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Another Story About Jack and Martha

Guest Jamey-Maria

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As I posted in the beginning of the thread this is a 16 part/chapter fic. Unless of course Nicole rambles. :)

Excuse me, is there any need?! Lol. Krystal, Annie, leave me and my rambling alone!!

And I thought you were going to continue without me? Seen as though I'm hardly on. :(

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What and leave us to do all the work while you sit back and enjoy the reading? Nu-ah :P I'll wait thankyou. I don't care how long it takes for you to get that comp fixed. The next person that's going to update will be you even if it takes a life time. So I guess that means to everyone it will be takeng a break.... a long break, lol. Shame as it just started, But I'm sure when Nicole eventually updates (because she will, I'll make her) it will be worth it. :)

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*taps foot*

Excuse me? lol Howcome I keep clicking onto different areas and people are ganging up on me!! And how is it that Annie's ALWAYS involved.. hmm?

Oh god, not the nagging!! Annie and Cait's army of nagger's will get me again!

*hides under desk*

I'm not updating. :) If you want me in it.. then i can do the odd guest chapter. lol. Yea.. special guest Nicolio! :D

No 'Nicole is special *wink wink*' jokes please!

EDIT : Nicole caved... I'm writing the chapter as we speak. Huff..

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Chapter 4

Jack turned around, giving a light chuckle as he rested his hands on the back of the chair.

“What are you laughing at?” Joan demanded. Jack looked up at her, shaking his head gently.

“Joan, I don’t want to take Martha away from you. I just want to make her happy.” He explained. Joan shook her head roughly, disturbing the feathers that lay on the collar of her jacket.

“She’d be happiest if she was getting married to a suitable man.” Joan told him.

“A suitable man? When did I turn unsuitable?” Jack asked through frustrated laughs.

“When you arrested my son.” Roger grumbled. Jack sighed, rolling his eyes as he sat down opposite them. This was the conversation that he’d been dreading all day, the one thing that he knew deep inside Joan and Roger hated him for. It was the thing that was holding Martha and himself back from their perfect ending.

“Martha’s brother was a drug dealer, I had no choice but to arrest him!” Jack explained.

“You always have a choice, boy.” Roger said, picking his head up. “And you chose the wrong one.”

“No I didn’t!” Jack cried, picking his hands up angrily. “I can see why that at the time you may have not been too fond of me, after all it was the first time we met and I’d just arrested your son. But things are different now; things have changed! It’s a year on, Martha agrees that it was the best choice and so does Scott!” He exclaimed. “He’s off the drugs now, and when he gets out he vows that he’ll keep on the straight. It’s done him a load of favours!” Jack reasoned.

“Oh, and I suppose you want a medal or something.” Joan muttered. Jack looked up in disbelief.

“Can I not do anything right!?” He asked. “Me and Martha have tried so hard, and this is how you repay us. So you were a little peeved that I arrested your son last year, but it’s time to get over it. For Martha’s sake.” Jack said. “I mean… she was literally shaking with nerves all day! She just wants you to be proud of her! You should be proud of her! She’s a wonderful woman!” Jack cried. Joan nodded.

“She is a wonderful woman,” She began, hushing Jack into silence, “too wonderful for you.”

“No arguments here.” Jack said, raising his hand. “I’m the luckiest guy on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a right match.” Jack told them. Roger nodded.

“Yes it does. You don’t deserve Martha, you’ll only break her heart along the line.” Roger said. Jack looked around, bewildered.

“Why’d you say that?” Jack asked.

“Because we know men like you.” Joan sighed.

“Men like me?” Jack repeated.

“Yes. With your rough little jobs and your charm. I’ve seen it since the day I clapped eyes on you! I’d hoped that it was a phase with Martha and that she’d eventually dump you. Unfortunately, I underestimated your manipulating skills.” Jack shook his head in frustration, resting it in his hands.

“My what?” He asked through gritted teeth.

“See… the boy’s not even educated!” Roger indicated.

“Did your mother drag you up?” Joan barked. Jack looked out of the gaps between his fingers, glaring at Joan. He couldn’t believe what she’d just said. He could feel his temper flaring, raring to verbally lash out. But he couldn’t. It’d only make things worse for Martha and himself.

“Please, just give me another chance.” Jack asked calmly. “Stay over for a few days, get to know me as Jack, not the cop. Because I’m telling you this, me and Martha aren’t splitting up anytime soon. We’ll be going to New York and raising our child with or without your blessing.” Jack said, standing up from the table. “I’ll give you some time alone to think about it.” He said, snatching the plates away from the surface and walking towards the sink, his anger slowly soothing out of him.

