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Mon 22 Aug 06 - " It’s Not What You Know … "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " It’s Not What You Know … "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 22 Aug 06 - Episode # 4256)

Note – Things are pretty busy in my life (work etc), so for a while, these ep guides will be of the less detailed than usual variety.

Kimmy is at the police station when he told that Tara claims that after kimmy flirted with her, and had dinner with her, the two of them had intimate relations in the change rooms of the gym. Kimmy further is shocked when he is told that Tara is just 15 – and these details are on the gym applications form that she signed.

Although jack & the others are taking the allegations seriously, things are WAY “ramped up” when Tara’s father, the brand new police superindent !!!, gets involved.

When jack & the SB police ask Tara to have medical test to prove what happened, she is way reluctant, and makes further claims that kimmy said that he would make her pay if she went to the authorities. His is a claim that kimmy found ironic – given that Tara all but told him that she WOULD get revenge when he knocked her back.

Tara, however, eventually agrees to take the tests.

Meanwhile, kimmy confronts Rachel abut why she instantly let go of his hand when hack said that an allegation had been made against him. Kimmy & Rachel then talk through their trust issues and things appear to be going Ok again – until jack & Lara go to the hospital to get Tara’s test results.

When they arrive, Nurse Julie says that she left them on the nurse station counter but now they have disappeared. A further search of the hospital uncovers that Tara’s now EMPTY file is in the filing cabinet that RACHEL’s client files are in.

Jack (still biased towards kimmy) sees the security camera which is pointed at the nurses station, but nurse Julie tells him that the camera is broken at present (an has been for a few days).

The police bring Rachel in for questioning, and she, like kimmy way denies the allegations against her.

Kimmy then decides that this is all too much. He follows in his father’s footsteps and asks Morag to be his lawyer, and she quickly makes her way back form the city to the bay.

Soon after, with the still rather smug looking Tara in the main part of the police station, jack & Lara formally charge – and handcuff – kimmy !!!

Despite Robbie being waaaaaaay enthused about the baby – he bought clothes, and diapers and all kinds of things, Martha realises that something isn’t quite right with Tash.

When Martha wonders about her suspicions, Tash admits that she thinks that she is a bad mum as she feels nothing for this baby.

Martha thinks that Tash should share this with Robbie, but tash insists that she can’t, given all that’s already happened.

Later, Robbie is so keen not to leave Tasha’s side that he accidentally stays the night at the hospital (waking with a sore neck and commenting about Tasha’s room perhaps having a couch that he can spend further nights there.

As Robbie & Tash are talking, Tash fells a shark pain, and when she moves a little Robbie sees that there is blood on the bed.

As soon as Tash gets off the bed she collapses, and Robbie calls for help.

When Dr Ridley & the medics arrive, and insist that Tash needs to be taken to the operating theatre IMEEDIATELY for an emergency C-section. (end of ep)


Robbie could loose everything – Tash & the bub (thank to complications with the C section) and his freedom (allegations about turn of his grandfather’s life spt machine !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel’s royal blue satin nightshirt

SILVER – Tara’s aqua top/red jacket combo

BRONZE – Rachel’s red spaghetti strap vest/black button up shirt combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Martha’s white (with red check pattern) buton up shirt, Dr Ridley’s white buton up shirt/red skirt combo, Rachel’s black plunge V-neck dress

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