door of the barn and went inside to find his wife tied to a chair in the middle of the room. Her hands and feet were taped together and she had tape around her neck,

obviously they had tied it around her mouth so she wouldn't yell but Martha had gotten free. Jack raced to her side and started ripping the tape.

"Oh, Jack. I thought i wasn't going to make it" It was obvious to Jack that she was extremely weak

"SSShh, don't talk. We'll get you out of here and then go to the hospital. You're OK" He scooped her up in his arms and started walking outside. He wasn't afraid because he knew Tasha coudn't escape, she was handcuffed to the pole...he felt around his pocket for the keys. He couldn't feel them anywhere and started to panick.

"OH NO" Martha looked at Jack's face and saw how pale he had gotten, she was worried but was too weak to say anything. Jack's face had gone even paler, he looked at Martha and knew he had to get her out of there.

"Ok, there's nothing to worry about, let's just go before anything else happens k gorgeous?" He didn't get and answer "Martha" He shook her and then squeezed her hand "Martha wake up, please. I can't lose you again"

A man approached. Jack could here his footsteps, he swerved around to meet a familiar face.

"She's gone unconcious please help me"

"Sorry Jack, i'm under direct orders"

"What? What are you talking about, please help me"

"Sorry mate, but you've got what i want. I came for Martha" Jack was shocked and terrified at the same time but before he could figure out what was going on Tasha emerged from the bushes.

"And Martha's got what i want. I want you Jack"

Jack didn't know what to do. He couldn't understand why two people he had once called his friends could betray him like this. The man stepped forward and took Martha from Jack's hands, there was a struggle

at first as Jack wouldn't let go of her but after getting punched in the face he had no choice but to let go. The man walked away holding Martha in his arms. Jack couldn't take it, he got up and instantly knew his head was bleeding from the punch but he didn't care.

"Wait, why are you doing this? Give her back to me" Jack started screaming "WHY!!!" The man suddenly turned around and said

"Because i love her" He smiled wickedly and turned back around

"NOOO, give her back please. Don't hurt her!!!" Jack's head started throbbing, he knew he would need stitches. Before the man disappeared completely Jack screamed one more thing, the name of his attacker. "ROBBIE!!!!"

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Here's the last chapter, i know the fic was short but yer i thought it made it's point lol i hope you all enjoyed it.

Jack fell to the floor in agony. Not just over his head but his heart was breaking, not knowing if he would ever see the love of his life again. Tasha walked up to him.

"C'mon baby" She put her arm around his shoulder "Let's go home" He looked at her with pure hatred and then pushed her away.

"Don't call me baby you sick freak, get away from me and if you ever come near me again i will kill you with my bare hands. I will never love you so get it through your thick scull, i hate you and i wouldn't want to be with you if you were the last woman on earth. I'd rather die a lonely old man then be with you." Tasha looked at him and started balling her eyes out. Jack looked at her and smiled "Good, i hope you're in

pain, you deserve it after what you've done to me and my wife oh and don't worry i intend to find her. Your sl*t of a husband won't be able to stop me" He walked away laughing. Tasha ran up to him and grabbed his arm, while doing this she grabbed his gun (as he was wearing his police uniform).

"What are you doing??" Jack looked at her and tried to grab the gun out of her hands but it was too late. BANG!! Jack looked at Tasha on the floor and smiled.

"So you're not as tough as you think you are, people only kill themselves as a cop out. Ha i hope you suffer" He bent down and grabbed his gun, he put it in his pocket and walked away as Tasha started seizing.

When Jack left he got into his car and drove up the road where Robbie took Martha. After about an hour he got out to stretch his legs and found blood on the road. He presumed it was Martha's. He was so scared of what he was doing to her. Then suddenly her heard her scream.

"Martha??? WHERE ARE YOU??" He looked around, he got out his gun and started shooting in the air. He stopped. He heard another noise, but this wasn't Martha, this was her attacker.

"Martha, come here. You don't know what you're doing" Jack ran to where he heard Robbie's voice. He heard it again.

"Don't make me hurt you, i just want to talk to you so STOP RUNNING AWAY!!!" Jack kept running and then came across a big storage unit kind of like a small shed or car port. He quickly ran inside and found himself behind Robbie. Martha was so pleased to see her. Even though she knew she was still in trouble she felt safe,

now that Jack was there. She opened her mouth and started to say his name.

"Ja..." Jack quickly put his finger to his lips, gesturing her to shush. He had his gun in his hands and walked up behind Robbie and put the gun to the back of his head.

"What the??? Oh Jack i presume, well done finding us, you're a good cop but i'm surprised at how you got passed Tasha" Jack smiled

"Actually it wasn't that hard, seeing as how she took her own life" Robbie stopped, even though he loved Martha the thought of Tasha gone forever shattered him. He shook his head and once again put on the tough guy act.

"Oh well, i only needed her for the first part of my plan and i got what i wanted so i don't need her"

"Yer well to bad you won't be keeping what you want, come on Martha let's go home"

"Ah what do you think you're doing"

"Ah taking my terrified wife home"

"Yer, see then that would be ruining my plan so Martha sit back down where you were" Martha did as she was told.

"If you didn't know Robbie i have a gun to the back of your skull, don't make me hurt you."

"See i don't think you will, i'm your best friend so i think i'm safe" He started crawling over to Marth.

"Ahah don't do anything stupid Rob, you were my best friend but because you and Tash are such freaks i've decided you're off my Christmas card list"

"Oh damn, but i still think you won't do anything"

"Move and i will shoot you and believe me i will enjoy it"

"Yeh whatever" He started crawling toward Martha again. Jack was fed up, he knew he wouldn't get charged as it was in defence of himself so he thought no more about it, he pulled the trigger. BANG!!! Robbie left the position of his knees and fell to the floor.

"Oh Jack" Martha looked at Jack loveingly "I love you so much" Jack ran up to her and held her.

"I love you more gorgeous"



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