Jack couldn’t help but smile as he washed the pots. Not because he was enjoying it, but because he had finally stood up to them. He’d given them the ultimatum; he hadn’t fallen to their knees and begged. ‘They would have loved that,’ he thought, ‘just to see me in their control.’ Jack had reminisced that moment tens of times as he stood by the sink awaiting their answer, gloating his glory. He couldn’t have been prouder at that moment, even though he knew he shouldn’t be so happy. This is not just because they were Martha’s parents, people who he should be sucking up to at this moment in time, but because there was a high chance that it would come back to get him. He’d told the MacKenzie’s what to do, one of the no-no’s when dealing with ANY MacKenzie. Another no-no is humiliation, accomplished by pointing out a flaw.

There are many farms around the MacKenzie farm, each equipped with a very similar family. Around their tightly knitted community there are unwritten contests, competitive streaks hiding in each of the owners as they compete to grow the best crops, and raise the best cattle. Jack’s heard the tales from Martha of her brother’s and her dad going out on the farm at early hours, just to suggest to the neighbouring farms that they have lots of work to do. And then he’s heard other tales about Joan and Martha, the time that they spent away from the farm. Country life isn’t all fun and games; it doesn’t all involve a ball of hay and a field full of barley. Oh no, it’s much more than that. It’s all about face. They have to look good in front of the other families, act well, and exist as a vision of perfection. To be the top of the farmers, you need to act like the top. 100% perfection and nothing less. From what Martha had told Jack they had achieved their great status for years. That was until Jack came along. Jack defaced them, picking out their hidden flaw, being a drug-dealer son, and sent them to shame. The years of hard work had been embarrassingly thrown away by Jack’s actions. Hence the sheer hatred towards him.

Jack had been used as a scapegoat initially; they’d found some way to blame him for Scott’s troubles. But once the other families kindly pointed out that Jack and Martha was an item, they became the laughing stock of the neighbourhood. Joan and Roger were humiliated. Things have never really changed since then, anything that goes wrong in the family always ends up one way or another being blamed on Jack’s presence in the world; but Jack has gone beyond caring. Unfortunately, Martha does care about her parents’ feelings and is desperate to mend the wounds - which leads us to today. She’s stuck in the middle between her boyfriend and her family. She wants to do what Jack wants, spending her life with him without the use of rings – but she wants to make her mum and dad proud. This is the dilemma.

“Ahem.” Joan cleared her throat from behind. Jack snapped from his thoughts and reached out for the hand towel beside him, slowly turning around to face them.

“So…” Jack began. Joan and Roger looked at each other, then back at Jack.

“We’ll take up your offer.” She said reluctantly. Jack smiled, placing the towel on the bench in front of him.

“Great!” He cheered. “So, what’s the plan?” Jack asked.

“We’re going to a hotel for the night now, the same one we’ll stay in this week. Tomorrow morning we’ll fetch our clothes and settle into the hotel, and then come here for lunch.” She smiled.

“You don’t need to go to a hotel. You can stay here! We’ve got a spare room.” Jack offered. Joan looked around, her top lip curling as her eyes darted around the room.

“It’s alright. Wouldn’t want to be any trouble.” She said. Jack watched, feeling himself getting angrier. He knew what that lip curl meant, and it didn’t mean that she was being polite.

“Suit yourself.” He muttered, standing away from the worktop. “I’ll walk you to the door.” He offered, guiding them to the front of the living room.

“Give Martha our love.” Roger said as they left the house. Jack nodded, forcing a smile.

“Travel safe!” He forced out before shutting the door. With a long sigh he stumbled to the sofa, throwing himself on the cushions.

“What’s going off?” Martha asked, peaking her head through the door. “They’re gone already? That can’t be a good sign.” She said worryingly. Jack sat up, smiling as he patted the side of the sofa next to him.

“Don’t worry,” He began, wrapping his arm around her as she sat down, “Jack handled it. They’re going to be spending the week in Summer Bay, getting used to us.” He smiled, hugging her tightly.

“Really?” She gleamed. “Maybe they’ll soften up on you, eh?” She suggested. Jack nodded.

“Maybe.” He smiled. “But tonight has made me thankful of one thing.” He said. Martha looked up at him.

“What?” She asked.

“That they’re never going to be my in-laws!!” He laughed, squeezing her even tighter. Martha sighed, nodding her head.

“Yea…” She sighed, forcing a smile.

It's not been proof read, and I got rather bored with it. :P lol. It's Nicole-sized too, sorry guys! AND i'm really tired and couldn't think so I left it TOTALLY open for whatever Krystal wants to do. Damn it. lol.

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I can't believe you updated! My threat was never ment to actually work. I don't like you anymore, lol. I was looking forward to a break and then you go and update! LOL, Gee you made it very clear that Jaon is not very nice huh? :P Curse you for being so good, now I have to go and try and come up with something after that, THAT?! Fantastic piece of writing. *goes to open word document cursing Nicom*

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