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In His Touch

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Story Title: In his Touch

Type of story: long fic/

Main Characters: Marth, Jack and Kim + others

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Something happens that changes Jack and Martha lives forever!

Chapter one none of the Corey, Martha and Jack thing has happened! As I needed a police partner for Jack lol!!!!

Thank you to Laura for the wonderful title and thank to Sian and Laura who both Proof read it for me!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys!!!!

Rated it a 12/15 as it includes some detail.

Martha and jack had been married for three months now and they were so happy. They were certain that they were perfect for each other and nothing could rain on their parade. But should they be so sure of that?

As she woke up in the morning, Martha felt terrible, her head was banging and she was about to vomit. She commented to jack about how she had a hangover before rushing to the bathroom to Throw up when noticed her calendar on the wall and what date is was she was three days late on her period which is strange as Martha is a regular as clockwork. She walked to the chemist and got what she needed she got home and done the test after what seemed like hours later she seen the faint blue line and was so happy that she had arranged a special night for Jack.

Jack had been caught up at the police station as he had just arrested Kim for the Sexual of a 15 year old girl named Tara Kim instantly knew what was going on.


Martha had just received the phone call that Jack was not coming home that night until really late because he had a lot of paper work to do and Lara and McGrath were both off ill so it was just him and Corey for the night.

Kim arrived home at about 12.30am and was very drunk indeed. “Hey Mac” Kim shouted as seen Martha on the couch watching tele. He asked her “where’s Jacky boy tonight then Mrs Holden” “Working on your case I suppose” Martha replied. Kim asked Martha did she believe him Martha said of course she did, they then started to talk about their messed up lives well Martha’s messed up life was never seeing her husband and kims was this whole Tara business. It was getting late and Kim was even more drunk than when he had came home and Martha decided to go to bed after all the baby needed the sleep and so did she she gave Kim a sympathy hug and he took this as something more as kissed her passionately. Martha pulled away so quick and Kim didt like this quite the right way and start to freak out and Martha explained to him it was only the alcohol by this time Kim was so angry he could ere colleen telling everyone about him and Tara and the rape allegations so he had nothing to lose anyway and with that he grabbed Martha and pinned her down on the kitchen table and ripped her clothes off and violently raped her she screamed at him to get off but this only made Kim angry and then ot of nowhere he had one hands pinning her down and one hand covering her mouth which he then replace with a scarf he had found on the chair.

When he had finished he just got up as if nothing had happened and went to bed Martha jumped off the kitchen table grabbed the phone and ran into her bedroom slamming the door shut behind her all she could do was sob as she dialled Jacks number but Jack was in the middle of paper and never had his phone to answer the call only Corey had the phone and rejected the call because he had a crush on Jack

All Martha could do then was crumple into a mess on the floor and sob her heart out until Jack was home.

Finally Jack arrived home and Kim was in the kitchen making breakfast and was not even the slightest bit bothered about what had happened last night jack unaware of what had happened last night greeted Kim this morning with a “G’day mate you ok” and then he made his way to the bedroom where Martha was in a heap on the floor sobbing her heart out Jack asked what was wrong but all she could do was sob even more Jack took Martha in his arms he new once she was ready she would tell him.


What will Jack do when Martha has told him???

What will happen to Kim once Jack and Ric find out?

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OMG WTH is wrong with Kim. How could he do that. And Martha's pregnant as well. I hope nothing happens to the baby *cries* I hope Jack and Ric do something bad but not bad enough to lock them up. Good start though :)

Please update soon :)

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